Backpack Kid Judges Fortnite “Floss” Dances

Backpack Kid Judges Fortnite “Floss” Dances

The Backpack Kid, creator of the viral dance “The Floss” judges people doing his dance from The #Fortnite Dance Challenge.

Fortnite / Epic Games

Music: Drip by The Backpack Kid – Available now


FORTNITE Dance Challenge | Fingers Breakdance – Fingers Breakdance

Santa Claus Fortnite Dance Challenge!! [Santa does the Floss!!] – Santa Family Videos

FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE! – (In Real Life) – Eh Bee Family


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86 Responses

  1. i-win says:

    Who would win?
    *some imitators*
    *one judgy boi*

  2. Not Zodros says:

    He said floss came out in season 3, But floss came out in season 2

  3. Jeebuksen Pummilapsi says:

    *He looks like a rat.*

  4. I wanna commit Neck rope says:

    Lol i wonder if Epic Games asked him permission to put it in the game?

  5. Nicholas Avila says:

    i am pretty sure people can do it better than him

  6. It’s Matt Ryan says:

    *Is he a mouse?*

  7. KurtJ1995 says:

    He’s not the creator of the floss but he did make it blow up, JStuStudios did it years before it became popular!

  8. ItzCheeZy says:

    Why does he looks like that ”Catch Me outside girl?”

  9. NightMareGameing 2424 says:

    They thought we couldnt make autism a weapon, there were wrong

  10. Thanos says:

    Never dislike a video in a long time… worth it tho

  11. Ειρήνη says:

    90% of the comments: iT wAs AdDeD iN SeAsOn TwO

  12. Kim Jong-un says:

    If Fortnite doesn’t cease to exist, I will nuke the US

  13. Mohammed Kanadil says:

    he looks like the male version of Danielle Bregoli aka Danielle Bregoli lol

  14. keven Dillingham says:

    someone needs to critique your hair

  15. Alvin Bong Hui Min says:

    BTS gets a 4 out of 10.. Wait wut??

  16. NOOT NOOT Master says:

    *This boi be lookin like a real life Mii character* ?

  17. Majd Abozlf says:

    He look like bhad bhabie

  18. Team Cosmo says:

    Since when has he looked like squidward testacles

  19. Sums says:

    He: says BTS are doing it pretty good
    He: gives them a 4??????????

  20. Bad_Sir Baux says:

    Egg roll on his head.

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