At least 234 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in US, according to CDC | ABC News

At least 234 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in US, according to CDC | ABC News

All passengers and crewmembers aboard a cruise ship stuck off the coast of California will be tested after 21 people on board already tested positive for the virus.

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86 Responses

  1. Dextex ASCEND says:

    “we’re on uncharted water”

    That news anchor has been waiting his entire career to pull a pun like that

    • James A says:

      The Corona virus is just the tip of the iceberg, If you read these verses God tells you, if you join house to house (Apartment buildings)that the houses are gonna be desolate, uninhabited because the people that lived in them die Of pestilence !!! Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places….Isaiah 5:8 Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!
      9 In mine ears said the Lord of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant.
      10 Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and the seed of an homer shall yield an ephah./…… ancient Hebrew dry measure equivalent to a bushel,, Mark 13:23“But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.”:::::: And yes he has for told us all, You just have to read it !!!!

    • hobo john says:

      China in Focus -NTD. Channel check it out if you really want to know.

  2. justshady says:

    lady @3:20 “we have lives too” so does everyone on land. Stay your butt on the ship.

  3. Deft_Spex_JR says:

    whelp I’m just going to stay in my house.

  4. crystlfire says:

    I remember me and my husband were at the doctors office waiting in the waiting room. An older woman came in, went straight to the bathroom, which was situated in the waiting room, you could hear her go unfortunately, she flushed and walked right out. The WHOLE waiting room stared at her as she sat down. She looked up and looked at us, then looked down and never looked up again. I just cannot believe that in this day and age people will not wash their hands no matter what. That is why at potlucks I KNOW who cooked what food and will not eat many of the dishes!

    • crystlfire says:

      @John Mcclane –I think that the coronavirus was a bio weapon held by China. For some reason that virus got out but I think it was carelessness. I think that every country has some kind of bio weapon to use against other nations. I just hope it will NEVER get to that because we will ALL be dead. The coronavirus is just a small player in the bio weapon in the world but it was Chinas error and now they are being hit the worst by their own complacency!

    • John Mcclane says:

      crystlfire the missing link is rats read my comment why also careful with mosquitoes

    • John Mcclane says:

      crystlfire another bio weapon is nova 6 deathly was under development by the nazis scientific group but never got to be released because the war was almost over but remember allies forces got information after the German army got defeated bio weapons is scary thing that’s been since ww2

    • crystlfire says:

      @S***** –I don’t know why people are so dirty. Maybe they were brought up that way. My children were taught and forced to wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom. I watch these 3rd world country videos and the poor people whose bodies and hands are filthy. They NEVER wash them and eat their food with their hands. It amazes me how they never get sick. The poor in the Philipines take food out of the garbage and recook it. Again, no one seems to get sick from that. It amazes me how tough some people are!

    • Neddy Zed says:

      Ray Wolf When I was in highschool, almost every time I was in the bathroom and a teacher walked in, did their business and left, they almost never wash their hands! I really only remember 1 or 2 teachers that actually did wash their hands.

  5. Brian Waller says:

    You went on a cruise during a pandemic virus outbreak and this is what you get. Noone to blame but yourself

  6. Smart Jewelry says:

    Why travel when you knew coronavirus is everywhere

  7. Zapp Zarathustra says:

    I love how “know it alls” always need to learn their lessons the hard way.

  8. D R says:

    You’ve gotta be a moron to get on a cruise ship this late in the game.

  9. Bryan Caceres says:

    Why don’t they release the ages of the deceased? We need to know who is more prone to die from this virus 🦠

    • Lily Panda says:

      Coronavirus is just a little bit tougher flou. Only old ass people and or people with breathing problems are dying and unless you are or have one of those things I’m not sure why people are crying so much. Just chill out and if you get it just stay away from people and wash your hands.

    • Later ‘ says:

      Luis Gutierrez if you get it first yes you can get better treatment but then you might get it again and it will do more damage than the first time and it has killed mostly older people especially ones with health problems and it hasn’t killed anyone under the age of 10

    • Annastacia Fang says:

      Mostly likely old and stubborn old farts with compromised immune systems.


      ty nicholson Wait, so people around 30 COULD die?

  10. Kelly Meredith says:

    When this first came about all countries should have stopped all transport

  11. Maggie Zhu says:

    What happen to “ we are ready”, “ everything under control”??? If USA fail, GLOBAL PANIC !😱

    • hardtrance goa channel 1995 - 2003 says:

      + cups, plates etc ! (can a dishwasher machine handle viruses??) (workplace)
      pens, pencils? (office supplies !)

