Ashleigh Banfield reads letter from Stanford rape victim

Ashleigh Banfield reads letter from Stanford rape victim

As aired on CNN on June 6, 2016 regarding the conviction of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

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20 Responses

  1. lillers says:

    that judge is honestly so creepy looking and just his face makes me so
    uncomfortable like at a base level I am so mad I feel like this girl walked
    into that courtroom and just fucking knew like he was gonna let this kid
    get away with it

  2. photoshopknight says:

    Now I understand why a few women think of cutting off men’s dick. Cause
    what this 20 year old did is absolutely horrible and it shouldn’t be like
    this. No woman/man should ever(!) be raped.

    Also, don’t blame the victim pls.

  3. What would Ray Rice do? says:

    Brock, his father and the judge should ALL be gang raped!

  4. Mritsonlyaname says:

    She chose to get blackout wasted. She chose to get to pass out behind a
    dumpster. Filthy whore deserved to be raped imo.

  5. ManWithZeCan says:

    Genghis Khan raped thousands of women and didn’t get arrested, STOP

  6. freetown78 says:

    i wouldve beat his ass half to death if i seen this happening…especially
    the way it happened

  7. Sick Kicks says:

    And if the girl is reading this i am so sorry for what happened even though
    i will never understand this feeling i am sorry for this pain it has
    brought to u

  8. Miruts says:

    He is a terrible human being, but this is what happens when your white and
    rich and your victim is white or hell any color for that matter. Had this
    been a minority he would have received life in prison

  9. Awesome! says:

    If you’re going to get off your face, expect strange things to occur

  10. Littlebulldog88 says:

    Hopefully “true justice” takes place in the 6 months he has to be in for.
    Fuck that guy.

  11. Teresa D says:

    Two witnesses stop the assault, and the body is raped again at the

  12. Michael Cervantez says:

    Don’t be a drunk whore then bitch

  13. Aggu Kristian says:

    lets rape all woman :)

  14. Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask says:

    Fucking Texas. Wonder what they wouldve done if he were black or hispanic

  15. nina e says:

    He looks like a repressed gayboy who hates woman, this guy need a good 10
    years in prison and psychiatric help.

  16. Toni Zapato says:

    white privilege

  17. Mcgoo4444 says:

    So many holes in her story. She didn’t want to go to the party. She then
    has way too many shots. Her sister was not protecting her? ?

  18. jacobr9478 says:

    It’s called lawyers people, better get you a fuckin great one so you can
    get off like this guy.

  19. javiera vasquez says:

    Don’t worry guys, even if he has 6 months he will have a really hard time
    in the real world. Tbh jail would be safer for this dude

  20. NoobWeegee Pasword says:

    There are reason why he got 6 months. You can’t base it off feelings. Don’t
    complain unless you worked on the case yourself