Artifact new game announcement from Valve crowd reaction

Artifact new game announcement from Valve crowd reaction

crowd’s disappointment to Valve’s announcement of their new card game, Artifact

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20 Responses

  1. HIMIK-MAN says:

    If i were there i would just yell out “Fuck you!”. I don’t care i’d get thrown out. It’d be worth it.

  2. Bruno A. Casais says:

    Instead of putting minimal resources to TF2 to continue being updated… chooses to make a CARD game.

    Great job Valve.
    Probably the worst game company of this year.

  3. Giovanni Leo says:

    Fuck I’d rather have ricochet 2 because at least it would be a complete playable game. What the fuck valve? I didn’t sign up for your video games to play with digital fucking cards! I came for brilliant mechanics and heavy story! How can this be enticing? Does one card murder the other cards father and kidnap his baby card?

  4. Bluey says:

    Who in valve thought that a card game would be a good idea to make

  5. Antiform says:

    Valve doesn’t have any of the writers or creative minds of its past left, with which to make a new Portal or a new Half Life. Anyone expecting a narrative driven game from Valve again should keep those expectations very low to the ground.

    Plus I think it’s kind of funny that all their series have ended on 2, or HL2E2. It’s like they were reserving a big “3” announcement for a project idea that never came together, and now it’s pretty much too late. They’re mainly tech-heads now, no writers.

  6. Aymen says:

    No hl3 ? No portal 3 ? No tf2 updates ? No csgo on source 2 ? No lfd3 ?. Nope a fucking card game , I had enough of your bullshit valve fucking cashgrab game , you already have money why do u need this game for fuck sake.

  7. Rea Per says:

    You know what would be funny? If half of the crowd just standed up and left.

  8. William ananda says:

    I have lost faith in half life 3 and valve

  9. Sueivson Vasconcelos says:

    The crowd was disappointed because everyone was expecting an actual trailer of the game, not just that.

  10. RaptorAnton says:

    Who the fuck was applauding? Do they hire people to clap their hands over announcements?

  11. Intruso says:

    Am i the only one who doesen’t give a fuck about Dota 2?

  12. Cinnamon Coffin says:

    What’s the difference between CDPR and Volvo this days?
    >CDPR releases one of the greatest single-player games (RPG) of all times.
    >People ask them to make Gwent (card game) a standalone project.
    >CDPR releases Gwent.
    >Everybody is happy cause Gwent players got their card game and everyone else is patiently waiting for CDPR’s new IP (Cyberpunk2077) to be released in about 2 years.
    What has Volvo done?
    >Released Half-Life 2, one of the greatest single-player games (FPS) of all times.
    >Released two DLC for it and cut down the story right in the middle.
    >People asked to make HL sequel.
    >Volvo released a bunch of good games (L4D, Portal)
    >People asked to make HL sequel.
    >Volvo released another bunch of sequels for previously released good games (L4D2, Portal 2).
    >People asked to make HL sequel.
    >Volvo released good, but controversial for their fanbase projects like Dota2 and CSGO.
    >People asked to make HL sequel.
    >People have been asking to make HL sequel for 13 years already and Volvo hasn’t released anything since 2011.
    >Volvo says there will be a new game announcement.
    >Volvo announces Dota card game.
    >Nobody ever asked for this.
    >Fans are furious.
    I don’t know what else to say.

  13. MechaAkuma says:

    People need to realize that the people who worked at Valve making games are long gone. Valve stopped being a game developing company years ago. Their current staff is solely concentrated on digital distribution and community management. The few people who are involved are a skeleton staff employed to maintain and patch the few games Valve have left.
    Most people involved in the Valve games left the company a long time ago.
    People thinking that Valve are going back to developing games are equally delusional that of flat earthers.

  14. Satan's Potato says:

    Candy crush vs Hearthstone : The Clone Wars : Electric Boogaloo

  15. Cyampagn says:

    I love how triggered everyone is. Everybody’s ‘demanding’ valve do whatever they deem appropiate…this is one hell of a man child collective rant if there’s ever been one.

  16. catbeweird says:

    -Valve FINALLY ANNOUNCES NEW GAME! It’s a new property too! And related to DOTA???

    People: WAIT, IS THIS A CARD GAME? I hate card games, it’s gonna be TERRIBLE! Did I mention I hate card games? WE WANT PORTAL 3, HL3, L4d3, NOT CARD GAMES!

    …funny, seems like everyone was screaming for Valve to create something new, or at least make a sequel for an old game, and when it turns out to be a genre people don’t like, they throw a hissy fit. LMAO

  17. Stephen says:

    You see this Valve? You see this reaction?

    DOTA may be your most popular game in terms of players, but the people who play it are NOT your core fans. All the top comments here are begging for TF2 content, updates for CSGO, Portal 3 and HL3. NOT some ridiculous spinoff of an overhyped MOBA with P2W mechanics. NOT a shitty VR headset that costs too much and is lacking in content. Listen to the disappointed reaction of all these people who thought this was some new IP, some groundbreaking new thing that would justify your utter incompetence and lack of content over the past half decade, only for their hopes to be crushed. This is what the majority of your fans are feeling now.

    Your hiring policies and working policies need to change. The idea that you prioritize your workers over your fans is cute, the quality of your games and the money you make from Steam may keep you relevant, but unless you start to change that, you will be in for a rude awakening. At the rate you communicate with your fans, you’ll understand that nobody wants shit like this 3 years after it’s released and met with little success.

  18. Soul2312 says:

    why is everyone hating on this? i personally dont care too much but cant you just realise that half life is dead?

  19. doomdemos says:

    Congrats Valve, you’ve surpassed even EA in being a horrible company.

  20. DesertHigh says:

    Gamers are some of the bitchiest people on the planet. All the comments whining about some fucking video game company and how disappointed they are is hilariously pathetic.

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