Avengers: Endgame’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

Avengers: Endgame’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

For all the answers we got at the end of Endgame, there are still a few nagging questions that weren’t entirely summed up by the time those credits rolled. Some of these questions go back multiple films in the franchise, while others were introduced in Endgame and then seemingly abandoned. What are we talking about? Snap on your spoiler gloves, because we’re digging deep to find all the unanswered questions from Avengers: Endgame.

Once again, to be clear: Spoilers ahead!

There was a lot of mantle passing in the closing moments of Endgame, much of it in heartwarming fashion. Old Man Cap passing his shield on to Falcon? It doesn’t get much better than that. We’ve got a more grown-up Cassie Lang in the picture, and Clint hit a bullseye with his daughter. But what about Iron Man? Who’s set to replace him?

The obvious choice is, of course, little Morgan Stark. Her father even died in a battle with an intergalactic wacko. Stuff that in a box and label it “Origin Story.” But if that’s the timeline the MCU is taking, it raises the question: When is the next time we’ll see a version of Iron Man on the big screen? Morgan’s, what, four years old? Less than five for sure, because of the snappenings. By the time she’s old enough to strap on some nanites, the rest of the Avengers will be hanging up their own suits.

Watch the video for more of Avengers: Endgame’s Biggest Unanswered Questions!

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An Iron Man who can | 0:27
Echoes through time | 1:14
Why so snappy? | 2:21
Where’s Loki? | 3:24
Hot rocks | 4:17
A broken world | 5:27

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84 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    What’s the one thing that really stood out to you as a “wut?” moment?

  2. Rhys Gross says:

    Yeah, my biggest question was what happened to Loki in that timeline

    • Meet me somewhere says:

      Loki didn’t die by the snap so he stays dead

    • potanginang lpto says:

      Gamora is alive

    • Miss Escobar says:

      Meet me somewhere how does Loki die in the future if both past thanos and future thanos are dead?

    • fluffypancakes 8 says:

      Miss Escobar ohhhh great point

    • mgawsmestevan says:

      2012- Loki created a different timeline though. That’s from Hulks own Time Traveling rules! That the only way they could prevent that from happening would be to go back and basically prevent Loki from stealing the tesseract in the first place. Which they do not, they just go back in time further. Just like 2014 Thanos changes the timeline by going to the future or Nebula killing her past self doesn’t kill future Nebula. Js Steve going back in time to put the stones back only slightly corrected the timeline.

  3. I want to die says:

    All I wanted was a origin story for Korg

  4. En Su says:

    Iron Man’s replacement could be Harley Keener, he’s the kid from Iron Man 3 and was at Tony’s Funeral

  5. Kaleb Miller says:

    You wanna know my question? Why isnt fortnite dead by 2023?

  6. Ammon Jacobs says:

    The Loki tv show is going to explain the whole missing Loki problem

  7. Mr. Trapezius says:

    My biggest questions is:
    Wtf did you guys do to Thor & Hulk?!!

  8. Klipklapklop • says:

    Thanos: I shall wipe out half of all life in the universe
    “Who wants mayo on their hotdog ?”
    Thanos : half *plus 1*

  9. SmokyBacon XD says:

    Shit since Loki is alive now all his memory of being a good brother to Thor is gone

    • Noctis Lockhart says:

      SmokyBacon XD , he’s not even part of the same timeline

    • Putins Cat says:

      He was Thor’s brother for years before he found out he was adopted. His next act was to sit in a cell, help Thor get that red shit out of Jane, and then pretend to be Odin for awhile.

    • Tristan Lefort says:

      Let’s not forget that in the 2012 New York scene, the bastard was walking like nothing happened while we all know about the smashing he took from the Hulk.

    • The Queen says:

      +Tristan Lefort superheroes bro, u gotta expect them getting exploded and falling from a thousand feet without injury inside their body, only o their outside

    • Chloe Foo says:

      Loki and Gamora seem to be on similar paths. Both have sibling problems, had to fix a big mistake their fathers made, fixed said sibling problems, and now had a huge reset on their character development.

  10. Maelstrom1080p says:

    Fun fact: Tony had issues with his left arm but in the actual film the gauntlet Tony forms is on his right arm. I think this debunks the ripple theory to a certain degree.

    • LancePerez 430 says:

      +Ms J he got a wedding ring tho.

    • Meghen Black says:

      +Glenn Cox he went to the other time-line grew old and teleported back into his original time line

    • ジョンシルニノスラフ says:

      Ms J no we definitely know he got married to tony stark that’s my theory he obviously ditched his love of his life and now got a ring with iron man

    • Ms J says:

      +Glenn Cox true.

    • Ms J says:

      +LancePerez 430 yes he did get married but it’s not 100% confirmed it’s to Peggy. Remember he was asked who he married and he said he wasn’t going to say. I’m not saying he definitely didn’t marry her but it’s possible he married someone else. Supposedly you can’t change the past and Peggy married someone else.

  11. Piotr Dudała says:

    Successor to Iron Man ? Garage Boy from Iron Man 3, who even attended the funeral !

  12. Vick Bal96 says:

    Scarlet witch almost killed thanos by herself. No one talks about it.

  13. • Elvyrlòçk • says:

    The real hero of Endgame is

    Rat ?

  14. max munch says:

    That’s the power stone for you.
    Hawkeye held the soul stone
    Jane literaly had the reality stone in her.
    Dr. Strange almost held the time stone.
    So, yeah the word *Power* here is important.

  15. Aaron E says:

    Would’ve been hilarious is Hawkeye tossed his bow over to get the Soul stone, you must sacrifice what you love…

  16. Farrel Haikal Ginting says:

    Endgame should’ve been 4 hours long

  17. jxta says:


  18. Lingeshwaran R says:

    Everyone forgot how Wanda single handedly almost defeated Thanos 😐

  19. Eric Gehrung says:

    So if I had gotten snapped…does my life insurance kick in and I reap the benefits 5 years later?

    Also, how busy do you think the DMVs are now?

  20. xd BlaDeZ RAGE says:

    Captain America walks up to the guys “hail hydra” I laughed

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