April the Giraffe’s Super Bowl LII Prediction

April the Giraffe’s Super Bowl LII Prediction

April the Giraffe weighs in, in a very big way, on her prediction for the winners of Super Bowl LII !

We wish both teams and their fans luck!

Animal Adventure Park
Harpursville, NY


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26 Responses

  1. michelle morningstar says:

    amazing love it

  2. gene m says:

    too funny . i hope she’s wrong . lol

  3. traci hilbers says:

    No not the cheat-tree-its!! I hope she is wrong

    • RedBev59 says:

      Boys will be boys………they just can’t help doing dumb stuff like boys usually do. BUT that has nothing to do with how they Play the game.

  4. Missy Hall says:

    No! It’s ok April. I’m always going to love you 😘

  5. Carol Albarran says:

    What a great idea! How you did it was brilliant! Great filming too! I’m rooting for eagles though, it’s my daughter’s team😉

  6. Amy Finn says:

    April, I hope you are wrong

  7. Cindy Zabawa says:

    I think it was rigged but still love you April.

  8. Meela234 says:

    April noooooo!

  9. Martha Lapha says:

    Booo I hope Eagles win. Just need a change even though I don’t watch much football. Love our 3G’s.

  10. Ebony15DST says:

    Love love love April but Noooooooooo 😊

  11. Kathy Newton says:

    Yes! April you are a smart lady!! Go Pats!

  12. Bambi Feaster says:

    BOO APRIL!! Come on girl! Fly EAGLES FLY!! You’re an animal for goodness sake– choose the animal!! 😉



  14. Jacki Richard says:

    Good choice April! Gooooo Patttsssssss!

  15. Paula Brooking says:

    Hopefully April is wrong . thank you

  16. Arnika D says:

    No April!!! Not NE!!! Go Eagles!!!

  17. Marianne S says:

    Good Girl, April!!! Go Pats!

  18. Debbie says:

    The scientific method for the win.Go April.

  19. Debbie T says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO April!!!! Love you girl but you are wrong!!! lolol xoxo

  20. Francie Davis says:

    That was awesome, even if I am rooting for the Eagles!! Lol!

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