BACON PYRAMID! All You Can Eat DIM SUM Buffet in Manila Philippines

BACON PYRAMID! All You Can Eat DIM SUM Buffet in Manila Philippines

I’m back in the Philippines and for my first day in Manila, the best way to start off my morning is to eat at a Dim Sum Buffet! The chef at the Red Lantern is quite a genius by coming up with some of the craziest dim sum dishes. Like the truffle dumplings, shrimp and mango fried rice paper roll, and the pyramid pork!
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44 Responses

  1. Nuevxx says:

    Like if you’re from the Philippines! ??❤️?

  2. Nguyen Huy says:

    Nice video Mike, I feel so hungry right now

  3. Def Yoongi says:

    *I WAS **_JUST_** REFRESHING YOUR CHANNEL MIKEY! This is such an amazing coincidence!*

  4. TheSplash says:

    All you can eat dim sum?
    Now you’ve caught my interest

  5. caselowen says:

    This is exactly what I needed to go with my breakfast! Thanks Mike!

  6. Nutulie Wong says:

    That is my DREAM buffet!
    Love your vids!

  7. The Fomads says:

    Philippines! I’ve never been before but the food from there looks so amazing!!!
    I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet!

    • Not your Typical Faker says:

      I’m from Philippines and if u want to go here u better search 1st Bcz mostly the people go here just go here then just eat everywhere even due it’s expensive but not that good foods when u can get them in super duper cheap like half of the price HAHAHA

    • ปิงปิง uwu says:

      Yes I definitely going to binondo for amazing street food! And the Philippines has so many night food markets as well. The food is also so diverse, from ur typical southeast Asian cuisine and some dishes with Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and even Spanish influences.

    • Headless Chicken says:

      Filipino cuisine I find has had a very very slow rise to mainstream. I learned a few dishes before going into chef school and asked all my profs what their take on Filipino foods, all of them said it’ll never be a thing because it was primarily vinegar based stews (guess all they ever had was adobo). But man some of the stuff I had like kare kare, pancit, and kaldereta, I wanted to know more. Slowly people are catching onto it, and thank God!

  8. Urikuki says:

    Was about to sleep, then I saw this notification pop up. Now I’m hungry.
    Much love from the Philippines Mikey!

  9. HURACAN 23 says:

    Tip: Do not watch this at 2 am without dinner. Your vids are great btw!!

  10. Cassidy F. says:

    I can’t believe all of that amazing food for about $20!!!

    • NadlieHime 1814 says:

      Cassidy F. I know right?! The Philippines also has one of the best buffets in the world called “Spiral” and it’s $60 without a time limit. They even have a cheese room and everything ???

  11. Jalita says:

    If Mike needs any travel companions I will apply. He is living his best life for sure. ???

  12. Strictly Dumpling says:

    Hi everyone!! Thanks for watching this video ?? just a reminder that I am no longer in the Philippines ? if you want to know where I am in real time, follow me on Instagram love ya very matcha!

    • Bendan Dulay says:

      Your in the land of retarded Canadian call centers, may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Didaybels Lace says:

      I thought you’re still here I’m screaming when I saw this. Awwww

    • Henry Hernandez says:

      Please go to laguna i want to meet you

    • A. S.L says:

      Hey Mike, if you stop by Japan, drop by kyoto and try omurice at kichi kichi restaurant, book few weeks in advance going there! I happen to see the chef videos, its a place worth trying for you. please like if you see this comment so i can rest assure you saw this post. I dont have the slightest idea how to email a youtuber.

  13. Deadline says:

    “It’s just like a girl, very gentle, sweet and filled with cream” -Mikey Chen 2019

  14. Just An Average User says:

    Alright. Gotta find some dimsum at 1130pm right now.

  15. higlite36 says:

    Seriously….a pork belly PYRAMID?? There could be nothing better!!!

  16. MsK Tee says:

    This place looks beautiful and Chef Jimmy was a pleasure to watch. So down to earth and humble. But that fried rice paper roll with shrimp and mango…that pork belly pyramid?!! Take me now lord! ????

  17. Sorgial Falan says:

    I love dim sum. I love all you can eat buffet. All you can eat dim sum for 20 bucks? I’m ecstatic!

  18. Laurie Plumley says:

    For a buffet place, that is exquisite presentation! I’m glad you got to meet the chef personally. He looked so shocked when you called him a genius. But if that is the level of experience he gives in his restaraunt, what he allows to be served, how it is presented, … he truly is.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I see somewhere I want to experience myself!


  19. Sam Lagrimas says:

    I always end up drooling when I watch a Strictly Dumpling food video.

  20. PTyler88 says:

    I thought of a new shirt Mikey, “You win some, and Din Sum.”

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