Astra Gameplay Reveal Trailer – VALORANT

Astra Gameplay Reveal Trailer – VALORANT

She’s already got it all planned out. Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Agent in VALORANT.

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75 Responses

  1. noted says:

    Okay her name is astra, got it.

  2. PigToots says:

    Viper mains are crying

    • Lidija Jankovic says:

      i just saw you in the comment and we have the same picture i know you probabli don’t care but i think its cool ( pls don’t hate me i just wanted to say that sry for the bad english)

    • 88 Imran Deshpaik says:

      Ahhh when she gonna get an update, i can only imagine her with a new outfit

    • Doge Rodeo says:

      not commmenting cause its at 69, oh wait i commented. guess i ruined it 🙁

    • Aarav Dixit says:

      all 500 of them

    • Lidija Jankovic says:

      by the way i am kinda Viper main and yes i am crying , but is no one gonna talk about Reyna i know its not the subject but they took 2 of her orbe thing, like now she has only 2 (1 heal 1 dismis) its so sad i don’t understand why did they do that maybe its obvious and i am just dumb but i don’t get it , sure she was op but now its kinda sad , right ?

  3. E.L.S says:

    Reyna with thanos gauntlet

  4. User Block says:

    Astra’s wall: bulletproof,sound proof

    Sova: sHoc dArt

    • MKMOBILE GAMER says:

      @Triple6 yes u can walk thru it u just can’t shoot thru it.

    • Yassine Taoufiq says:

      @PunkSkaful thanks for the helpful explanation for my smol brain

    • Imtiaz Murshed says:

      @Muhammad Kurniawan Dwi Septyan all skills can go through her wall,it just blocks bullets and dampens noise on the other side,pheonix and brim molly,kj nanoswarm,shok dorts and all that stuff will still go through

    • Imtiaz Murshed says:

      @Deleted nope they already said that all skills will go through her wall,so there is no reason to think shock darts wont,it just blocks bullets annd dampens noises

    • Deleted says:

      @Imtiaz Murshed I haven’t seen where this was said.

  5. TheWonderer Aabace says:

    Brimstone: Uses military utility to blast the battlefield
    Omen: Create shadow with dark power within
    Astra: Cosmically slices up the battlefield
    Viper: *thRoW sMokE*

  6. KyTaco V says:

    Imagine Valorant but if Phoenix didn’t show us how the boss does it

  7. Killta 2.0 says:

    Ok let be straight honest astra has some of the coolest looking abilities.

  8. King.K The Best says:

    Astra: Litterally shirfts cosmic energy
    Phoenix: lEt mE sHoW u hOw dA bOsS dOeS iT *self flash

  9. Shashwat Saxena says:

    Riot: What will be Astra’s ult?
    employee: How about a viper wall, but you can pray through it and also it is soundproof

  10. Shad0wMonkey5 says:

    If her Spotify playlist isn’t full of the dirtiest Afrobeat tunessss I’ll be furious!!!

  11. Yasir Arafat Bijoy says:

    Valorant: We shall make the music better than better every act.

  12. Ardan Yilmaz says:

    me: Unlocks Yoru
    Astra comes out: Ah shit here we go again

  13. Peridoxペリドクス says:

    Thanos called: He wants his infinity gauntlet back.

  14. Dinomite says:

    Astra: Creates a cosmic wall that is bullet proof and muffled sound

    Viper: fart cloud

  15. Nix says:

    Astra: Controls the f*king universe

    Viper: Welcome to my World?

  16. INDIAN l BaBuRaO says:

    Astra literally manipulating players
    Phoenix : Anyway “Let me show you how the Boss does it”

  17. Jeevanand surya says:

    Someone: Gwen Tennyson is that you?

  18. Yoshi says:

    Thanos’ daughter. I see what you’re doing Riot.

  19. Elyas says:

    This agent literally can manipulate time and space but still uses a gun to fight

  20. Diego Sanchez says:

    She: literally can control gravity and cosmic energy. also she: *use normal weapons*

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