Asuka confronts Carmella and James Ellsworth: SmackDown LIVE, June 19, 2018

Asuka confronts Carmella and James Ellsworth: SmackDown LIVE, June 19, 2018

The Empress of Tomorrow looks for payback when she confronts Carmella and James Ellsworth.
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82 Responses

  1. Joeker YT says:

    I love Asuka.

  2. Karenniカレンニー says:

    Asuka and gillberg vs carmella and james ellsworth.

  3. Xoro sama says:

    The script is getting worse and worse

  4. Lanin Ahmed says:

    Is Ellsworth going to be next women champion

    • J'Neilah Hercule says:

      Lanin Ahmed yes i guess he’s a girl

    • CECwrestling says:

      i hate to break it to everybody but yes he eventually will. See before ellsworth was released, vince had big wrestlemania plans for him where he was going to make ellsworth a transgender and have him beat charlotte at wrestlemania 34. Don’t say i didn’t warn you when it happens

    • Family Rubio says:

      Jason Jones cause he competes for a inter gender title and wrestles girls

    • David Jones says:

      i just don’t see that happening to Charlotte Flair

  5. imperfect channel says:

    *Why they are making Asuka look weak ?*
    *Wtf is Going on here !*

    • Soumik Mukherjee says:

      imperfect channel Wwe suck

    • DrJW says:

      imperfect channel I don’t get it either.

    • Magi Mari 「Carrie Berry」 says:

      They’re making her a underdog.

    • Paul Robinson says:

      She looked like a total idiot.

    • Janay Royster says:

      I will reserve judgement until after the rematch at Extreme Rules. I wouldn’t say she looks weak after this attack. It’s to make you hate Carmella even more and to get behind Asuka even more leading into Extreme Rules. However, if Asuka doesn’t win the title–then I am going to have a problem. James needs to be eliminated from the equation and Asuka and Carmella need a good stipulation match nothing fluffy and soft–it’s Extreme Rules after all–to settle their feud. Let’s not have Ronda only get to do “cool things”

  6. Neera Kori Animals Aid Unlimited says:

    Asuka Is So Beautiful And Dangerous. Í Luv Asuka 😘😍😚

  7. DBT Wrestling says:

    EVERYONE better then carmela,CHARLOTE better than carmela,LITA better than carmela,THRIS STRATUS better than carmela,BEYONCE better than carmela,CHYNA better than carmela,RONDA ROUSEY better than carmela,and ASUKA better than carmela [[EMPRESS OF TOMOROW]]

  8. LARIN NEZ says:

    Carmella won because of James Ellsworth.

  9. Brandon Park says:

    Ellsworth vs Lesnar.

    Book it Vince

  10. justinebiebervevo says:

    *Carmella is biggest cheater on SMACKDOWN!*

  11. justinebiebervevo says:

    *The title is not right!*

  12. Alan Woller says:

    Ellsworth gets a more positive reaction than Roman Reigns

  13. Illuminati Svperstar says:

    Carmella so rude..not sexy..

  14. Stunna P says:

    Big Cass has been released by WWE nothing is stopping Elsworth from shooting his shot with Carmela now

  15. Victoria Queen says:

    I want to beat carmella and protect Asuka 🤩😡💗💗

  16. Shuja Ali Khan says:

    We want cm punk if you agree hit like

  17. Priyanka Sen says:

    Carmella I hate u

  18. Tyra Salyers says:

    Ppl are gonna prob hate on Me but I really like Carmella

    • Reply bait says:

      Tyra Salyers Me too ..she’s better heel than Alexa

    • GuzzyBear says:

      Don’t worry, I do as well. More than asuka

    • PHOENIX FORCE says:

      GuzzyBear You got to be crazy if you like Carmella more then Asuka. Asuka is one of the best female wresler in wwe. Wwe is about to get the best women wresler in the world and that is Io Shirai. Carmella is one of the worst women wresler currently on the roster. She had no skills.

    • PHOENIX FORCE says:

      Reply bait True but Sasha banks would made a better heel just look at her nxt run as a heel. She know how to get heat on her in seconds. I miss heel Sasha banks.

    • Richard Bain says:

      Carmella Could Not Beat A Paper Bag She Wrestles Like A 7 Year Old Her In Ring Skills Are Marginal At Best!

  19. Blue Wolf says:

    Shinsuke Nakamura & Asuka VS James Ellsworth & Carmella

  20. Allision Morgan says:

    They should suspend James Ellsworth in a cage (like they did with Chris Jericho) at Extreme Rules in a Carmella vs Asuka no DQ match.

    • Xbsnhsbddbd Eiqbuidbdbxjsjdjdhd says:

      Allision Morgan what’s the point if there gonna lock him
      I’m a cage if it’s a no
      Dq match

    • Allision Morgan says:

      Since it’s Extreme Rules they’ll probably put an extreme stipulation like no DQ, but then James would be free to help Carmella as much as he wants, so the cage would prevent him from helping. If he was banned from ringside he would somehow find a way to escape like he did at the 2nd women’s MITB Ladder Match last year.

    • Bubbly Leona says:

      Allision Morgan 100th like and I agree 😀

    • Janay Royster says:

      Or they could let her f%$k him up before the match

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