Astartes – Part Five

Astartes – Part Five

Part Five of Astartes, a Warhammer 40,000 fan film project.
This marks the end of this chapter of the Astartes project. What comes next? Well I’d love to continue! I have many 40k stories I’d like to tell and I already know where I want to take things next if the support is there. Also with the experience gained, raise the quality, enlist key help and bring episodes to you quicker!

If anyone would like to support me in this project please consider the links below. I work as a contract 3d artist so any donation means less time working for others and more time on Astartes!


100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.

© Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2017. GW, Games Workshop, BL Publishing, Black Library, Forge World, Citadel, White Dwarf, The Horus Heresy, The Horus Heresy Eye logo, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer Digital, Warhammer 40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Battletome, Stormcast Eternals, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world. All Rights Reserved.

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95 Responses

  1. Astartes says:

    Firstly thank you so much for the amazing support making this dream project possible! Yes Part 5 marks the end of this Chapter of the Astartes project. What comes next? Well I’d love to continue! Watch through the end for a tiny glimpse of what that might be. I have many 40k stories I’d like to tell and I already know where I want to take things next if the support is there. Also with the experience gained so far, raise the quality, enlist key help and bring episodes to you quicker!

  2. Exit Only says:

    The most brilliant decision creating this masterpiece is you did not insult your audience’s intelligence with needless exposition! The best cinema tells a story without language (Though sound and music are crucial). Hence, regardless of one’s spoken language, anyone even dimly aware of sci-fi concepts picks up the theme immediately. You made less more! You nailed this in spades. Your camera views are superb. The scene with the Marines getting absorbed into the orb evoked horror. I cannot praise your cinematic skills and story-telling enough. Kudos!

    • PatzeKazama says:

      THIS is why I love this series so much. I’m not that big of a 40k fan yet (my best friend is), but this was easy to follow even for an absolute noob in 40k lore like me. Yet it kept bein suspensful

    • Apex Predator says:

      Exit Only yes but I wish there was a description for us new viewers who don’t know a thing about 40k… still fantastic series from 1 guy and I did grasp main concepts just wish I knew all the details

    • Kory Fredrick says:

      Absolutely agree, I know almost nothing about 40k, but I got the gist of what´s happening with no dialogue whatsoever (apart from at the end), just by excellent camerawork directing my attention and stringing things together logically.

    • Thabooka says:

      also when he started Im guess paying voice actors wasn’t a thing – eventually might need voices and actual dialogue – if this gets to 30 min short film or 1 hour film level.

    • Kory Fredrick says:

      @Thabooka Depends on if he wants to keep it like this, where he can create stories that you can follow just by clever direction, which I´d prefer.

  3. onesamo says:

    My battle brothers, there are 343 heretics among us – WE MUST ROOT OUT THIS HERESY

  4. Tobs W says:

    God I love how thorough the Astartes are.

    SMarine 1: I punched his head off!!
    SMarine 2: Quick! Lets shoot him repeatedly with highexplosive rounds at point blank range just to be safe.

  5. Therobin3a says:

    What comes next:
    Raise the quality.


  6. Frederik Theron says:

    Guess GW hates this guy, because this will make their angels of death series look so bad in comparison O.o

    • Ungface says:

      Why the hell would GW hate this guy? hes literally giving people free content on their own IP, bringing in more fans to their product. Competing with yourself in the market is a good thing when your have a monopoly.

    • Goya Jumbo says:

      ​@Joe Vines nope ,not those

    • sCWasP says:

      @Goya Jumbo It is when you bring up completely unrealted issues. The comment you’re responding to was about GW’s angels of death series…You somehow managed to bring up “whamen astartes”.

    • Goya Jumbo says:

      @sCWasP well they’re distracted by this bs instead of making good content, just like most of Hollywood

    • MamboJambo says:

      Guys, GW is finally doing something with their IP and they hired two fan favorite studio/people. I think that deserves praise. It’s a series with an hour long episodes.

  7. Hayden Cheng says:

    Embarrassing Hollywood, you’re making them look bad.

