At least 8 dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

At least 8 dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Pittsburgh police report a suspect is in custody after an attack caused ‘multiple casualties’ at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

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82 Responses

  1. The Fibler says:

    AIPAC will now get this day recognized as a national day of mourning every year.

  2. Peppon says:

    Here comes the conspiracy nutjobs that think Democrats are bombing and shooting themselves because midterms.

    • jack torrence says:

      +The Fibler what’s not funny is how people like you think that four years in a socialist indoctrination center
      makes you anything other than a fool.

  3. Mr Jamaican says:

    Blame this blame that !!!! The bottom line is lives were lost and for one to feel that it’s ok to take another innocent life that’s really disturbing , clearly this guy is sick in the head and sadly there are a lot more out there in our society. May god protect us all from monsters like those and my condolences goes out to each and every family that lost a loved one😞, why can we just live and let others live

  4. Shika-U says:

    Can we please colonize Mars already so I can move there and get off this god forsaken planet.

    Edit: Wow I should just reply r/woooosh to nearly everyone replying to this comment lol.

  5. Nicole Caldwell says:

    Can this just stop😩🙏🏾

  6. Kay Peace says:

    Conservative synagogue attacked and instead of prayers and condolences All I read are comments about ‘left-tards’ and ‘fuk-tards’.. what an intelligent and sensible group of ppl we have here

    • NicKingPapiChulo says:

      Mad Anthony Wayne if it had happened 3 month ago you’d found another reason to find it suspicious. what did you think about the San Bernardino Shooting or the Muslim who ran over people in New York or the Bernie Supporter who shot Scalice? did you also have doubts about those attacks or are only suspicious attacks perpetrated by right wingers?

    • Molly McBride says:

      Kay Peace the DUMBING DOWN OF INBRED, WHITE TRASH AMERICA, HAS HIT ROCK BOTTOM!! Remember, they VOTED FOR A REALITY TV SHOW HOST!!! We cannot expect anything more out of them, THIS is their best!!

    • Molly McBride says:


  7. Gary Sakamoto says:

    Don’t start talking about gun control without doing something about the mental health problems.

    • Cole Troxel says:

      And don’t forget the anti psychotics

    • abdulfattah masri says:

      how about both you moron

    • The God Effect says:

      Really? There must be some real mental health issues in the US because the only other variable that matters is gun control. Funny how you don’t hear any of this in other civilized countries. I own a Glock but do we really need assault rifles? For fuck’s sake. Get your head out of your ass

  8. Ron Putin says:

    False Flag to take away rights,
    OY VEY

    • Voice of Reason says:

      More deplorable Trump supporters

    • Dolemite says:

      Donald Trump has tapped into every “nationalist” out there in his deplorable base and attracts only the best people, or so he says. Now we wait for Trump’s base to claim that this is another false flag.

  9. Bobby From Lizard Lick says:

    It’s sad that I’m not even surprised about another shooting 😑

  10. Ron Putin says:

    Whats the betting there’s a Hollywood movie about it – never again, muh

    • extra solar says:

      it will be done, and partial to kubrick and hitchcocks xpertise also. i will be coordinating and conducting the other aspects of engineered execution, in conjunction with additionally ‘qualified’ contributors and contributions.

  11. Stephen Dmyterko says:

    God bless these people please!!! So sad!!!! My heart is broken for these people. Also may God bless the great cops of Pitt!!!!!

    • no no says:

      +wrnjpn “Another Trump Extremist” This NPC loser cut and paste this same junk in every thread. We all know that you leftists have a problem with Jewish people today due to your Islamist loyalties and your hatred of Israel. Meanwhile, your so-called “Trump Extremist” was a radical leftist until six months ago and other commie leftists tried to assassinate President Trump ( your president) three weeks ago by mailing ricin. Stuff a sock in the Antifa hole please.

    • rasz baxter says:

      d d in

    • Wolf Archetype says:

      Stephen Dmyterko most of all GOD BLESS the shooter… all actions are HIS plan

  12. Harder Harder says:

    The midterm election is drawing near, a lot of weird things happening. In the meantime, the caravans are on their way. Democrats have no message…they have to win by any means necessary

    • Willard Lentz says:

      +David Taylor Trump has a good package on the table to stop the illegals but dem’s refuse to vote on it. Resist is all they do. Nothing good for the country.

    • damn shame says:

      The supernatural is just as real and will force the truth out no matter who doesn’t like it.

    • rasz baxter says:

      They. Will. NEVER. Win. !!!!! PUTIN. Is. On. The. Job. To. Make. Sure. Of. That!!!!! TRUMP/. PUTIN. 2020!!!!

  13. Roy Tuberon says:

    Condolences to all victims

  14. Sluga Bunny says:

    prayers for the families and officers who lost their lives

  15. Ohr Shmuel says:

    I’m a Jew and just watching this breaks my heart watching my fellow brothers and sisters getting killed by a man full of hate. Thoughts and prayers to my fellow Jews may they Rest In Peace🙏🏽✡️

  16. cameron fontenot says:

    oy vey the goyim are waking up to reality

  17. Someguy6571 says:

    8 people dead and somehow this makes headline news, yet in places like Detroit or Chicago… hell even in a little town around me called Reading PA where shootings happen often it doesn’t even make a notice of anything. Go to places like Camden and tell me this event is any worst… Welcome to the real world people. It’s harsh and unrelenting. I am glad that at least in this country I am still allowed to carry my own personal firearm for protection.

    • Willard Lentz says:

      +Beamers Beamer Vote out the democrats they are a plague on this country.
      Just look around at the places the democrats control. The Blacks are in poverty
      because of the way the democrats run things. Wake up don’t vote for democrats.
      Vote anything but democrats and communists

    • Kalonji Sams says:

      Most of those shootings aren’t hate crimes. There is a difference, but people of low intelligence won’t be able to see it.

    • rasz baxter says:

      Yeah. Does sound suspicious. Since you. Put it. That. Way

    • Taryn Great says:

      Someguy6571 such a shame none of them thought to bring their glocks to worship

    • Sean Sullivan says:

      Someguy6571 You are a disgusting person. Inside and out, I’m sure.

  18. SCP-665 says:

    I may not be Jewish, but this is pretty sad… *And don’t you DARE bring up gun control.*

  19. 4nd7ew 3o3beini says:

    Maybe if we start sending Israel 666,000,000 annually
    Instead of 360,000,000 Mossad will stop murdering US citizens for political gain

  20. Born Free81 says:

    Blame Trump on this too? Trump is pro-Isreal and this was a conservative area..

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