Ariana Grande – 7 rings

Ariana Grande – 7 rings

7 rings (Official Video).
Song Available Here:

Connect with Ariana:
Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
for London Alley Entertainment Inc

Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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21 Responses

  1. Avakin User says:

    Oof I’m thinking of Nicki minaj when i saw this

  2. Shumaila Khan says:

    (read as song version)

    I like youe hair geez your welcome just bout it ‘u’

  3. Basic Topics says:

    Ariana Grande is gonna replace Taylor Swift!

  4. Alex Antares Kruc says:

    I like it, it is different from the others, and let her do the music she wants.. wtf she owes you nothing..

  5. A- salassi TV says:

    Who is the addict to read the comments, who shows you the video, but my dream is coming … 1000 subscribers … Dream is close, but is able to reach me ???

  6. 통아 says:

    Im so early… Im jungshooked

  7. Gacha Alice says:

    >:D yeeeeeeeet! Another song THIS ISH GONNA GET LE VIRAL >:D

  8. Cristiano Ribeiro says:

    É seu destino irmã, levar a indústria nas costas

  9. Xin Lin says:

    so much more hype in 1.25x speed

  10. Kim Chimmy 가차 says:


  11. emxasher_yt says:


  12. Hunter Greenwood says:

    Almost 1mi views per hour. *Queen* is what we call her? Shoud be *Goddess*

  13. VIIK Broady says:

    Absolutely amazing ❤️???

  14. TINO says:

    Love from indonesia

  15. Bruna says:


  16. Abboudy Haddad says:

    Why does the beginning of the song sound like thank you next

  17. Bee says:

    Snapping necks at 0:43

  18. lucky thepooh says:

    Ariana’s style and hair be lit ?

  19. CTK cori says:

    The Julie andrews version is better in my opinion, cuz that’s my childhood ?

  20. Night Brothers says:

    *Ставь лайк, если кушал сегодня*

     Го взаимку ?

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