Ashton Kutcher’s Huge Prosthetic Penis – CONAN on TBS

Ashton Kutcher’s Huge Prosthetic Penis – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Why did Ashton happen to have a fake phallus in his trailer? Well, it’s a funny story…

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20 Responses

  1. TheAllstar22 says:

    Chalie was two and a half men. Watched like two episodes with Kutcher and
    the series was dead for me.

  2. cleavarN says:

    I believe John got some money from Ashton to buy that suit.

  3. MrJCN90 says:

    in my opinion two and a half men ist one of the most overrated sitcoms
    ever… yeah I got it Charlie / Walden bangs many hot women, Alan does not
    and the fat kid is stupid…..

  4. Peter! says:

    came here to leave a dislike. because erm. KUTCHER

  5. Man O'Neal says:

    Two and a Half Men was questionable during the Charlies Sheen days.
    Now…it’s just an abomination.

  6. oleg smirnov says:


  7. Odogun Paul says:

    All of you slating two and the half men…..tbh it was better with charlie,
    when Ashton came on board it was a little wierd at first but its actually
    got as good as charlie’s tenure, Alan’s character made it worthwhile..

  8. Ferni says:

    2 and a half men sucks with Ashton. (~_~’)

  9. MrCorganb says:

    Fuck you Ashton Kutcher!

  10. xihang yang says:

    he probery got that from demi moore as a gift. but infact it was her ex
    husband bruce willes mole penis. 

  11. Nate Green says:

    They need to get rid of the comment section holy shit almost everyone is

  12. Shanaguatl Miachel says:

    You knew the show was going to work?! Not trying to be a heater but I
    havent laughed at all with the last episodes. It really was hit when
    Charlie left… They just kept phoning it in… 

  13. KovuTheKid says:


  14. jack power says:

    i dont care if its fake mind you the real one must be…

  15. jsssm says:

    He doesn’t deserve Mila Kunis!

  16. Josh Dumas says:

    Where can I get one? I want to disappoint ladies when i go to the bar

  17. iHalveien says:

    jon’s face full of botox?

  18. adamwv says:

    but it didn’t work ???

  19. Jesus Christ says:

    Is he the most annoying person in Hollywood? How does someone like that get
    Mila Kunis?

  20. Randall Goguen says:

    By “Huge Prosthetic Penis” he means his acting.