Back To School

Back To School

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57 Responses

  1. Roisin O'f says:

    I have a uniform so I don’t need to worry. I still worry.

  2. Azizul Adnan says:

    This can make you better 😀
    I have school from January until November, and school off only on weekends, semsester break and puclic holidays only.
    My country don’t experience the 4 seasons a.k.a. summer and winter (damn, I want to touch snow T_T)
    So those 3 months without school on summer, and no school cause winter makes you hard to go to shcool… I never experienced it…
    I just know about this cause I usually watch some Western TV shows, so I know you guys have summer school and all that
    But that doesn’t matter. Cause removing those public holidays and semester break, I still have school for about 10 months, so you guys are lucky….
    I’m from Malaysia btw 😀

    • Sarvesh Sethu says:

      흫_흫Larcrose thats true. Im from malaysian to and happy independence/MERDEKA

    • princessxiaou says:

      Living in Canada where it’s already starting to get cold, I can recommend not moving somewhere with snow lol. The cold and dark weather in the early morning makes it look like midnight and definitely makes it really hard to get up and actually get ready for school 😭 it’s awful. Not to mention a trudge through heavy snow to get to the vehicle (or just to walk for some people) and being late because your car needs to be cleaned off first of snow or frost or it stalls or it needs to heat up cause it’s freezing and of course your parents just had to have leather seats lol As someone who was born and immigrated from the Philippines it was definitely something to adjust to!


      Azizul Adnan Malaysian? I feel u bro 😏

    • Cyndakyu says:

      About the same for Australia

    • BubblelyBoop290 says:

      I love snow!!!

  3. Neutronic Embers says:

    Chase your dreams, just prepare to file for bankruptcy.

  4. ii SPOOK3D ii says:

    No! You’re not a cyborg!

  5. xyz ppp says:

    everyone remembered what i wore to the first day of school

    sometimes wearing a shrek shirt scares people instead of attract them

  6. Rick Ronidod vlogs says:

    I think school is ok if my teacher is ok

  7. :3_-im a sweet-_:3. cookie says:

    Whos watching this instead of getting ready for school…me

  8. Ethan Hudson says:

    *”follow your dreams, but not off a cliff”* is actually great advice

  9. Nerry says:

    We start school in June, then we start vacation in March/April. Im from Philippines!

  10. Zacharias says:

    My school started like a month ago…

  11. PiePenguin Fun says:

    Going to school is as easy as riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, the road is on fire, and everything else is on fire because it was *_HELL_*

    *Edit// If ya’ll wanna know I got this from a Yearbook quote. It’s not my original idea and I just wanted to use it once and try and spread it around*

  12. Choco says:

    I start on tuesday.. I have none of my friends in my homeroom… fucc.

    • Fiery Monkey says:

      Choco rip I have like 3 friends in my homeroom. Just make friends in your homeroom class. They don’t have to be close friends tho cuz you just need to know a few people to get past that class. You would die being alone but good luck

    • Choco says:

      +Fiery Monkey Im with my old crush ;-;-;-;;-;-;–;’;;’;-;”;’;’;;’;’;’;’;-;’;-:-:-:: Also, I literally hate everyone and I just want skool to get over so I don’t see the point in making new friends. Im a girl and the only new kids are boys and I’ve had weird experiences.. xD

    • Idreamtofyouagain says:

      I had nobody but I made a friend who had some connections with other people in there and it’s been a few years and I’ve gained at least 2 good friends in my homeroom and a few more friends

    • DJ McGuire says:

      Lucky i started 3 weeks ago

  13. best boi says:

    I got up from bed today and I cried and said “I don’t want to got to school” and then I went to the bathroom

  14. Ane Mari says:

    Who’s a fellow prisoner here?

  15. Whispers Keep says:

    Again, another Canadian sponsoring a product that Canadian can’t use. Why?

  16. MammaJammas says:

    Jokes on you im Home Schooled

    Ya I liked my own comment so what?

  17. Rakshinda Hussain says:

    Good thing we have uniforms! No more stressing over what to wear!

  18. Talking Orange Blob says:


  19. Ephemearl says:

    #1 on trending with 666k views!

    s p o o k y

  20. MIXEDUPWORLD says:

    *before we talk about Prison-* before we talk about school- XD

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