Ariana Grande – God is a Woman (Ariana Grande At The BBC)

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman (Ariana Grande At The BBC)

In an exclusive performance Ariana Grande is accompanied by an all-female orchestra for Ariana Grande At The BBC – a special programme for BBC One, hosted by Davina McCall – Watch on BBC One from 2000 on Thursday November 1st 2018.

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79 Responses

  1. Criistopher Perez says:


  2. Harais Hussain says:

    I know for a fact Ari can go a lot higher. Her high falsettos sound effortless to her. Would love for her to use the whistle register again, though only if she can do it in a healthy and safe way.

    • C4rt3rs4rt says:

      psychaux omg exactly! Thank you for explaining it from a singers perspective! I am also a singer and I agree with all the points you touched on. Leave her alone and stop begging for all these crazy notes. If you are a true arianator then you let her sing in whatever octave she prefers. I love ari and how she can be so creative with mixing it up and singing even better than the studio recordings every time! Even the 1:52 had me shook cause it was so good. Appreciate the little things and stop asking for the big. Thank you!💙

    • Aaron Robertson says:

      No such thing as a healthy safe whistle register, I hope she doesn’t go down that path no matter how nice it sounds.

    • Kobe Buchanan says:

      Sophia 😂😂😂

    • charli says:

      And who are you to say what she can and can’t do with her voice?

    • Moonlight Bae says:

      Sophia LMAO🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ariana Girl says:

    And the best singer 2019 is already ARIANA GRANDE ily

  4. Maybedies says:

    She looks so dead inside and sad😭 she slayed tho

    • eccxntric says:

      Maybedies i wonder why she was sad bc this was filmed before Mac and while her and pete split

    • DontcallmeDrea says:

      +eccxntric she said it was hard for her going back to the uk, her anxiety was really bad, so she couldn’t fully enjoy herself

    • Nubia Mendieta says:

      I noticed i thought i was being negative due to the events but indeed she looks sad

    • john lupica says:

      +eccxntric your retarded because this was 2 days ago her first performance after the situation

    • Erin Hannon says:

      +john lupica no this was filmed Sept 7th. She found out Mac died right after this performance. And she was still engaged during this. Just because something comes out at a certain time doesn’t mean that’s when it was filmed or made fyi…its easily verifiable that this was filmed 2 months ago so don’t be calling others dummies, dummy

  5. Emma V says:

    her voice changed…wtf

  6. # Lovatic says:

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one who noticed this. Ariana is using the vowel ‘a’ a lot in the chorus. An example is when she says ‘Lave’ instead of love and ‘tach’ instead of touch and there are various other examples. This has drastically improved her live singing although she is already the Queen.

  7. Gift Cio says:

    Studio version is shaking

  8. Anaïs Victoria says:

    This is proof that BBC knows their shit.

  9. Nicole_ Taylor6877 says:

    what’s the point of finding my wig if ariana is just gonna keep on snatching it

  10. evilhag says:

    All female orchestra! So sick. They’re all so talented and Ariana killed it as always. Love this so much.

  11. InabluMovies says:

    Amazing performance, loved it!

  12. Helena Katherine Ann says:

    I think this is the best god is a woman performance she’s done
    All her vocals were clear and the falsetto left me SHOOKETH

  13. GarageStudio says:

    *She came.*
    *She saw.*
    *And she definitely CONQUERED!* ✨

  14. GarageStudio says:

    She always gives good live performances but this is one of her greatest! The ease, control & agility in her voice plus serving *DIVA/legend in the making* with that stage presence 👑✨

  15. Roland Herbert says:

    The best performance of GIAW vocally is HERE. Can’t wait for this whole show.

  16. honeymoon ariana says:

    to clear any confusion up ; this was filmed , recorded , edited , etc. BEFORE mac passed away , before her and pete split up , and that is why she is still wearing the ring , and why she hasn’t covered up the “pete” tattoo… have a nice day 🙂

  17. Elena Morales says:

    Haters will still say she’s lip syncing 🙂

  18. Janelle Gayle says:

    The orchestra is everythingggggg.!! I need this version on iTunes.!

  19. Eccentric Bodybuilder says:


  20. drawkcab says:

    Everything about this was so beautiful, even her sadness…it’s so evident that it’s written all over her face, even when she stands there like a goddess. I truly hope she finds her happiness.

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