Arrest of Martese Johnson 3/18/15

Arrest of Martese Johnson 3/18/15

Viewers should be warned that this video contains disturbing images and explicit language.

Video credit: Bryan Beaubrun

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20 Responses

  1. AllAmerican Girl says:


  2. Arturo Gimenez says:

    ” #Venezuela representa una amenaza inusual y extraordinaria para la
    seguridad nacional de los Estados Unidos” #Obama , NO, la policía de
    Estados Unidos SI representa una amenaza para la seguridad de los
    afrodescendientes; nuevo vídeo indigna a la sociedad .

  3. tyylit says:

    i was dissapointed by the lack of “WORLDSTAR WORLDSTAR”

  4. William Straughan says:

    were is the start of the reason he was arrested funny u never see what

  5. Youknow WhyImHere says:

    fucking racists


  6. Chris Bird says:

    Funny how it doesn’t show the events leading upto the arrest.

    Any excuse to cry racism to get off a charge.
    It also gives them an excuss to riot and smash their own community up.

  7. Xantar Amone says:

    niggers always whining ohh fucking raciste respect the fucking law dont
    give them chance tu beat or arrete you

  8. D06DD says:

    We supposed to believe he was not drunk and an ass? Com on…I was 20 and
    dumb before…here we go again…SELECTIVE OUTRAGE!!!! I am starting to
    HATE AMERICANS!!!!!! We all are so fucking dumb!!

  9. Lamar Francis says:

    The comments on this video are a lot more telling about these situations
    than the video itself. 

  10. borader80 says:

    The guy got beaten till bloody and pepper sprayed for just a fake id. Race
    aside it’s still excessive police force.

  11. Sebastian R says:

    First off, police will use whatever force they need to make an arrest once
    they’ve decided to do so, I don’t know what this kid was expecting to do by
    resisting. You’re hands are going in those cuffs, make it easy and maybe
    you won’t get shot in the back by some dumbass cop reaching for his
    “taser”. Resisting arrest, even wrongful arrest, is stupid. Second, why is
    he screaming that he goes to UVA? does being a college student exempt him
    from something, does he think it makes him better than all those other
    uneducated plebeians? It’s a douchey thing to say if you’re white, it’s a
    douchey thing to say if you’re black. Maybe I’m misinterpreting this?

  12. Katrina Warren says:

    White people some hoes behind the internet I can tell you , go right ahead
    call someone black a nigger if you want expect to be in the hospital 

  13. Francis Gilliland says:

    Underage White man tries barge into black bar in Newark. Black Justice?

  14. Michael Victor says:

    I am sure Eric Holder will make this his final parting shot. Good luck
    Eric, yawn.

  15. Ccc Ttt says:

    Is it possible that Martese Johnson is the real RACIST?

  16. Jeff Rice says:

    Another Foolish idiot Arrested – Satan’s Children will foolishly Protest
    and play the Race Card – You can thank Biden and Powell who want Blacks to
    protest against Anti-Fraud Voting – That is correct, That is how foolish
    they are, Vote against Real ID’s Anti-Fraud – and here is one of their
    children being arrested with a fake ID – Oh he resisted Arrest and fought
    the Law and the Law Won

    Biden and Powell are trying to get their Slaves to protest against
    Anti-Voter Fraud – They will help the Protesters to protest against it –
    signs and T-Shirts that say – ” Say no to Honest Voting ” – then they will
    head to the Jails to protest with other signs ” Release Fraudulent Voters ”
    – it is really true – he was arrested for having Fraudulent ID – that is
    right, even White people get arrested for it and would get a blood head if
    they hit their head – These foolish People are an embarrassment to those
    who are Wise –

    What an Embarrassment – Honor Student gets caught being Dishonest

    Obama should be arrested and charged with Fraudulent ID Also

    I could use the Racist Powells Foolish Narrative to maybe help people
    understand – All White People need to Vote against and Vote out the Trash
    in the White House – yeah, that is how Racist Blacks talk – it’s not a one
    way street called My way

    Judgement is coming to the United States because of Foolish People and
    their Lawlessness, Cry out to JESUS CHRIST to Save you –

    Only two types of People – Wise or Foolish – Right or Left – Sheep or Goats

    The Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims does not matter, it’s about if they
    are Wise or Foolish ?
    Wise or Foolish Jews ? –
    Wise or Foolish Arabs ? –
    Wise or Foolish Christians ? –
    Wise or Foolish Muslims ? –
    Wise or Foolish Whites ? –
    Wise or Foolish Blacks ? –
    Wise or Foolish People ? –

    The Foolish are the Children of Satan, unless they cry out to JESUS CHRIST
    WHO IS LORD to save them, they will go to Hell unless they are Saved

    Its clear the Racists gave eyewitness accounts

    He was just using Fraudulent ID and denied entry to the Trinity Irish Pub
    by a bouncer.

    A popular undergraduate honors student and leader at the University of
    Virginia, Martese Johnson, was brutally assaulted by law enforcement near
    the campus very early Wednesday morning.

    Witnesses said that Martese, a part of a huge crowd of UVA students, was
    denied entry to the Trinity Irish Pub by a bouncer and was immediately
    slammed face first on to the ground by law enforcement.

    According to witnesses he never resisted arrest or questioning and never
    fought the officers the entire time. As they smashed Martese up against the
    concrete, he can be heard telling them that he is a UVA student and that
    what they are doing is racist.

    They removed the Ten Commandments from the Schools, The Ten Commandments
    is a Reminder to those who are wanting to be Lawless that they will be
    Judged according to it. The Ten Commandments covered Everything to Expose
    Satan’s Lawlessness in his influencing those Civilized People. 

  17. drfaticus F-gm says:

    more cops that should be killed

  18. Matthew Le Boeuf says:

    I see nothing wrong here. If he stopped resisting there would be no

  19. jerry saint says:

    its funny in these videos the cops always say ,”STOP FIGHTING” when they
    aren’t fighting. the cops are talking more to the cameras rather than the
    allege suspect 

  20. Jake Krynock says:

    The internet needs to go back to cute cats, and porn.