Ariana Grande – Into You – REACTION VIDEO

Ariana Grande – Into You – REACTION VIDEO

Today i reacted to ariana grande video iNTO YOU. Its very porny but not her fult

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20 Responses

  1. My Life As Alexandra says:

    Please check my channel out xx

  2. assassin girl 12 says:

    plz do some fan comments because I hate seeing u up set

  3. Jade Lyons says:

    watch this video Miranda called hit the diff please

  4. horsperson says:

    Miranda needs to watch an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show

  5. Yasmeen Khan says:

    what’s colleens sc? ❤

  6. Tashiana Lin says:

    I know they have gold fish too~ haha

  7. LazyDayzPenguin says:

    When is Ariana’s sex tape dropping? That girl has her whole life messed the
    fuck up if she thinks what she’s doing is music.

  8. Johannwilliam B.Ferrero says:

    Miranda I really love you can you react to Ariana grande’s old music videos
    like baby I

  9. Arina Blanco says:

    ахахах я ору, хоть половину не поняла, ибо из Рашки

  10. Bianka Valladares says:

    Ariana is not pony your porny

  11. Marley beanie says:

    wearin haters back off pants as I watch this

  12. flaeders says:

    React to Purse First – Bob the Drag Queen!!

  13. Zhang Erminio says:

    That video is def a sex tape!

  14. Akosicasaman Victor says:

    Go react to formation – beyonce ????

  15. Maria Mouratidou says:

    και μην τραγουδας χαλας το τραγουδι της Αριανας bitch

  16. Arianne Kotyuha says:

    My Youtube glitched and it played Civilization (Bingo Bango Bongo) ??

  17. Beauty gal Xox says:

    Luv u ?

  18. Marian Mihalopoulos says:

    when Miranda goes “a little more touch my lody” instead of body

  19. Lucy Kitson says:

    She said sex tape

  20. Weekly vloger Kids says: