Arrival: A Response To Bad Movies

Arrival: A Response To Bad Movies

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20 Responses

  1. enlessdreams says:

    Still don’t understand how you can see the future by learning another language? The concept wasn’t clearly explained.

  2. nice meme says:

    So that’s it huh, this is some kinda arrival?

  3. Jesse the Smartass says:

    I hated this movie, and i usually love movies with deep meaning.

  4. King of Wakanda says:

    This movie floored me in a way that a lot of films fail to do. The cinematography, the acting, the score, the concept, execution, and overall filmmaking just proves to me that this is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Denis is a genius. 10/10.

  5. John Matthews says:

    I really want to watch this now.

  6. The Storytellers Podcast says:

    I though this movie was a lot smarter and better than Interstellar (btw, this channel does podcasts but on our main channel storytellers we do similar film analysis as Nerdwriter, sorry for pluggin but maybe some of you are interested)

  7. Brandon Dozier says:

    I hope ARRIVAL wins best picture.
    Not that the Oscars really matter but that is the film I think would deserve the award by merit.

  8. NonZeroSumGame says:

    This film taught me something.

  9. Game Pudding says:

    *HUGE* spoilers in case someone hasn’t seen Arrival yet.

  10. MF Whom ? says:

    Love the music in this film.

  11. Seán Tripp says:

    Huh, I didn’t like the movie

  12. Mamdeen says:

    This film is without a doubt head and shoulders above many of the other movies out there right now. The cinematography is just spectacular. The plot was very good; it was suspenseful, intelligent, engaging. Everything that this story needed to be it was. This is a film that leaves you looking at not only people, aliens, humanity, but life itself in a completely different way.

  13. Mohammed Hamza says:

    Arrival is one movie that left me simultaneously disappointed and satisfied. I love how it defies all the tropes of the classic alien movie, but I wanted it to dive more in depth into the actual event of the aliens arriving unto earth, and more insight into how the other countries deal with them, other than the screens at the site. I know the whole point of the movie was for it it to be an intimate relationship with the main character, but I feel like seeing more of how everyone else reacted would have made the impact of her final act that much greater.

  14. Moon says:

    *+Nerdwriter1* There’s one thing that bugs me.
    At 3:15 you say that the aliens, being able “to see all the time at once”, “use that skill to access future events to influence her present”. That phrasing seems to indicate that the aliens are deliberately implanting images from her future into her mind. If that’s the case I would disagree.

    According to the Sapir Whorf hypothesis the structure of a language would shape your thoughts and behavior. She acquires the capability to see time as nonlinear, seeing images and glimpses of her future, from learning the universal language. She gains this skill gradually the more she learns to write and read the logograms. It’s by the end of the movie, when the aliens give her the full scope of this language, that she’s then able to interact with her future. With their help, she gains the capability to access future events and influence her present. The aliens enabled her to do so by gifting the language but did not implant these visions. Once she had that skill she made the choice of using it. It might seem like a minor difference of interpretation but in my opinion this relates to free will. “If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?”

    We actually don’t know for sure who much of the future the aliens are capable of seeing. Is it really “all the time at once”? I’d rather extrapolate from Adams capabilities after she learns the integrity of the language and infer that they can only see and interact with glimpses of their future. I think the aliens took the risk of coming to Earth and give this tool because they knew they would need help or knowledge in the future. Humanity made the choice to accept it.

    *Great review! Until now, it’s the first one I saw that’s an actual analysis of a major theme in the movie. The parallels you’ve pointed out are compelling. And now that you’ve talked about the Kuleshov effect I’ll be more attentive to these montages in the future. I’m always amazed by films that are able to convey so much with so little words.*

  15. Elmer Son says:

    The reveal at the end is one of the most chilling and brilliant experience I’ve ever had in a cinema. Well done.

  16. Hola hoops says:

    Watched first 30 seconds of this video, paused it and watched the movie. HOLY FUCKING SHIT

  17. Josh Derak says:

    This movie reminded me of Slaughterhouse Five so much.

  18. EmeraldEyeProductions says:

    If you have not yet watched this film, *STOP WATCHING NOW. HUGE SPOILERS.* Go watch this masterpiece of a film. Experience it. Then come back and watch this.

  19. Jim Humphries says:

    When I saw this movie I knew that Bladerunner was in more than capable hands.

  20. The Ponderer says:

    Seeing this video posted made me finally get off my ass and watch this film just so I could watch it unspoiled.

    Best decision I’ve made all year. Thank you.

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