Arsenal v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/10/19 | NBC Sports

Arsenal v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/10/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Arsenal and Manchester United during Premier League Matchweek 30. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Arsenal
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Arsenal v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/10/19 | NBC Sports

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93 Responses

  1. MR. Yeet says:

    Won psg can’t beat arsenal hmmmm

    • Nyi Lwin says:

      +Kamsi Ben Agu last time we beat u. U guys said same thing. It is lucky the wind gave u all a lucky first goal. And ex Arsenal legends said penalty was not a penalty.

    • Nyi Lwin says:

      +Kamsi Ben Agu u r just a jealous mofo saying Dea Gea is overrated. Lmao. Go ask football expects.

    • Nyi Lwin says:

      +All things are possible To those who believe PSG didn’t score those 3 goals. Yes we were lucky that we got a penalty that win the tie. But we won on the night for that one game regardless. It is 2-1.

    • All things are possible To those who believe says:

      +Nyi Lwin Any Professional Player would score those gift that Santa gave you guys for Christmas. You guys didn’t create one chance in both legs. Which is a joke of a team. Now come with the excuse that you were missing 10 players. Because the truth is you wouldn’t be PSG if it wasn’t for there mistake. Buy good luck in the quarters.

    • Nyi Lwin says:

      +All things are possible To those who believe u r totally ignorant. No body is saying Man United is better than PSG. I know it. U don’t have to tell me. But we scored those goals and not PSG. Don’t be silly. I get ur point Man United is not even close in terms of quality. But at the end of the day we won and not PSG. Accept defeat nd move on. We lost to Arsenal. We were a better team in terms of performance but everything went for Arsenal way including penalty. Don’t be fking silly. Like PsG grabbed the ball and put it in their net. We forced them to make mistakes and we played defensively better than PSG on send leg. That’s why we conceded less goal. Don’t matter whether we won against PSG the way u expected to win. PSG is out game over. I don’t need to talk about it. They choke against Barca and lost 4-0 lead a year or two back. They have to blame themselves. You don’t win the tie playing only 90min pal.

  2. IParsa R says:

    Ole’s at the wheel, top four still on the cards

  3. ZunfiX says:

    It does suck, but Tottenham still have to play Liverpool and man city, I predict
    1. Man city
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. United

  4. Jesse Garin says:

    Arsenal lose to Rennes 3-1 and Manchester United win psg 3-1 and arsenal beat Manchester United 2-0 ?

  5. Jeremy Hoarae says:

    I’m not a United fan by any means but I can appreciate how the manager reinvented the side

  6. C.V. says:

    Una Emery revenges for PSG.. that Xhaka goal has PSG ghost written on it

  7. Vishnu Mahesh says:

    This defies logic
    Psg were beaten by man utd, who lost to arsenal, who got routed by rennes, who are 31 points behind psg in ligue 1

    • I'm Rick Harrison & this is my pawn shop fgt says:

      +lieutenant A m you just lost 2 – 0 to a team that plays in the europa league, say that without crying

    • Truth Rulzz says:

      1:03 When you’re driving on enemy grounds and your GPS starts re-routing lol

    • Mabrico Dalhouse says:

      It’s simple logics, Sports is about match up and not statistic

    • Mabrico Dalhouse says:

      In other words it’s how the opponents match up against each other tactically like a chess game

    • mozey Moze's says:

      You are confusing the Premier league with international club football. Any team can beat Arsenal in European continental football competitions. This is a one off, just wait for Arsenal’s next away game.

  8. Sound Check says:

    ManU couldn’t capitalize on several horrible mistakes by Arsenal defense. I guess Ole had to have an unlucky day that after that great run…

    • [ Rowdy Bolts Fan ] says:

      Sound Check I thought Arsenal were pretty good on defense today. Some players got through, but we always ended up smothering the chances and going on the counter-attack. It wasn’t unlucky, he just had what was coming to him.

    • Sound Check says:

      +[ Rowdy Bolts Fan ] I wish you were right, but ManU hit both the crossbar and the post, Leno made some excellent saves and there were a couple of instances where Arsenal defense was in pure panic. Maitland-Niles is developing as real good right back, but Arsenal needs to bring in one of the best central defenders in the world (like Liverpool did with van Dijk) if they want to have title hopes next year.

    • [ Rowdy Bolts Fan ] says:

      Sound Check We had some high quality chances as well, and I don’t doubt that we need to bring in a world class defender. Our defense has always been so-so, but we took care of all of the quality chances pretty well today.

    • Mathias says:

      No, my picture isn’t moving how did arsenal do against rennes?yeah stfu u plastic

    • [ Rowdy Bolts Fan ] says:

      Mathias We had a fraudulent red-card halfway through the game, we were bound to lose once down to 10 men. And if you’re implying that we aren’t good, then how come you lost? “Yeah stfu u plastic” ???‍♂️

  9. 200斤麦子10里山路不换肩 says:

    Congrats! Arsenal performs better than the last season, obviously.

  10. Chris Stojanovski says:

    Arsenal’s goalkeeper is a beast, he has a good future ahead of him!

  11. Geologically says:

    I remember watching another video, and all the Man U fans saying arsenal was going to get destroyed. ??‍♂️

    • Advenco says:

      I got roasted for saying Arsenal would win. Now they’re all deleting their comments hahaha

    • epicduck245 says:

      Can’t really blame them for thinking that though

    • Angel Francis says:

      epicduck245 yeah Man U just beat psg their fans are really confident

    • Pinned Comment says:

      Cant blame for that coz lool at the form each team is at… you wanted most people to say arsenal would get the W? Cmon lol one team beat PSG and made a historical comeback with half of their squad injured and another got beat by Renees in Europa leagu…..Renee’s are 31 points behind PSG in league 1 ? fkn football man

    • llGødly Itzaell says:

      Arsenal’s only win lol

  12. Huy Nguyen says:

    United fan. It’s not De Gea’s fault. Xhaka’s swerved ball was amazing, no way to predict that.

  13. Fatah Freestyler says:

    but can they win on a cold rainy night in Emirates? ?

  14. Trevor Stern says:

    Why didn’t they show the the Lukaku shot that hit the bar

  15. Thomas Sepahi says:

    Ozil distracting Young then taking the corner…genius

  16. Angel George says:

    Arsenal just knocked Man U back to reality

    • [ Rowdy Bolts Fan ] says:

      gustavo olguin Last I checked the Man United fans were being cocky about their PSG win and were saying they would destroy Arsenal. They had what was coming to them.

    • Forrest Ford says:

      Did you really think we would go undefeated the rest of the season especially with our injuries?get this loss out of the way, on to the next

    • Robert Garcia says:

      To be fair there exhausted they gave everything against psg

    • ToniShot7 says:

      Have many CL does Arsenal have and EPL trophies ??

    • ANDREW OBONGO says:

      ToniShot7 how many unbeaten season and Golden Premier league trophies does united have

  17. Ryan Tsang says:

    Arsenal is the most confusing team in the world

  18. Arxenalll ! says:

    *Arsene Wenger has entered the chat*

  19. Nabihan Rahman says:

    6:24 Laca told Auba to take the penalty. That’s some brotherly love right there

  20. Chilled Llama says:

    Atleast no one got punched on the back of the neck ?

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