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Are You Racist? | Keep it 100 | Cut

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We Asked 100 People if They Are Racist | Keep it 100 | Cut

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84 Responses

  1. Huzufu says:

    The responses that pissed me off:

    “Black people can’t be racist”
    Anyone can be racist.

    “I’m white so I’m racist”
    Shut up you aren’t winning anyone over by this fake self guilt tripping.

    “Everybody is racist”

  2. High Gains Drifter says:

    Everyone wants to get all philosophical and shit about it, but in reality it’s so simple. Treat everyone with dignity and respect until they’ve done something to no longer deserve it.

  3. et cetera says:

    “Black people can’t be racist” and “I’m racist because I’m white” are two sides of a spectrum and neither are right.

    You can be any race and be racist. You can be any race and experience racism (… to an extent….)

  4. nina s says:

    my head hurts i didn’t understand the “i’m racist bc i’m white.” i-

    • Broken Sprites says:

      No, he was saying no matter what because he is a white male he is viewed as a racist. I am pretty sure they edited this to use what they wanted from each interview.

    • [YouTube ERROR #34a9] says:

      @Mindset Power Always the Jews, huh?

    • Grace O says:

      Mindset Power it was sarcasm you dumbass

    • Mindset Power says:

      @[YouTube ERROR #34a9] They LITERALLY are the ones who own and operate nearly every major Media Corporation along with controlling the Hollywood movie studios, Major record labels, etc. Facts

    • Mindset Power says:

      @Jeremy Klein Yeah, the heads of nearly every major Media and News org along with controlling the major movie tv and streaming production companies, in other words, there’s DEFINITE jewish-ethnic control over the content fed to American society and Western Civilization, literally a matter of fact

  5. Veronica Reed says:

    I think, personally, everyone has the ability to be racist. Someone can and/or cannot be more racist than another person.

  6. Irun Mon says:

    “black people can’t be racist” “I’m racist ’cause I’m white” I think this is just American thing, i don’t think any other country has this thought

    • Octobre1986 says:

      I believe it is a Western thing. Last time I spoke to a French woman, she actually said: “I’m white so I don’t have any idea about discrimination (context was about ethnicity).”. I believe that Canada, the UK , France, Belgium, Italy and Spain experience similar developments. Those countries share a hitsory of colonialism. If they did not affect other nations directly like the British Empire, than indirectly like Ireland who is close to the UK and made benefits by letting their starving people going to other countries like the USA.

      Nowadays, there is also more contiousness in East Asia. The other day, a Chinese and a South Korean woman were speaking to a Japanese woman about modern day conflicts with Japan. So far, I always experienced silence when Japanese people heard topics about the history of wars or discrimination. However, this Japanese woman was saying that she feels shame how much trouble Japan made in the other countries.

      The difference might be that in the US people say things a bit less folded.

    • Whistle Blower says:


    • Fatuma Shire says:

      America is run by Jews. White people will become a minority there.

    • アルフィー says:

      She didnt even look white to me.

    • Nil Atabey says:

      Irun Mon other countries don’t have this thought because there are no other multiracial countries like the US

  7. Tony says:

    “Yeah. I’m racist because I’m a white person.” this is embarrassing.

  8. lydia Jackson says:

    “all white people are racist” “Black people can’t be racist” WHAT HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE

  9. mentra1 says:

    “Black people cant be racist” ever heard of Clayton biggsby?

    • joek money says:

      @ 1:49 👈 that man speaking facts. In America us black cants be racist we are lowest of the power scale in this corporate system in America.

    • Christian Salazar says:

      @joek money Well, in America, Black Billionaires do exist. I think the real people who are at the bottom are the Working Class, and the people on top are the Billionaires and Large Multinational Corporations. However, Working Class people are disproportionately Black and Latino. What we need is a political revolution where millions of working class people rise up and create a government and an economy that works for all of us, and not just the Billionaire class.