    Earned a sub from me mate

  8. Neunnight says:

    For all of you who are like “WTF HAPPEND” here is my theorie (Sidenote: English is not my Motherlanguage so pls dont judge me for misspelling)

    The Astartes (Space Marines) that entered the enemy ship where their to capture the SECOND Orb. They already had one on their ship (the one thing in the ball and the chains around it).
    The guy with the robe was for all 40k fans obviously an Inquisitor (For all who are new: This Inquisitor was a Psyker like the 2 guys with the forceshield in part 4, but as the Name says the Inquisition is not a fan of psykers. So becoming an Inqusitor despite being a Psyker is more than hard to put it VERY simple and rare too. I say this to make it clear that he is a powerhouse in his own right and could probably bitchslap the 2 Psykers in part 4). The Inquistor was their to keep that Xenos (Alien)Artifect in check, so it doesnt do any crazy warp things.
    The second Orb on the enemy ship tryed to push away the Astartes with some forcewaves but as far as I could tell their were no signs of trying to corrupt the present Astartes (its not that easy to begin with and normaly takes a bit more time but still i couldnt see or hear any attemts to try). So the orb is very limited on what it can do in the material world. The unfinished golden giant in the room was probably a Vessel for the orb to interact more freely in the material world.
    So here comes the interresting part. Both orbs have a consciousness.
    We see how the Inquisitor tryes to enter the mind of the orb in the capsle and we get a dialog between the 2 orbs. ( We call the orb on the Astartes ship “Orb 1” and the other one “Orb 2”)
    To the dialog:
    Orb 1: Who is there ?
    Orb 2: I have failed, brother.
    Orb 1: We have all failed. The Astartes deny our touch. You must return. Break your seal.
    Orb 2: Impossible. We will never survive.
    Orb 1: You must take the Alpha. (Not sure if he really says that. Could also say You must take them/three, kinda hard to understand but if anyone knows it for sure tell me pls)
    The Inquisitor informs the Astartes Captain to pull his man on the enemy ship immediately back.
    The Inquisitor trys to look further into the mind and his own mind snaps. (Dont forget that he is a powerhouse, you dont simply break a Inquisitor Psykers mind so whatever that orb is, its on another level).
    Before the Inquistor loses his mind, he gets a glimpse of the future (yes some psykers can do that). We see a counsel of people who look like the Psykers in part 4 but not quite sure, they are a bit to far away. We also see 4 of the 5 Astartes who were absorbed by the orb and it looks like they get sacrificed in some form.
    After that you see what happens. The Astartes captain punched the Head off the Inquistor and his Battlebrother shoot him down to make sure he is extra dead. Some people think that might be brutal but that was a mercy kill by them. You saw what the Psykers in part 4 can do so you dont want a mindlosing Psyker on your own ship.

    At the end we see how Orb 2 absorbs the five Astartes. One of them trys to shot the orb with his plasma pistole but it gets repelled and he loses his hand. Than we see how the 5 Battlebrothers are connected with some tentacles and a blue thing in the mid. That blue thing is probably the essence of Orb 2. Orb 2 guides the five Astarted through the warp to a specific place (Cause you dont simply travel through the warp without any protection even if you are an Astartes. You see how the Astartes is coughing blood, dont worry thats not cause of the missing hand but lets call it travelsickness. Normal people would die or Mutate in a way you dont wanna imagine). What this place is can be debated.
    1. They are still in the warp ( I think it is that, 40k likes its over the top settings but this looks a bit to surreal to be a normal planet)
    2. They got warpped to a planet and the setting is just over the top
    3. It is a Planet connected with the warp ( physics and logic dont quite applie here like on normal planets)

    So lets finish it with the big question. What/Who is the orb ?
    The simple answer is… we dont know.
    1. If that thing has anything to do with Chaos, it has the handwriting of Tzeentch. (At least I dont see any of the indicators for Khorne, Nurgle or Slaanesh)
    Indicators for Chaos is the fact that the orbs called themselves Brothers (kind of a Traitmark in 40k for Spacemarines). Chaos space marines who worship Tzeentch have problems to keep their bodys. The planet with its dessert and slight egypt setting is often associate with Magnus the Red who hangs out with Tzeentch.
    2. It is a Xenos artifact that has nothing to do with chaos. The warp is big and has way more Entitys than just the 4 chaos Gods.
    3. Yu Vath (google it) (yeah they are also kinda Chaos but 40k fans get what I mean)
    4. C’tan (This was not my Idea. But I read the comment section and like the Idea so I added it to the list).
    The only problem is that C’tan HATE the warp. They are like fire and the warp is water for them. But Necrons arent the only ones who associate with the C’tan. There are humanoid cults that could take care of the warpbusiness for them.
    I hope that helped some people to understand part 5 better.

