Auction Drift Car Has Hidden Damage!!!

Auction Drift Car Has Hidden Damage!!!

Theres always a something else we find as we go! This auction car was not the best bang for the buck, but were going to make it into something awesome. We have some big things planned for this 370z and we can’t wait to share it with you guys. Thanks For Watching!!!

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56 Responses

  1. goonzquad says:

    Sorry guys technical difficulties: video in 360p can’t fix it at the moment!!! Please enjoy in 360!

  2. Jay Philly says:

    Remember, it’s Legitimate, not legit. ?

  3. Jordan Pate says:

    Do a Q&A video and tell us about yourselves

    • Christopher Lopez says:

      To be honest

    • ET - PLAYZ says:

      Jordan Pate that’s a good idea I hope they see

    • Joseph Iosefa says:

      No, why? Nosey ass people just enjoy the content. Males acting like females

    • ZombieZPandaZ says:

      +Joseph Iosefa do you get to know the people you hang around? if not then you’re a shitty person that doesn’t care about anyone around them, facts. quick maths.

    • Jess M says:

      Joseph Iosefa – Its not being nosey its just wanting to get to know these people a little better. We barely know them and I respect that if thats what they want but you dont need to be rude and call us nosey ass people.

  4. Jhay Caceres says:

    Road to 1m subs guys! Been here since 50k. Watching from philippines

  5. M0beast says:

    I reduced to 144p TRUE FAN!!

  6. Adam Frank Birch says:

    Was the Snow Cannon from his own brand?! McKillon? Guys you missed that part!

  7. bill nalder says:

    Seeing that stable of great cars lined up like that surpasses even my best wet dreams!

  8. dominic o dwyer says:

    Still using Stanley blades opening the boxes?

  9. USCxGAMECOCKS1801 says:

    You guys should turn that Goonzquad logo into a clock for the shop!

  10. zavnet says:

    1k comments already! I was just notified

  11. ejaanet says:

    اي عربي متابع معي هذه القناة يرد او يعطيني لايك

  12. Sanger Palanisamy says:

    Hello Goonzquad brothers, I am the 1 sent you the auto fender cover. Hope you like it. Huge fan of yours from Penang Island, Malaysia. I’ve been waiting for this fan mail video such a long time. I’m Sanger here and can I get a shoutout on your next video? ❤️

  13. Daily dose of cats says:

    How do u guys not have 1,000,000 already ?!!

    • 407juan says:

      Daily dose of cats car channels dont grow that fast

    • accobra c says:

      Because they do piss poor work and when given advice from people that know what they are doing they ignore their advice and then proceed to screw things up. It’s like watching a train wreck

    • IKONIKx1 says:

      +accobra c look we found a jealous BITCH

    • Jess M says:

      accobra c – Then don’t watch the videos its not that hard.

    • accobra c says:

      Not jealous at all actually. They’ve worked hard for what they have. I have what I want in my life. As for watching the videos I usually just skim through them to see if there is anything that catches my eye. Otherwise I just skip them.

  14. Matthew Moffitt says:

    Best car channel on YouTube hands down??

  15. Vitalz Plays says:

    Thank God your not selling the mustang <3

  16. Jonesy Jones says:

    I don’t think they’ll sell the mustang its the iconic car for this channel

  17. Jayy says:

    Remember when they were fixing cars in there driveway?

  18. HFSU Inc. says:

    You guys should come to Cleetus and Cars in Bradenton Fl, bring a couple of the builds, setup a booth, bring merch you guys would be a huge hit there.

  19. Niko Brothers says:

    Thanks guys we appreciate it and enjoy the signs and keep up the awesome builds

  20. Dexta Chris says:

    I watched the whole video in 144p I’m good on the 360p thanks for upgrading it for the fancy folks

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