Assange: We have more material related Clinton

Assange: We have more material related Clinton

After releasing thousands of hacked DNC emails, Wkileaks founder Julian Assange says he has more material on the Clinton campaign.

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20 Responses

  1. Eddy SnowDen says:

    Clinton news network will defend her utmost

  2. Big Sam says:

    That rapist’s “leaks” won’t even put a dent in Hillary’s campaign. And to
    those monkeys who might come back and say something moronic like, “but Bill
    is also a rapist”, I say this: he’s not under investigation and holed up in
    a foreign embassy like a coward.

  3. Shaun Rose says:

    wikileaks is a cia operation julian assange is a govt agent he’s on the
    same lines as anonymous and edward snowden

  4. Alex Shackelford says:


  5. Samantha30090 says:

    I wonder why Anderson Cooper isn’t outraged by DNC crimes??? Any
    forthright, honest, and law abiding American would be outraged at the
    crimes committed by Clinton and the DNC. Why isn’t Anderson Cooper? I guess
    because Cooper serves the criminal element. Mr Cooper might be interested
    to know that many of us either have, or will, drop our cable tv
    subscription citing lack of valid & reliable news as the reason for our
    cancellation. I’d love to see CNN and Msnbc wiped off of cable tv because
    until they’re both gone, I will not re-subscribe.

  6. Johnny Ramirez says:



  7. Horny Yoda says:

    Bless you WikiLeaks, God do.

  8. G Eak says:

    CNN attacks Assange for exposing corruption. How do spell media bias and
    corruption? Stop attacking “FACTS”.
    CNN, report on how the DNC locked up delegates at the DNC. Report on the
    missing Clinton emails that foreign (or domestic) gov’t may have.
    Investigate the current state of Libya. How did the Russian Reset go? Stop
    attacking facts.

  9. Evan Kavan says:

    Hey Julian your a coward ! Admit it ! … Your a hacker – Admit it ! your
    not a journalist ! Admit it !

  10. o2tank 04 says:

    Thank you Julian Assange from the American people.

  11. CfCFan99 says:

    yes cant wait for more releases. time to get the popcorn out

  12. DON W says:

    Seeing how butt hurt the Hillary zombies are about these , I can’t wait to
    see the ones she deleted. Going to be good !

  13. Filbert Shellbach says:

    No one cares about her lunch plans. Filter out the bs and show the juicy

  14. Dead Channel 5 says:

    CNN is the most biased corrupt news station there is.

  15. Martin Ortiz says:

    If Julian has information about the Clintons that we need to know about,
    release the damn information! We have to vote for these people and it’s not
    fair we don’t know all the information!

  16. draft galosa says:

    I have definitely become a fan of Assange/Wikileaks

  17. Morpayne RADIO says:

    He’s going to release the most damning emails a week before the general

  18. Gila Standring says:

    “Interfering with the USA” election? Obama was in
    Great Britain and interfered with their election AND actually contribute
    to organization in Israel trying to defeat Netanyahu! Double standard? Let
    the true out finally about Hillary and the stinky Democratic Party!

  19. 06109633 says:

    look at how this fuck boy from CNN wants to put a narrative that suits HRC.
    are you doing this because you don’t like HRC? no you retard. he is doing
    this because he is a true journalist unlike you piece of shit sell out.

  20. MadGeneral says:

    So says rapist and fugitive from justice Julian Assange.