Bald Eagle Adventure!

Bald Eagle Adventure!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and crew brave the wilds of Alaska in search of majestic Bald Eagles!

While there are more Bald Eagles in Alaska than any other state in the USA they can be quite difficult to film due to their incredible eyesight and extremely skittish behavior. Let’s just say sneaking up on an Eagle is far easier said than done! Oh and did we mention there are ice cold rivers and grizzly bears in the way? Yeah, this location will test one’s wilderness skills, that’s for sure!

To help take on this challenge of filming wild Eagles the crew hired professional wilderness guide Joe Ordenez and brought along a giant, and we do mean GIANT, 600mm camera lens to help extended their camera’s reach.

So will they be able to get the epic Eagle shot they’re after?

Get ready to find out on this wild Alaskan adventure!

Big thanks to Joe Ordonez for making this adventure possible! For information on his amazing guide services and lodging in Alaska please visit his website –

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Thumbnail Photo Credit: Austin Trigg

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20 Responses

  1. MACMACS says:

    Surely by doing these action shots, you must just have soggy socks for the
    rest of the day

  2. gintoki says:

    come on do the bullet ant

  3. Mosasaurus Fan says:

    Legends say if you comment on one of Brave Wilderness’ videos early. They
    will reply

  4. Amel HD says:

    Who is still waiting for the bullet ant video?

  5. Teddy says:

    Love this channel <3

  6. Donald Trump says:

    I’m coyote Peterson and today I’m entering the trigger zone of a feminist

  7. Ponna Watey says:

    Why I love this channel
    1.Posts when I am feeling bad which makes me feel better
    2.Good quality
    3.Interesting content
    4.Funny (Rarely but I still love it)
    6.Makes me CURIOUS

  8. liquidmetal says:

    “Check that out, those are grizzly prints right there” looks more like
    you’re tracking my mother in law.

  9. Jack Mae says:

    Look at all that freedom

  10. Sir Popskiis says:

    So awesome seeing a group of people so enthusiastic about what they do.
    Really reminds me of watching the likes of Steve Irwin and Bill Nye when I
    was a kid

  11. I like your mom says:

    I love this channel,better then all the other ones
    Educational and crazy

  12. Arturo Ramirez says:

    hello I hope I can get 1 like thank you and have a beautiful day

  13. nikos-7- says:

    amazing how fast the channel went from 15k to more than 3 million subs.
    Totally deserve it

  14. Sailor Friend (lillymutt the yandere) says:

    1:38 did he just say “dayum” XD

  15. Karbon Kevlar says:

    why is cOyote pronounced as cAyote ?

  16. Fatima Tawfeeq says:

    BEST CHANNEL EVER! Educational and entertaining plus no CLICK BAIT! GO

  17. Tyler C says:

    Thumbnail looks like he has a paintball gun and hes going looking to blast

  18. Comrade Fewkes says:

    Coyote looks like someone cosplaying as Rick Grimes from the walking dead

  19. RekTube says:

    Coyote you are the best youtuber ever :)

  20. Duha Ehab says:

    Am I the only one who’s waiting for the bullet ant video??