Are the Thunder in trouble? | NBA on TNT

Are the Thunder in trouble? | NBA on TNT

The Trail Blazers win a convincing Game 4 on the road. The crew expresses their concerns with the Thunder.

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82 Responses

  1. Syrup Wizard says:

    Harden: starts game historically cold

    Westbrook in the 2nd half: hold my bricks

    • Orange says:

      Harden hit some big shots in the end

    • dom kennedy says:

      Orange exactly he had 14 points in the fourth

    • Only Females Have Ass/Buttocks says:

      The last four MVPs trophies holders ( Curry, Westbrook, Harden ) all shot bad during their last games.

    • Krzysztof Andrukowicz says:

      Maybe harden shot only 3/21 but in the end his 2 assists to Green and his 3s were so important for Rockets to win.
      Maybe it was his worst game in whole career but when they need him in the 4th quarter he stand up and showed that he’s still a leader in this team

    • Hubixx says:

      +Krzysztof Andrukowicz nie dość, że dobrze gada to jeszcze rodak ??

  2. ROTY Mike Jones says:

    Are the Thunder in trouble? The answer is way too obvious LOL

  3. RayShooter AP says:

    Westbrick mode activated

  4. Hudeifi Abdihakin says:

    No, the thunder have been pretty consistent in the last three playoffs.

  5. peter piper says:

    Westbrook going to build a house in the 2nd half

  6. CJ Ughamba says:

    Russel: takes 3 pointer


  7. MrGNugget says:

    Shaq and Barkley speaking facts, I don’t understand why OKC has been nothing but hero ball since the days of Durant. I’ve never seen them run plays in the 4th quarter, it’s just “best players make something happen”. It’s annoying to see Westbrook bricking 3 pointers, run some plays for the supporting cast they are more than capable!

  8. Luis Bravo says:

    How can players be stars if they disappear in playoffs?

  9. Eric V says:

    the only show where you’d see tackling drills on set with the anchor lol ?

  10. Vikram Kelkar says:

    That pop quote, sheesh what a genius #goatcoach

  11. Tom s says:

    I just want to see someone hold up a sign that says “RUSSEL WESTBRICK”

  12. BLACK subject says:

    Okc still blaming Melo for there playoffs crumble?

  13. POLONEEF on gta says:

    These guys have it made.
    No working like a dog unlike ESPN employees

  14. MD QasQas says:

    And people say Chuck is dumb? He makes great points, Westbrook will never learn he’s a Stat loser it’s too late now

  15. tikiiz says:

    honestly my mind was blown when chuck quoted pop

  16. TELEthruVOXx says:

    These 4 quarter, down by 10 heat check 3s are driven me crazy

  17. j says:

    But but .. triple double

  18. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot says:

    5 for 21. Westbrook remains on brand. At least the guy is consistent.

  19. blue diamond gem says:

    Shout out to Dame and Portland, really good examples to follow!

  20. Basil Kehoe says:

    This is why I don’t care that Russ averages a triple double in the regular season.

    • hellolucas says:

      +Luis Lopez well said sir…well said

    • Ho Ng says:


    • ibr bak says:

      It’s just the casual fans, the kids who think they know basketball because they play NBA 2K all the time and make their favorite players in the game get all the pts/rebs/assists, they’re the ones who get so caught up in stats and triple doubles because you get MVP in NBA 2K if you just get a ton of those stats.

    • Live From The Motherland says:

      Can’t take that away from him. There were all types of great individual players who aren’t great for a team/ didn’t translate their greatness into winning championships. We still remembering the Patrick Ewing’s and Reggie Miller’s of the world. Russ will prolly go down with them

    • ibr bak says:

      +Live From The Motherland Except those guys never had help like Russ has had. Russ has had the 2nd best player in the world (KD) for many years on his teams. For example, if Reggie ever had the 2nd best player in the world on his team, whether it’s Olajuwon, Shaq, Robinson, Pippen, Barkley, Malone, etc., he likely would’ve won a championship. I mean, what teammate of Reggie’s, whether it’s Marc Jackson, Jalen Rose, Rik Smits, do you think compares to guys like KD, Harden, Paul George, or even Oladipo?

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