Ariana Grande “thank u, next” Interview

Ariana Grande “thank u, next” Interview

Ariana Grande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album “thank u, next”

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71 Responses

  1. Minimalist Vlogger says:

    ari said she doesnt like making sad or serious songs because there is enough sadness in the world, and yeah her fun songs like buwygfib is fun, but i loveee her sad songs like ghostin, i wish she would have added one or two more songs like that, i love a good couple cry songs

    • Minimalist Vlogger says:

      +Ava Marie exactly!!!

    • Minimalist Vlogger says:

      +Babvy Minaj true….i know it was personal but i wish she woulda put it on, i need a song to rip my heart out honestly. She doesnt have to perform it if its too personal, plus i wouldnt blame her, it is a song basically about the hundrerds that were injured or lost their life 🙁

    • Minimalist Vlogger says:

      +- Dictator yeah but breathin isnt really that sad or slow, its more of a calming yet upbeat kinda song

    • Minimalist Vlogger says:

      +Roze Kwast yeah! fake smile was amazing, i love how vulnerable she got, but it was kinda more upbeat or a little hip hop influenced, and i love it, dont get me wrong, but needy and ghostin were something else, i wish there was more of that. the instrumentals on those two sound so heavenly

    • Nuria Peláez says:

      i honestly love those songs so much more, i mean, that’s what life is! pain but without the pain we wouldn’t know joy…i wish she would make an album with all songs like imagine and ghostin, i was hoping to grieve with this album and personally i don’t think pretending to have fun is a healthy way of grieving

  2. Kiko says:

    Ari getting quietly emotional at 1:12:33 when they were talking about Pittsburgh 🙁 thats where Mac was from, she spent a lot of time with him and his family there. Man.. you can see in small moments like that how much loss affects people.

  3. SofiaR X says:

    The fact that Ari still used the songs that SHE didn’t like that much, on the Album, shows how much personal conflict she shares with us, how much she counts US as her family and how much she trusts us with her songs. At this point, I feel so honoured to be one of her fans.

    • Joey King says:

      SofiaR X

      It’s not that she didn’t like Ghostin, it was just super personal

    • Jessica Hubbard says:

      SofiaR X honestly I agree so much. Ghostin keeps making me cry but not because no relate. Every time I’m crying for her because we love her and we feel the pain she lets us see ?❤️

    • Tanya B says:

      I I like make up but did feel like it sounded like what people in toxic relationships do. Imagine my surprise when ariana basically describes feeling the same way in this interview. I love it!

    • Zed says:

      god her marketing team is next level

  4. Jonae says:

    sis said “not bang bang” IM DONE

  5. rose g says:

    something very beautiful and real came out of her pain. i’m so glad she surrounded herself with amazing people and “real friends”… that’s what life’s about. this album came at just the right time for me- for everyone.
    thank you ariana <3


    Ariana lost Mac.
    Ariana lost 22 ariantors and the bomber left 55 hurt.
    Ariana broke up with Pete
    Ariana is a strong woman.
    She desrves everything in this world
    I love her so much !!!

    • Cloud Sipper says:

      froot looz so had Ariana tf. It wasn’t even about him.

    • Freak Frok says:

      +sis  sis  No one is saying that Ariana is the only person that suffers in the world, chill. But having money doesn’t change the fact that she’s been through tough times and is dealing with anxiety and PTSD (she had it even before the Manchester attack so it just got worse).
      Instead of trying to dismiss what she’s been through why don’t you go see another video or help someone close to you? This is a video of Ariana, so people are here to talk about her ?????

    • 0853579 H says:

      uk rules no, not even a little bit. Not even gonna argue with that stupid statement

    • TheBlashMusic says:

      Probably should have left out “Broke up with Pete” ?

    • sis says:

      +Freak Frok almost every person has anxiety, depression nowadays. you guys just act like ariana is the most powerful woman on earth. like hell no.

  7. amanda rose says:

    i feel like she was about to cry so many times during this interview.

  8. bea hurst says:

    the most incredible interviewer, never asking pushy questions, making her feel comfortable and keeping it entertaining for everyone

    • Bianka Molina says:

      It helps that they are close friends

    • Tanya B says:

      I like that he respected her decision not to answer certain things but I feel like because of that she would indirectly answer it without really answering it if that makes sense. They both were helping each other. Like the way she acted when it was obvious that Pete was the one that had push back, she didn’t answer he started to move on then she said nice things about Big Sean and Ricky, but didn’t mention Pete.

    • Di Harmony says:

      Yuh yuh

    • bea hurst says:

      Blondee Radio yeah i hadn’t heard of him either but i really enjoyed this. mostly bc i love ariana but he’s good at what he does

    • ann says:

      like mentioned it surely has an impact that they know each other for years and are friends, but his interviews are still the best with anyone who he interviews even tho they havent known each other before etc.

  9. Lexi Natirra says:

    “No clout-chasing birds here” ???

  10. Alev Alev says:

    Her dimple is EVERYTHING?????

  11. Anggita Prisilia says:

    Watching this, make me wants to have friends

  12. Nikolee Ardoin says:

    “I hate that part of myself but it bangs though” lol

  13. Kingly Cortney says:

    we gotta find out who left because of that monopoly game LMAOOO

  14. BrandxDraws says:

    it’s actually scary accurate. she listens to all the songs but ghostin. i do the same…like it’s just a hard song to get through…damn…the POWER.

  15. cerysannepowell says:

    Zach is so good at understanding boundaries and when people are uncomfortable, then quickly moving on. Much respect

  16. Tatiana Lyn says:

    he knows how to talk to her that’s pretty lit

  17. lyttle says:

    I don’t really like “make up” either. I love the production though cause it sounds like something that could’ve been on Rihanna’s album Talk That Talk.

  18. Kendallia says:

    anyone else ACTUAlly forget that you were watching an Ariana Grande interview and almost blurt out questions that you wanted to ask her?? no one else? ok

  19. christina marie says:

    The reason why i love Zach Sang interviews more than any other ones – he truly connects with the artists. He becomes their friend, which enables them to really open up to him and be honest. It’s like watching 2 friends talk, because Zach knows them on a friendship level rather than interviewer/interviewee. He doesn’t ask any repetitive questions or shallow questions. The conversation just flows. Love you Zach, and love this interview with Ariana. so proud of her after this album

  20. Kari Jenice says:

    when dan said “i forgot i was talking to a bunch of successful people and felt like i was talking to a bunch friends the whole time” i really agree with that. honestly one of the most mesmerising, funniest and interesting interviews ive ever watched. i truly adore the connection ariana has with her friends

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