Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét – MONOPOLY

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét – MONOPOLY

a thank u to them fans

Directed by: Alfredo Flores & Ricky Alvarez
Special thanks: Donté Colley

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50 Responses

  1. hey I'm nadia • says:

    Breaking news: Wig found on Pluto, thousands more flying.

  2. Cookie Kitten says:

    Lol yassss!!! Forget trump ? (1:41)

  3. Samuel Restrepo says:

    Ariana:”i like men and Women”
    Everyone: Ariana is a Savage

  4. plot twist says:

    *Ariana:* I’m most streamed
    *Billie:* Hold my invisalign
    *Ariana:* _Hold my 90%_

    99.47389% of people don’t read this but if you do can you tell me if my song is good?

  5. ava james says:

    Now the worlds most asked question

    Is Ari bisexual?
    Btw I love all of the graphics in here hehe

  6. Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos? says:

    *“ Bad vibes get off me “*

    *thank you, next*

  7. Sumayya Bhatti says:

    Me: Make the most original music video with your normal self.

    Ariana Grande: I GOT YOU LIKE MONOPOLY! ?

  8. Tobi foly! says:

    i think we ALL play monopoly

    I’ll leave-

  9. Tea Sis says:

    “I like women and men”

    *1 Min Later*

    literally Everyone: Aubrey Was real

  10. ToriTellemMusic says:

    *Ariana* : Talented, beautiful, rich, and super successful…

    *Me* : trying to balance the light switch in the middle…

  11. molly says:

    i don’t understand a word that is being said, do i not speak the language of rich??

  12. Fails says:

    this feels like one of the videos of people dancing to wii music or send this to your group chat without context HAHA!!

  13. Nina says:

    This video reminds me of “send this video without context” vids on YouTube lmao.

  14. gwyneth chloe gilana says:

    “I like women and men”
    My bisexuality is shaking

  15. Daniel P. says:

    *It seems that Ariana did not spend any money because the whole video is being recorded by her* ??

  16. Myra Beji says:

    0:22 *when your teacher gives you summer break homework*

  17. Nafishzz 01 says:

    The more she do a music video, the more weird things come in the video..

    But guess what..??

    I still love her

  18. immad says:

    Ariana: *makes song about how rich and famous she is and names it Monopoly*

    Also Ariana: *makes a 10 dollars budget meme video for it*

    *A GENIUS*

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