Are You a Millennial?

Are You a Millennial?

I’m whatever generation it is when you can never die because of a sacrifice made to the olden gods.

Hardly Working – What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you’re already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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Katie Marovitch
Raphael Chestang
Mike Trapp
Paul Robalino
Kerry McGuire
Ash Webb

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writer – Kerry McGuire
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Sam Geer

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63 Responses

  1. Umar Iqbal says:

    What if the end girl was forced to be the editor and was being held hostage and she really meant she needed help 😱

  2. Flame Beats says:

    Generations were made up for old people to shit on younger people.

  3. UnPhayzable says:

    So is this generation the *Memellenials?*

  4. Shayna B. says:

    Generation Z!

  5. Logan Darling says:

    I was actually really interested in the game. XD

  6. juice lopez says:

    A mess i deal with, is being born in 97 and then wether im a 90s kid or a 00s kid because the majority of my childhood memories revolve around the 2000s.

    • Susan says:

      You are too young to be a 90’s kid. You have to remember being a kid in the 90’s to be a 90’s kid. I think I’m too old to be one. Born in 81, I think I’m a “Xennial millenial”


      I know a kid born August 1999 that insists she’s a 90s kid.

    • Yael Feder says:

      97 baby here, I’ve always felt like a 2000s kid.

    • aeisha baber says:

      juice lopez I just looked up 90’s kid definition and it said that if you spend five or more years in the 90’s then you are a 90’s kid! So, being born in the year 1990, 1991,1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995! Congratulation you are a 90’s kid!

  7. Echo says:

    The newest generation is generation z it’s ever year after the internet was invented

  8. fishcati says:

    People born in 2000 are adults now.
    People born in 2005 are teenagers now.
    People born in 2010 are first graders now.

    Just trying to make you feel old. : )

  9. Nafis Zaman says:

    These generation tags r pretty irritating, and sort of useless, its for people who want to feel special.

  10. MaxInLA says:

    Who elese is an twin tower? 😂🖖🏼

    • Mickey Rembiszewski says:

      MaxInLA I am, but I was raised like a 90’s kid with 90’s cartoons, and I didn’t use any technology until 2014.

    • Mickey Rembiszewski says:

      MaxInLA And I remember 9-11 and rotary phones.

    • Josh Ray says:

      A!! twin tower thats whats wrong with your generation

    • Michelle says:

      Mickey Rembiszewski you can’t “remember” 9/11 if you were born after it…. also most people know what a rotary phone is, but practically no one still uses them. I highly doubt you “remember” rotary phones (meaning that you used them when you were young). Knowing =/= remembering

    • Mickey Rembiszewski says:

      Michelle My mom owned a rotary and used it as a landline. But youre right about 9-11, although I’m acknowledging the fact that most people from my generation are portrayed as having no knowledge of it, when I am a history buff. But yeah I don’t remember it happening

  11. Michaela Egge says:

    I thought that people born from 1995-2016 were Generation Z? Upon further research, showing contradicting information from different sources, I guess it’s safe to say it’s up for debate.

  12. Sierra Rambles A Lot says:

    No this is Patrick

  13. Mackenzie Bridgeman says:

    This is the Tag game from when Tag was too complicated. (Title forgotten)

  14. Thezebraherd says:

    Damn it I was born in 2001

  15. Captain Obvious says:

    970 people didn’t pound the pavement.

  16. Spear Breaker says:

    Im 33 and i remember rotary phones

    • blitzrive says:

      I’m about to turn 24 and we had them at home when I grew up. Whenever I had any new friends over, they always wanted to look them over and seemed amazed that they worked XD

    • Lady Brittany says:

      I’m 34. We had several. The most used was the yellow one in the kitchen attached to the wall.

    • Alca Bringer says:

      Im 34 too. Are we guys an early Millennials or late Gen X? Millennials are Gen Y’s right? omg im so confused haha.

  17. Aryan Manohar says:

    Where’s the Illuminati reference in this video?

  18. EdinPlayZ says:

    “And now to pass your millennial test you must subscribe to Graham The Christian and Humor Vault,preferably both”

  19. Matthew Lyons says:

    Trapp still trying to get people to play German Tag with him…

  20. Magmacream177 says:

    I used to love CH but their stuff is kinda cringy now

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