    • Genos says:

      @Simoun1er okay I take it back that it was a random spot. The armor clearly has something to do with the orb. You can see a reminiscence, the orb has a face where “U” goes behind the neck, and Those lords have a head where that “face” was on the orb when we saw its “form” ????? I have so many questions but the planet that the orb was found on has 1000% something to do with the planet the Astartes got teleported to. Maybe the Surviving Astartes soldier was strong enough to not (succumb???) to the warp (maybe the Astartes had psyker like powers within him????). the orb might have been destroyed by the inquisitor but the inquisitor was not strong enough to stop them from being warped to the planet???

    • Hasbro says:

      @Simoun1er Well, here is the link to Tzeentch history from fan website:,000/Tzeench This video is also not official though (just notice). And anyways, I couldn’t find anything more similar. Versions are welcomed.

    • Josh Choi says:

      I think the last orb sentence is “you must take THEM”.

      That’s why the inquisitor turns his head to the captain quickly and warns him like “get them out now” and the captain sends the other space marine running to relay the message.

      And that’s why the other orb then immediately starts absorbing the 5 astartes and teleports them.

    • FrstSpctr88 says:

      If its Necrons, the Orbs could be some sort of unknown C’tan shards, trying to make itself whole. From looks of it it could be C’tan that is able to influence warp to some extend.
      But then again being Yu Vath orbs is also likely.

  9. Holammer says:

    4:55 The scene where they put down the psyker (?) is meme material, but check out how the cape on the guy on the left reacts to the shock wave from the bolter rifle rounds. Attention to detail here is **insane**.

  10. TheButterKnifer says:

    Dude I thought you had everyone wear helmets because you couldn’t do skin, but you can and it’s amazing. I should have never doubted

    • Guardsman Miku says:

      @Александр I mean it still is much easier and quicker to animate helmets even if you can do skin, but it’s done pretty well here. Everyone wearing helmets is a good stylistic choice, and breaking it for that one scene helps keep us imersed

    • Александр says:

      @Guardsman Miku agree

    • Chaotic Entropy says:

      Well, with helmets you can do muffled dialogue and vox chatter which worked a lot better than voice actors in my view. He also didn’t have to do much facial animation which is where things can really dive in to the uncanny valley.

    • Александр says:

      @templar684 I am afraid it’s not 40k at all since painting your armour, also in bright colors, is a thing humanity did all the time. By the way, in 40k most civilisations are advanced enough to be able to ignore the camo anyway, so the color is just what GW can safely transfer from models because it always starts with models.

    • Chaotic Entropy says:

      @Александр Xenos races don’t necessarily see in the same colour spectrum as humans anyway, so camo paint is kind of moot.

  11. RUSSIAN_ BELKA says:

    Ждал пятую часть , больше чем свой день рождения

  12. i[P*D]Klark says:

    In the post-credits scene, the space marine has the oats studio logo on his helmet? Does this mean that we can expect something more?

  13. KUREVAL says:

    Я специально пишу на русском языке чтобы все видели, что автор заработал международное признание. Это именно тот warhammer, который я себе представляю. Спасибо за твою работу, брат

    • - Bliktod says:

      А можете пожалуйста объяснить концовку? Я что то не понял про это сферу.

    • Махамбет Мамыров says:

      @- Bliktod мы можем только догадываться

    • DrMouZe says:

      @Махамбет Мамыров Как все таки автор классно маринадов передал, ни одного лишнего движения, в каждом действии холодный расчет и хладнокровие, аж пробирает. Вот именно такой образ маринов нравится больше всего. Без пафоса, превозмогания один на 100 орков или толпы демонов, что так любят приукрашивать в разных играх. My respects to the author !!! Great work!!!

    • Rodger Caulfield says:

      @DrMouZe особенно доставляет как они с псайкером обошлись молниеносно….