      *#Bernie2020* 💙🇺🇸💙

    • Young Savage says:

      Christian Salazar
      Latinos are not a race. Most are mixed with European and many, many are mostly white or “white possing”

    • Christian Salazar says:

      @Young Savage I guess, you are right, but Mexican-Americans don’t have a race. We are Latinos and Hispanics, but those are not races, and we are not White, Black, nor Asian. However, I do look White, and I have Blond hair, but I do not consider myself White. My grandma, who was born and raised in Mexico and came to the US as an immigrant, also has Blonde hair. My grandpa was also born and raised in Mexico and came to the US as an immigrant, but he does not have Blond hair, he has Black hair.

  10. reborn_silence says:

    When did we get ride of the term “institutional racism”? racism is the hatred of another race, not institutionalized oppression where racist oppress other races. Why are some people in this video calling institutional racism, “racism”?

    • Drena. F says:

      reborn_silence But what I’m saying is that racism IS institutional. There isn’t a difference or distinction between to two. White people in the western world have power and benefit from society more than any other race. No one was saying that only white people can be racist, they simply said black people cant because we don’t have the power to make changes that will benefit us and other POC. It’s such a complex topic tbh.

      Also, I’m not really sure what your understanding of IR is…

    • 2lowkey100 says:

      Drena. F But it’s not complex though is it. We know exactly what the definition of racism is, and it has been completely hijacked. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex you or I think the issue of racism is, at the end of the day you can’t just go around picking and choosing what words mean. Institutionalised racism is not a prerequisite of racism in the historical/classical definition, which is the same standard we use for EVERY other word in the English language, so you can’t just go around claiming a new definition because a few ‘social scientists’ decided to, and it conveniently fits whatever narrative you would like to go with.

      As a black man, hearing other black people say “black people can’t be racist” is one of my biggest pet peeves, because they so obviously CAN be racist under the ACTUAL definition (not the social scientist, philosophical IDEA of racism, the literal DEFINITION that has been used historically). Whenever I hear anyone say that it’s almost like second hand embarrassment, because it seems like you’re asking for special treatment to be excluded by the definition of racism that has encapsulated every race since its inception, and I don’t want those kind of pity points or unique treatment from self hating white people, trying to pat themselves on the back. Enough is enough, it really is embarrassing.

    • OhHeyItsAnna says:

      Drena. F there is a difference. Look it up.

    • Sarah Deen says:

      because it’s the cool and hip thing to do without knowing what the fuck they’re saying but acting like they do.

    • Pieshka says:

      “i dont have power and privilege so my racism isn’t racism” is just the 2012 feminist narrative of “I’m not sexist to men because no power and privilege” but applied to race. And without both of those ‘justifications’ they are extremely racist and sexist. Everyone that says things like that often have extremely toxic opinions about a race or sex, and almost always it’s white males. As far as they’re concerned we are in the 1910’s and they’re oppressed lashing out at oppressors, but really they’re creating disaffected altrighters.

  11. Edwurrd says:

    “Everybody is racist” are you sure or do you mean “everybody is stereotypical to some extent”

  12. Whi te says:

    “Black people can’t be racist.”

    “Yes I’m racist, I’m a white person.”

    Two of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

    • joek money says:

      @ 1:49 👈 that man speaking facts. In America black People cant be racist and that’s a fact. Y’all most don’t know America’s history. We 🙍🏿‍♀️🙍🏾‍♂️👈 are the lowest race in the class and power scale in this racist ass system in America

    • Jessica Velazquez Rivera says:

      @Idk Idk You can’t just change the definition of racism

    • immaculate peter says:

      Kaneki Centipede that’s prejudice tho and stereotyping or being xenophobes but again a lot of races are against black people colorist is another thing that can also be discussed and black people have experiences disrespect from a lot of other races for example South America and Europe have a long history of slavery and discrimination against black people as well.

