Baby Gender Reveal!!

Baby Gender Reveal!!

We got the news of our baby’s gender recently and we wanted to share this exciting news with all of you guys, thanks for all the love and support, we appreciate ya!

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48 Responses

  1. Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor says:

    Imagine throwing a massive spaz just because the gender of your baby is revealed.

  2. - thatkidcw10 - says:

    Spiderman into the spiderverse just came out


    Dodectuplets !?

  3. bruce ashby says:

    She’s a pretty girl. What a fkn goof he’s is

  4. Shanksville Shanker says:

    The name is


  5. Basic Reviewer says:

    Ethan watch out … Chris is gonna try to get Hila for pregnancy information day pt 2… just lookin out for you man

  6. Vishnu Soni says:

    Are u gonna forget us after the baby 🙁

  7. Hxydvn says:

    I’m 14 Now, The Day Is January 30th. A Storm Is Passing Through Central Canada. I’ll See You In A While Theodore.

  8. Luke Braun says:


  9. Random Chann3l says:

    Now idubbz has to deliver your baby in the newest unboxing video and Chris from prank invasion has to kiss it on kissing prank: baby edition

  10. CR4CK says:

    Am I the only one getting extre.ely triggered by the fact that in every reveal clip there is a maniac screaming like they’re getting haunted by a demon?

  11. Nothin Mation says:

    Theador’s toy reviews

  12. FUKUK spløys says:

    Think of the fun their baby must have in 14 years.. podcasts, law suits and just so much

  13. satrsmndri says:

    Holy shit how high is their ceiling

  14. Luke Jackson says:

    Did they use the same audio for every video?

  15. BobbieMariee says:

    Congrats you two!!!! So happy for you both. It’s been great watching your journey all these years. ?

  16. erised29 says:

    There’s literally the same scream in each video

    • Quill Clock says:

      yeah sounds exactly like the screams i heard in Justin Berber videos back in the day

    • Jamie Killin says:

      What a weird fucking time we live in, where people feel the need to edit in the same default shriek into their baby reveal video just so it seems more people are excited about it.

      They’re all not right in the head I swear.

  17. Your FBI Agent says:

    What happened to naming him Foopacino?

  18. Trap Party says:

    Sounds like same girl in the background in all the videos

  19. TESTMACORONI says:

    YES they went and did this video idea talked about on podcast. congrats and papa bless

  20. Daniel Epson says:

    Gender reveals are so dumb and predictable. Every one I’ve seen has been either a boy or a girl.

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