    • ArqteW says:

      @Rodger Caulfield Может показаться что вы увидели удар в еблао представителю святой инквизиции, не дайте ввести себя в заблуждение глядя на священое таинство экзорцизма )

  14. made you look says:

    I don’t want GW to get behind this guy, I don’t think they would give him the independence he has now to create this level of quality, non profit motivated, content that is clearly a personal project motivated by a passion for the universe that is 40k.

    I seriously hope he can get independent backing to keep this level of content coming. I haven’t been to the ‘movies’ in years, Hollywood produces nothing but remakes and simpering content for the lowest common denominator. This guy makes content that I’d gladly pay to watch over and over again.

    If you read your comments, this channel is a masterpiece in the making 👍 I love how you portray the Astartes and can’t wait to see how you tackle the rest of the 40k universe.

    • Mordred86 says:

      I fear Games Workshop woukd be the cathloic church to his Michelangelo. He doesn’t need that grief

    • Renny says:


      I agree with no studio involvement, but your comment about the “black female” sounded racist and stupid

    • Miguel Bartelsman says:

      @made you look That’s how copyright should work, but it’s not how it actually works. The fact is that GW has the rights to all 40k, and if they wanted they have the right to take Astartes to court because of this. They probably won’t, but I’m sure it’s a concern when it comes to making bigger productions with bigger budget and potential profit.

    • BlenderGuy says:

      @Renny I don’t think it was meant to be a racist statement, he was probably referencing late media pandering to the sjw crowd, in making everything diverse, for being diverse, not because they actually care or take a stance on media or diversity.

    • Hugo Manningham says:

      Yeah I wrote them about this guy and they where super arrogant about it. They would ruin his work.

  15. andrew j says:

    Imagine being some Imperial blue collar engineer, just walking about the ship, minding your own business when all of a sudden yer man at 4:30 comes barreling down the narrow hallway at about 40 km/h

    • A N says:

      Honestly they’d be used to it at this point
      You just be standing there and then
      thud-thud-thud *thud-thud-thud-thud*
      Your queue to get out of the way before you become a bug on a windshield

    • Bdkj3e _ says:

      They talked about that in one of the first Horus heresy books when Horus got injured and the space Marines panicked and stampeded a whole group of civies that were in their way while rushing the warmaster to the infirmary, was nuts they killed like 40 people.

    • Genos says:

      @Bdkj3e _ holy shit 😀 but what do you expect its the 40k universe 😀

    • Ari Prabowo says:

      It must be Tuesday, then.

  16. Joey says:

    Yo I’m sending this to corridor digital, they’re gonna have to change their pants after they see this, part 5 was so worth the wait.

    • Outland says:

      I have waiting for them to have a look at this for a long time! I have mentioned it to corridor more than once.

    • Kory Fredrick says:

      @Outland They did react to it already, or all the parts that were out at the time at least, so I don´t know what you´re talking about

    • Outland says:

      @Kory Fredrick Never seen it… As far as I knew they were not aware of it.

    • Kory Fredrick says:

      @Outland It was one of their earlier videos in the series, I think, and I think they´ve all been aware of it since it started

  17. PandaJin777 says:

    This a blessing from the Emperor during this age of Nurgle

  18. DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank says:

    Release this as an entire thing once it’s done. Unique way of telling a story and I honestly think it could be nominated for an Oscar in Best Animated Film if the right eyes saw it.

  19. MrCheapie says:

    plot twist: The Psyker predicted the unchagned destiny of the squad (being drained and corrupted), so in his final effort he altered that by fighting the orb in order to save the squad, which led him to being corrupted instead.

    • Genos says:

      I think he succeeded in killing the orb. That black mist that kills the tentacle monster dies and the Astartes marines get sent to different worlds. I think our main guy, gets accidentally teleported to a tomb world.

    • Jeffknolan says:

      You don’t suppose that’s him interfering at 6:14 ? I’m apprehensive to say for certain as similar shadows seem to attack the psycher at 3:56 unless that’s how the creator is showing the psycher’s own power ‘,:(

    • foxglos says:

      @Jeffknolan Exactly that. He’s burning incense and the Psychers power is represented by smoke. He’s the one that freed the Astartes, though where they ended up is anyones guess. It cost him his life, I just hope it didn’t cost him his soul.

  20. Exit Only says:

    Astartes: “…Also with the experience gained so far, raise the quality…”
    Me: Head explodes attempting to comprehend an increase in the level of this awesomeness.

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