ASTROBOY Reboot Teasing

ASTROBOY Reboot Teasing

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20 Responses

  1. Silver Fern says:

    frick, this is actually so gorgeous

  2. nobase says:

    He doesn’t look like Astroboy at all. I only like the background design and

  3. Amir Asias says:

    A short teaser trailer for Astro Boy Reboot has been released.
    #trailer #astroboy #AstroBoy 

  4. KillAllTheRednecks says:

    What’s French for “dogshit”?

  5. TheGiroExpress says:

    Animation is pretty, but I miss the original character design :'( Tezuka’s
    beautiful classic art style is completely lost in this…

  6. Matthew Litteral says:

    The French do it again. 

  7. robertmillion says:

    This animation makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  8. FX Animation - Barcelona 3D School says:

    La nueva serie de Astroboy se presenta con este teaser. La mezcla de
    animación tradicional 2D y CGI le da un toque muy interesante ¿Qué os
    parece a vosotros?

  9. Nick Lennon says:

    Im loving this art style very much :)

  10. SushiTV says:

    graphisms was good for an indy game not for an anime.

  11. Ikiah Mosely says:

    Between the art,and the music, I’m just over the moon.

  12. DiNeViLL says:

    Is it an in-house music?

  13. BJ24649 says:

    #鉄腕アトム #astroboy #映画 

  14. Dwane Wiley says:

    Thank god for the french.

  15. asylum rust says:

    This is amazing! The animation reminds me of wakfu.

  16. Leonardo Juan says:

    The animation looks GLORIOUS. I hope the reboot won’t suck like the 2009
    movie adaptation. -_-

  17. Hidden Planet Productions says:

    The animation looks just plain amazing!

  18. Marvin John says:

    At least he is wearing something

  19. Jazzy ReShawn says:

    This looks promising, much more than the movie. I sincerely hope it

  20. NRashad212 says:

    love Astro Boy and Love the art