    • Song Zheng says:

      @Rico true… But the chinese government is taking it muuuuuuch more seriously than the u.s. government. Show the virus soke respect!

    • Brian Wilson says:

      @Rico China has no control over virus at all, & the gov & CCP police & PLA military are spreading it. The genociding anti-human illegitimate regime of CCP already murdered BILLION. These 3 million so far now mean nothing to them.

    • wLongBoys WL says:

      @Rico yes!

    • Alothebestyter Yt says:

      Let’s hope

  12. mag9418 says:

    3:23 Lady explaining how they have lives too in respects to the quarantine. Maybe she should not have gone on a cruise during this world spread outbreak which has been here for a couple of months at least. You knew the possible consequences.

    • knightraider says:

      mag9418 I think when you go on cruise it’s like going on quarantine lol so they signed up for it might as well enjoy more days in ocean

    • MrGAMECATCanaveral says:

      Lol. I was just going to comment about her. Yeah you have lives too but guess what, you’re all probably infected! She wants everyone else to get infected also?!

  13. A Warner says:

    People with the flu: I’ll just stay home and eat soup
    People with the coronavirus: I think I’m going to go and travel the world

  14. tom11zz884 says:

    I have no pity for any idiot who continues to travel on cruise ships.

    • Stephanie Dominique says:

      I don’t get it people are still traveling knowing damn well you could potentially catch this virus.

    • Barb D says:

      I did wonder why in the world would you get on a ship whose last voyage had coronavirus victims on it.

    • Jamison payot Swaney says:

      tom11zz884 dirt cheap cruises you missing out you will get it anyway if you’re in the west it’s by design have fun getting it when you’re young you only will lose your ability to have children or when old you croak off so you think hiding on your time off from work is doing jack s***

    • Michael Deierhoi says:

      @tomYou are beneath contempt for such a juvenile comment. No body cares about pity!

  15. SPIDER LILIEZ says:

    Annoying, how people still keep going on cruise ships.
    People never learn.

  16. Me Me says:

    “we have lives too” interesting how they are willing to put their lives before others. I guess we should do the same and leave them in the ship until the virus runs its course.

    • Mister Orangutan says:

      @Martha Marcy May Marlene Me Me didn’t say that they should stay out there until the virus is stopped, Me Me suggested they remain on the ship until the virus runs its course.. Whether the infected passengers recover, die, or a means of treatment and vaccine are identified.

    • TenLettersRap says:

      it doesnt just kill everyone, you people are so stupid…look up the influenza stats per year in the US…but you are freaking out about this now? MORONS

    • Jamison payot Swaney says:

      Me Me you’re in luck the virus only attacks multicultural white and yellow hotspots and not most parts of the middle east or africa india

    • Corona Virus says:

      You wouldn’t put ur life before others? I would and I’d expect others to do the same but whatever

    • Michael Deierhoi says:

      @MeMe. That’s irrelevant. These people are going to off loaded anyway to a military facility where they will go into quarantine. That was said at the end of the video. It was never about just releasing them into the population.

  17. CatFaceFaces says:

    “We have lives too”

    Yeah the difference is none of us thought it would be a good idea to travel on a floating petri dish during a pandemic. And now, you’ve brought the virus to us. Choices have consequences..

  18. bobbia ballin says:


    Corona Virus Plan

    Self quarantine any people who have recently traveled back into the country.

    Get their contacts and the places they have visited within the time spand of 30 days… And it creates a pedigree of people that are a part of the epidemic

    They are not to leave the house until cleared all medical needs for quarteened and prescriptions will be on site of quaranteen with proper dirty and clean decon area

    Make diy Corona test kits that can be mailed to the person(s) address (self quaranteened) from (CDC) and arrange onsite testing by a local representative with proper contaminated to clean 3 staged decon area…

    You need to be able to report your symptoms online at the CDC (Fed ex or 1 day the test kits ) and request kits for testing after that you are self quaranteened and you give a list of contacts and areas visited while filing request …the infected need not go to the hospital and get tested because it puts more people at risk only if symptoms are sever should …they go to hospitals and all hospitals need their own routine on responding to potential Corona virus calls ( I can drop a plan for that as well) they need to ask the person calling for help if they are having symptoms of Corona virus .

    Ship them food and supplies while quarantined

    The CDC will run the test and confirm…if negative after 30 day quaranteen they are considered clean (unless scientist say different)

    Make a SOS bill that excuses all lively hood expenses while under quaranteen so companies can still make most of their business as long as they allow the quaranteened to be excused under this bill.