    • G_J_C 95 says:

      @Tyrese Woodham being prejudice is racist lol

    • Wolf Pierre says:

      @Idk Idk So if I announce that I hate all Mexican people, that I hate being in the same room as a Mexican, that I don’t want to work with them or even shake their hand, I’m not racist?. (I’m a black person) That’s retarded logic you have sir

  13. SoulReaperSlayer19 says:

    This whole video is cringe, couldn’t even finish watching…

  14. Saumya Karn says:

    “everyone is racist” no everyone is literally isn’t. What a pathetic cop out.

  15. shreament says:

    “black people cant be racist” is an oxymoron within itself

  16. My nationality doesn't matter says:

    I translate “everybody’s racist” as “anybody can be racist”. White people are not the only type of people who can be racist. Saying black people cannot be racist is racist itself.

    • Yorrie Minks says:

      ​@Zenigundam What does unhinged mean to you? Are you unhinged right now? I don’t think it’s unhinged to get frustrated with someone that denies socio economic realities in the United States – especially if that person is only doing so to get a rise out of someone. America is not about getting yourself paid, if that’s all you think Capitalism is, I recommend taking an economics class. America is defined by Neo Liberalism, meaning a capitalist market combined with democratic ideals – including the equality of the races. Sometimes equality interferes with the free market (for example, the ending of slavery). If you’re bothered by that, too bad. Your money does not take precedence over the unalienable rights of others.

    • Anglus Patria says:

      @Yorrie Minks

      Tell the Africans to leave Western Civilisation then, go back to slinging mud in Uganda.

    • osman Hamichi says:

      Very true black people are racist

    • joek money says:

      Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ @ 1:49 👈 that man is speaking facts.

    • Aidan Carter says:

      joek money you don’t need any sort of power to be racist

  17. Free Vegan says:

    Any race can experience racism, and any race can be racist.

  18. Bailey Hogue says:

    “black people cant be racist” 😭 i go to a primarily black school and am made to feel less than by teachers and students because im white-passing just because my “ancestors did it in the past”. im indigenous. anyone can be racist, oppression and racism arent the same.

    • Bailey Hogue says:

      Its merrr i dont think you can read then 😭 i said im a white passing indigenous persons which means im a white passing native american 😭

    • SpadesGuy says:

      Whites havent oppressed nonwhites in over a century, we are all oppressed by global Jewry currently

    • Its merrr says:

      @Bailey Hogue my guy you Grammer is crused tf is “am made”😭 and how do you feel less off of someone’s opinion how are you made to feel this way

    • Bailey Hogue says:

      Its merrr wym “am made” 😭😭 ian say no am made bruh. and i dont take offense to it no more but i used to because i would deliberately singled out because i was white looking and i was kinda disgusted that history was repeating itself because of how people are raised to treat others. my parents always taught me to love others regardless of their mannerisms or skin color because my people were treated poorly for those reasons in the past and we are just tryna work at a better future yk ?

  19. Disruptive Bee says:

    Everyone: freaking out over “blacks can’t be racist, I’m white so I’m racist, everyone is racists”
    Me: was that young Amy from Big bang at 4:35?

  20. Byser says:

    The ignorance in this video is overwhelming.

    “Im white so therefor I am a racist”

    “Black people cant be racist”

    These people are like a parrot. If you keep telling them these phrases over and over and over. They will start repeating it like its true. They are basically taught to repeat these phrases and taught to believe this is the way it is.

    Everyone has a stereotypical view of different people in some sort of way or has some sort of racist view. Hell even people of the same race (As one person said in this video) look down upon each other JUST because they look slightly different in color.

    Believing you’re immune to being racist because you’re a certain color is racist. Believing you’re racist because you’re a certain color is racist. Basically, you’re at the end of the day just ignorant.

    Stop listening to the world telling you how to be or believe. Just be a decent damn human to each other. We are all the same damn color when we close our eyes. Just everyone is unique when our eyes are open.

    In the end when we close our eyes for the last time, we are all the same color.

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