Autumn Makeup with Double-Winged Liner | DRUGSTORE WEEK

Autumn Makeup with Double-Winged Liner | DRUGSTORE WEEK

My current favourite makeup look for Autumn using all drugstore products – hope you like it!
This week is Drugstore week on my channel… Come back on Friday for a big Drugstore Haul! EXPAND for info and links.

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20 Responses

  1. ShalaLicia says:

    Gorgeous makeup! I love that double winged liner 🙂 Definitely going to try
    that out!

  2. Stuff by Stephania says:


  3. Dawn Crawford says:

    Love the make up look it’s absolutely gorgeous on you. I bought your lip
    gloss and I love it on you and I love it on myself

  4. Way2 Life says:

    Can u guys pls check out our channel,we have just started,we need

  5. Kristen N. Pino says:

    Hi Fleur, I’m not sure if you can get Physicians Formula products where you
    are or if you can order them but the Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting
    Eyeliner + Serum is absolutely amazing! I use the Ultra Black version. One
    of the best drugstore liners I’ve ever used! Love your videos! XO

  6. Blog FashionPas says:

    Kiko does amazing affordable liquid liners. I’d suggest those.

  7. Jonathan H says:

    Guy here.

    To be honest the “before” image on this video thumbnail looked perfectly
    fine. You don’t need to wear a lot of make-up to show people you’re
    beautiful. And the girls who say “I look ugly if I won’t wear this product”
    are the ones I have distaste towards. Everyone is beautiful just the way
    they are.

    P.S. I am probably going to get a lot of dislikes on this comment.

  8. hj hj says:

    I can’t even get one wing to be perfect no way I can do double

  9. Erica Y says:


  10. Lipstick Andlead says:

    wow….I’m glad I don’t need to spend that much time on my foundation. I
    just occasionally go tanning and it blends everything as a simple

  11. kiley.elizabeth says:

    loving the liner look! xo from my channel to your’s <3

  12. Ava Grüneisen says:

    Fleur, your hair looks really gorgeous here you can really tell you went
    darker at the roots and it looks very natural :)

  13. Laura Neuzeth says:

    Love the effort you put into everything! You’re one of the hardest working
    YouTubers and the best part is that you can still tell that you enjoy it.

  14. Nicole Tanneberg says:


  15. c0nqu3r3rlol says:

    wow she looked like an actual woman in the before pic

  16. DarkGlacies says:

    what foundation shade does Fleur use in this video?

  17. Zoe Sherlock says:

    Loved this look it would mean a lot if any of you checked out my channel :)

  18. Li Monica says:

    Zan 12345

  19. beck felton says:

    I’m dying for a pair of those lashes but they’re sold out everywhere online
    🙁 such a gorgeous look x

  20. yareli iglecias says:

    I love your double winged liner, but i can’t even do a regular wing :(