    Or mandatory PTO bill for all citizens effected .

    Anyone trying to come back to the US is mandatory quarantined …why allow them to go around others only making the potential contagion worst …they should be isolated on a island for only quarantineed individuals and only brought back after being cleared

    Don’t allow the travelers back for 30 days … Use cruise ships for quarantined individuals If you cant do a island but allowing them to come back and just go about normal life for days is dumb by the time they realize they are Infected they won’t even be able to recall all of their movements

    You don’t see the sink is running over and go and grab the mop first…you stop the water(source) first…quaranteen the US and only resume travel to countries that follow 30 day quaranteen as well

    You have to stop the oil spill from the source and the clean up the spill or else the spill only gets worse… While trying to clean it being counter productive

    The government doesn’t want to lose money And it’s greed will cost many Americans their lives… If any other product is on recall it’s removed off the shelf…flights are the enemy and they need to be cancelled for 30 days until we can get more test for the virus and allow all areas with high traffic to be cleaned and hopefully inactive long enough for anything missed from cleaning to die from it’s surface life expiring… instead of allowing travel and creating more cases for a already defecient process…the 8.5 billion should be used for offshore quarantine and self quaranteen

    I have also seen that in other countries they are repurposing HIV medication for the Corona virus and it is working well.

    Trump is not handling this well he doesn’t realize what’s going on because he should have never been the president in the first place..he is more focused on the election

    Copy and paste this / screenshot post pic

    Tweet with this tag…we gotta live

    I don’t need credit I just don’t wanna die

    #SosUSA #CoronaVirusShutDownUSA

  19. Marques Smith says:

    Pretty soon you’ll be able to go on a 7 day cruise for approximately $39.99 😂🤣

  20. TH3BL0CKH34D says:

    Regular people with virus: *stays in bed*
    People with Coronavirus: THE GRAND TOUR

    • hardtrance goa channel 1995 - 2003 says:

      maybe this is useful:
      disinfect money? (paper + coins??) is money a superspreader??
      dont touch money without gloves !? (or use a “virus” sanitizer?)
      disinfect letters or parcels?
      incoming goods? deposit bottles?
      surfaces etc.
      traffic lights? (+ buttons)
      handrails, handles (+ vehicles), seatbelts + knobs, door handles, door knobs, whole doors?, keys, parts, strap, windows, window sill, tables, chairs, counter, shop counters, bars, automats etc.
      door bells, postboxes etc.
      deposit bottle machines? cash machines? drinks / snack dispenser etc…
      bathroom fittings, parts, + mirrors, toilet seat lid, brush, paper holder, doors, etc…
      towels + holders?
      disinfect elevators? (+ buttons, seats), bathrooms, etc. (public)
      park bench? play areas? (swings etc), railings, barriers, etc.
      bollards, ticket machines? all kinds of machines? (public) (everywhere you can touch, everywhere the hand goes in)
      timetables, advertising displays? touchscreens? (public)
      instruments? (pianos etc in music stores) + products in other stores?
      escalators? stairway?
      kitchenware? + microwave etc. (at home or workplace)
      + cups, plates etc ! (can a dishwasher machine handle viruses??) I DONT THINK SO..
      keyboards, computer mouse, desk, monitors etc. working tools? + devices etc. or remote control?
      stepladders?, handscanners? + other tools ! even clothes or clothes holder ! cupboards or lockers or cabinets.. + all kinds of keys !
      pens, pencils? (office supplies !) papers, documents, envelopes !
      scissors + other equipment? (haircutter, barber) (keep workplaces disinfected?, your space?)
      be careful ! the virus can be everywhere (almost)

      btw if you use sanitizers you need hand care 2 ! ask your pharmacist.
      disinfect under fingernails 2 ? keep fingernails short?
      new warning signs? safety signs? everywhere? (public)

    • Issaah Allen says:

      @hardtrance goa channel 1995 – 2003 The risk for letters and parcels is there from perhaps the mailman, MAYBE the postal office, but definitely not from wherever it was sent from. Viruses do not last long on dry surfaces like paper or cardboard. Just so nobody is worried is catching it from a package sent from China.

    • Aramide awowale says:

      Aye yo!! True😂😂🛌👌🛳

    • Brian Wilson says:

      The ship.owners akready on last ceuize had people die and I fectwd. The ship was infected. Those people then out loose in public. Then they filled filled infected ship with many thousands more people. GREED CAUSES harm to people, that and stupidity.

    • Frank Almanzar says:

      tour of Italy, then a world tour

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