Bar Essentials | Basics with Babish

Bar Essentials | Basics with Babish

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For this episode of Basics, I’m going to show you some bar essentials (tools and ingredients) that will help you make a host of different cocktails for your weary coworkers and spouse’s friends.

Grocery List:
Angostura Bitters
Tonic water
Simple syrup
Ginger beer
Sweet vermouth
Olive juice
Triple Sec
White rum
Soda water/club soda

Special equipment:
Cocktail shaker components (large stainless steel tumbler, rubber-rimmed pint glass, smaller stainless steel tumbler)
Cocktail strainer
Squeeze bottles
Lemon zester/channel knife
Long cocktail stirring spoon
Vegetable peeler
Waiter’s friend corkscrew/bottle opener
Optional: metal straws
Optional cups: old fashioned glass, copper mug, martini glass, Collins glass

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77 Responses

  1. Remi Fjelldal says:

    360p basics with babish

  2. thekenmatax says:

    360p squad, where you at?

  3. Mikicas says:

    This what i crave for! Drinks and Babish

  4. Derp Derpington says:

    I recommend making a vomit cake, popularized by the prestigious chef Francis

  5. Giffy_Mcgee says:

    >Not a collab with cocktail chemistry. Literally why.

  6. UnPhayzable says:

    *Binge Drinking with Babish*

  7. Sauce Stache says:

    The first episode where binging would be a bad idea.

  8. phoenixkhost says:

    Martinis should be stirred not shaken. If you shake it you add in ice crystals which screws up the finish.

  9. Ludacris_Ginger says:

    Isn’t a Martini traditionally made with Gin, not Vodka

    • EvanLX says:

      Yes, if you make a martini with vodka it’s called a “Mistake”

    • JP Morris says:

      Yeah, the Vodka makes it a Vesper or whatever.

    • Justice Muffins says:

      Originally a dry martini actually referred to using London Dry Gin instead of the classic Old Toms Gin. Dry meaning only started meaning less vermouth after London Dry replaced Old Toms as the standard gin.

  10. UnPhayzable says:

    Just drop an olive in a glass of water and call it a day

  11. Hobo Nichol BBQ says:

    I just made smoked olives the other day. I need to try them in a martini.

  12. Luke Leonard says:

    Did you say a shout if Tiquila? Didnt you mean a shout of Ti-Killya?

  13. Dragon Dung says:

    Dringing with babish

  14. 1_HighDuke says:

    He keeps saying “sweet vermouth” when making those martinis, but that’s dry vermouth. As it should be.

    • Hemingway 44 says:

      Lol well at last he’s not using sweet vermouth in those martinis🤣🤢

    • b baker says:

      Old guy I used to work with (now I am the old guy) would instruct me (with a Marlboro dangling from his mouth) that Manhattans and Martins are like women’s breasts… 3 is to many and 1 is not enough.

    • Amanda Moody says:

      Had a mild heart attack when he said sweet… have I been making these wrong this whole time?! Nope. Thank jeebus.

    • Nikolas Floros says:

      phew! glad this comment was already here. I was freaking out.

  15. CHUPACABRA says:

    Where’s white russian and tom collins?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
    – Jaka

  16. Binging with Babish says:

    Hearing some very valid criticism and discussion here – going to be posting a video this weekend with some revised/corrected techniques! Not just because I want more drinks.

  17. Dan Smoke says:

    *This is all great but I find no cocktail is benefited by cloudy ice..get that ice “crystal clear” with science!*

  18. Endyo says:

    Gotta love a Moscow Mule, but in my experience you add the lime juice to the vodka and let the ginger beer mix them – this is generally because instead of a giant single ice cube you’d use for something you want minimal melting in, you use normal sized cubes so it’s nice and cold. That’s how I learned to make it.

  19. Mojito says:

    Thanks for the shoutout bro!

  20. Brynley Louise says:

    Ah, the Mojito the first cocktail I ever ordered.

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