“Asking” the “Tough” “Questions” (Act 2, Part 1) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

“Asking” the “Tough” “Questions” (Act 2, Part 1) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Here’s what’s going on in Matt Lauer’s neck of the woods…nothing. For part two: https://youtu.be/cVjax8Fb3ag.

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20 Responses

  1. Hillwood Lam says:

    oh Sam, why so ignorant

  2. Becky Pennock says:


  3. AjTheWriter says:

    Not for nothing, but Matt has decent legs on him XD

  4. TheFireflyGrave says:

    Matt Lauer; human Cheeze-it.

  5. Jonida Sanço says:

    I know all the Daily Show current fake journalists and alumni keep saying
    that people shouldn’t be getting their news from them because they’re not
    journalists, but comedians,. Still, I have taken a few journalism classes,
    and even though I’m not an expert, the Daily Show current cast and alumni
    are some of the few remaining real journalists today.

  6. DebbyAbqNM says:

    Please ask how overweight Donald Trump is these days.

  7. Captain Jack says:

    If your feelings are telling you Fox News is fair and balanced, then please
    stop listening to your feelings.

  8. azureATC says:

    That woman’s slight head shake at Trump falsely correcting her… I want a
    gif of that.

  9. Caroline Miller says:

    1:30 tell me more, trolls, about this “shill for hillary”. Yes, I can
    clearly see she obviously… supports… hillary…. ?

  10. Flynnie Junior says:

    Matt actually passes as a girl pretty well, not gonna lie

  11. Thomas Duffy says:

    The jab at 2:07 gave me way too much satisfaction.

  12. Michael Stanley-Baker 徐源 says:

    Sam, you go girl! Call it like it is! These two episodes were the ***best***
    response to Lauer’s ridiculous sham out there right now out of everybody
    from the old Daily Show/Colbert duo. Thank you for just calling him out,
    and calling out the media imbalance in the the next episode. Love your

  13. donnan huggler says:

    Don’t you EVER leave again!

  14. Arjun Nagarajan says:

    Full Frontal… Giggidy!

  15. Derrick Minor says:

    Samantha is really upset That Hillary was on the Hot seat.

  16. CheeseReaper22 says:

    I flipped out at the Halloween joke. That was awesome.

  17. MK11192 says:

    God, I missed this woman.

  18. sirfrancisbacon1 says:

    You’re not funny.

  19. Joel Schneider says:

    so the confidential information sent on the server wasn’t illegally sent?
    or wait, there it is, that’s right. Bad news for Clinton is old news, “11
    months” of Hillary lying is now old news.

  20. cn 250 says:

    so sad to hear about HRC brain hemorrhoid.