Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review

Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review

After Thanos snapped 1/2 of life out of existence, the surviving Avengers move toward the Endgame. It’s been building for 11 years, so here’s my review for AVENGERS: ENDGAME!

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67 Responses

  1. Rory O’Connor says:

    Hulk dabs and Thor has a go at a kid called noobmaster69 on fortnite.

  2. twistedmetalplayer21 says:

    Jeremy: “Dont even read the comments. Like the video and bounce”

    Everybody: Does the opposite.

  3. J-H P says:

    Lol, great. Now, go back and put an Awesometacular to Infinity War, you lunatic!

  4. Benedictus Anindityo says:

    Definitely an Amazing finisher to a 11 year journey, 3rd act was dope I’ll have to agree

  5. Alan Aldridge says:

    Unfortunately end game feels like it is the peak and I don’t think the remaining characters will be able to reach this level again.

    • InQuickWeTrust says:

      Alan Aldridge that’s what I said… like where do you go from there? That was the most insane movie ever

    • I'm batman says:

      +InQuickWeTrust maybe DCEU? Since avengers are gone and we’ve lost the best wolverine then I guess maybe DCEU is gonna shine

    • The Citizens says:

      They will get a new villain. I can’t say much. Though it won’t be the same. But it’s mcu. Phase 4 will be fresh

  6. Nic Laniewski says:

    Heres a basic summary for everyone.
    Hulk dabbed and thor threatened noobmaster69 over fortnite.

  7. Smn B says:

    So Captain Marvel got Russo’d, nice.

  8. Rajnikant Roy says:

    Thanos was killed by Pikachu with hot coffee

  9. areasevenpro says:

    “If I told you what happens, it won’t happen.”

  10. Cindie Loraine says:

    Harry Potter died.

  11. Steven 698 says:

    Some matrix style spoiler bullet dodging you did there jeremy.

  12. High Grounder says:

    Wong actually Impaled Thanos with the Long Dong of Wong

  13. Jardel Elias says:

    “The trailers don’t show what’s really going on.” Thanks Jeremy, that’s all I needed to know.

  14. Yajaira Irizarry says:

    This movie has no competition, no other new releases this week, screenings sold out, and theaters staying open later.
    There is a 2AM screening at AMC! And it’s sold out, I can only imagine people leaving the theater @ 5AM like zombies.

    • Scentless Plain says:

      Yep, My friend is going to the 2am screening at amc on Thursday night and will go to school which starts at 7:20 the next morning.

    • Marvel Movies In A Nutshell says:

      I watched it on bootleg. disney suckups won’t get my money.

    • The Robotron says:

      Imagine that happen around the world. The movie theaters in Indonesia alrdy packed at 5 a.m. And tickets sold out week before.
      It’s amazing…

  15. The Syrian Sultanate says:

    The movie now sucks because ant man didn’t go his buthole and expand.

  16. Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be says:

    Spoilers: Batman kills Thanos.

    Why? Because HE’S BATMAN.

  17. Peter Ortiz says:

    SPOILER WARNING: Captain Marvel gives his family powers to beat the 7 deadly sins

    • I'm batman says:

      +Bang Bang that was predictable af. And in the theatre when I watched it some girl has the most exaggerated laugh then

    • Cisco Cabs says:

      it`s superwoman dummy

    • Marvel Movies In A Nutshell says:

      +I’m batman, Shazam was better than Endgame, by the way. Endgame has trash writing all around. LOl, Cap tells Rumlow and all the others that he’s part of Hydra to get the stone, but how wouldn’t they know if he’s Hydra? Their super secret organization has the worst security possible. A guy who fought Hydra says that he’s Hydra to get something he needs. Nothing suspicious at all.

    • Jose Pagan says:

      Cisco Cabs Captain Marvel was originally a guy in the comics….

    • Alejandra G says:

      That was from SHAZAM

  18. BellowD Gaming says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will Answer where Adam was all this time.

  19. ZinXGaming says:

    Very disappointed…
    Jeremy didn’t mention Ant-Man going

    Where we don’t speak of…

  20. ITickle Chickens says:

    I cant believe that Jar Jar was the main bad guy all along!

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