Ariana Grande: “The Wizard and I” – NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween (Performance)

Ariana Grande: “The Wizard and I” – NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween (Performance)

Watch Ariana Grande perform “The Wizard and I” during NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween.
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“A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway” will reunite Tony Award winners Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, the original Elphaba and Glinda, who will perform and serve as hosts for the special. Additional guest performers include global music superstar Ariana Grande, multi-platinum recording artists Pentatonix, the current Broadway company of “Wicked” and more to be announced, all to honor the show’s lasting cultural impact and the 15th anniversary of its unforgettable Broadway debut.

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Ariana Grande: “The Wizard and I” – NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween (Performance)

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56 Responses

  1. Gibran Mahmud says:

    She’s the ultimate icon of our generation!!!

  2. ericascag says:

    When you sing with all your heart and feel all the joy. I could feel that from her performance!

  3. Jun Park says:


  4. annridl says:

    ugh….she nailed that one!!!!! It was perfection 😭

  5. GCR says:

    You could tell she was so happy during this performance, I’m glad she’s getting better

  6. BoneStudios15 says:

    Give this girl Ariel in the Little Mermaid I wanna see her in a musical so badly 😭♥️

  7. Justine's Mic says:

    if she worked towards a more theatrical sound vocally, i think she would make an amazing, stunning elphaba. she’s practically perfect for her.

  8. Dennis Mach says:

    Ariana Grandes voice has always been made for Broadway! She belongs on broadway… not pop music. But I’m glad she was able to have a successful pop career at the same time :).

    • BoneStudios15 says:

      She was born on broadway after all 💜

    • Dennis Mach says:

      The Monado’s Power Actually, in the beginning, her diction was amazing. The way she slurs her words together is just her way adjusting to pop music. If you look back in her past videos, she even has one of this performance at the age 13. She had great diction. It just worsened overtime due to her habits of slurring her words in pop. It’s just her style now.

    • mykzalot says:

      Her live vocals are so refined that she definitely stands out from the average popstar

    • venus says:

      The Monado’s Power Ariana actually has really good diction (watch her performance of The Lamest Place In The World), but judging by Idina’s performance of Defying Gravity, I think these were supposed to sound more pop-y.

    • TheRealJacob98 says:

      I agree, but she has both a poppy and a broadway voice!

  9. Jarrod Houseknecht says:

    am I the only one who notices the fact that when she is singing musical theater, her voice changes so drastically. she’s such a versatile performer, her voice fits so many genres, definitely one of the most amazing performers of this generation. so glad to see someone so huge finally giving musical theater this level of attention.

  10. Ashley Wineland says:

    You could just watch her get happier and happier as the performance went on. She did a great job. Brought a big smile to my face.

  11. forevergirl says:

    and this was only a couple days after her called off engagement but you couldn’t tell she was in emotional pain, having anxiety attacks, ptsd symptoms or struggling with her depression. she still sang with so much pure joy and it came straight from her soaring heart, she sang with her entire soul and put her everything into that performance as much as she physically could and still looked full of contentment while doing it. she was elated just to be there even though she’s distressed inside. it goes to show how healing music truly is for people.
    and plus it has always been her dream to do wicked so i’m very happy for her 💚 seeing this performance compared to the one when she was 13 singing this same exact song made me emotional. a big dream as an ambitious young girl turned into reality as a resilient, successful woman who is renowned for her artistry, strength and being one of the vocalists of our generation. it’s inspiring and i’m so incredibly proud of her. it’s comforting to see her getting a lil honor after all that she’s gone through the past 2 years, it’s what she deserves and more!

    • Erin Epp says:

      This was pretaped so this was before that mess. That said I’m so happy for her here, you can clearly see she’s enjoying it.

    • cutevirgo1996 says:

      Erin Epp no this happened right after she called it off

    • sh3rocks01 says:

      cutevirgo1996 Nope proof is on her Instagram. They pre recorded this early October. I remember watching all the Instagram stories from the official Wicked page, Ariana’s, Idina’s, and Pentatonix Insta from when they did it weeks ago. They just aired it for us last night.

    • Ariana Grande says:

      sh3rocks01 no they recorded this the day after the news came out that they had broke up

    • Ariana Grande says:

      Erin Epp they recorded this the day after the news came out that they had broke up

  12. Heather Chandler says:

    Musical theatre is truly her home. She made this song better for me. ARI FOR ELPHIE

  13. Jaime Cope says:

    i feel like she was really connecting with herself during this performance and how far she has come. it made me cry, she’s such an inspiration.

  14. Charlotte G. says:

    she deadass looks so happy in this. it warms my heart

  15. Gwyneth Sauvage says:

    I’ve literally never seen her so happy during a performance

  16. harrymeepharry says:


  17. Angelica D says:

    I havent seen this much emotion in a performance from her in awhile. I teared up in the end😭

  18. tjohnnie01 says:

    I love that moment in a performance when an artist gets comfortable and confident to the point where they snatch the mic off the stand and just go for it UGH I cried seeing her so happy she looked so at home 😭

  19. Michaela H-C says:

    When you’re an Arianator and a Wicked fan. I’ve been watching this so many times

  20. S J says:

    Kinda digging that green lipstick lol

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