Barack Obama’s full eulogy at memorial service for Senator John S. McCain

Barack Obama’s full eulogy at memorial service for Senator John S. McCain

Barack Obama’s full eulogy at memorial service for Senator John S. McCain
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103 Responses

  1. yaakcon says:

    Compare this cool guy to the man in the white house who cannot say two sentences correctly. What a pity that we elected a dummy as our president. Oh! how America wishes to have a 2nd chance to correct the 2016 mistake.

    • Bernice Tillis says:

      yaakcon you’re a hater. That shit in the White House Now is saying the shit y’all always have wanted to say but couldn’t. Just wait….. get your mouth slapped

    • Bernice Tillis says:

      The Dummy is in there now. It’s a reality show in the White House

    • jungle bunny says:

      bernice, you are the dummy. obama is a globalist traitor.

    • T Rust says:

      The mistake would have been electing a crook like Hillary, her and her Hubby even stole from the Hattians, and when Bill’s term was up they had stole from the White House. Don’t forget this Cool guy as you call him gave Billions to Terrorists. Because of this cool guy and the Dems all of our insurance rates are sky high, this cool guy is a lying sack of shit.

    • Bernice Tillis says:

      T Rust don’t forget Donald is making friends with Russian to line his family MF pockets when he leaves the White House. Everything fake MF news, and collusion let him tell it with his lying ass. When it comes light I want y’all white MF’S to have this same energy.

  2. BlassReiter1100cc says:

    I miss that feeling of respect I had for my President.

    • radconserv86 says:

      +Scott Anderson too much truth! You’re undermining his confidence in his respect for Obama!

    • radconserv86 says:

      +Nacho Ballsgrande It’s “retarDed” retard!

    • radconserv86 says:

      +John Rod where is this “PRESEDENTIAL manor” you speak of? Is it near the Wayne Manor? Learn how to spell jerk off!

    • M Soda says:

      Really? A lot of democrats I know respected McCain for standing up for Obama when that lady said vile stuff during the Obama vs McCain presidential election
      That being said neither republican or democratic supporters have clean hands. Both sides have said bad things. My comment here was speaking to the fact that trump said McCain wasn’t a real war hero

  3. Karla Morrill says:

    He got it right – loved seeing his words make Cindy and family smile and laugh.

  4. Jeannie Gugliemino says:

    “We never doubted that we were on the same team.” America, it’s time for Republicans and Democrats to come together to solve problems that affect all of us. We’re on the same team.

  5. Victoria says:

    Regardless of their 2008 election, you have to say that both President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain have came a long way; for McCain to want President Obama to speak at his funeral is a major milestone. This is a statement.

    • q399 says:

      It’s actually because people who are realistic are more towards the center. All the politicians to the extreme left and extreme right are just feeding voters a bunch of nonsense, a Micky Mouse version of reality, because they are irresponsible pos who think we are all idiots and think that’s the easiest way to get power.

    • marcus howard says:


    • Kevin Rose says:

      Victoria, it’s all just a joke, like Obama said. McCain died friendless so he thought to be a wise ass and have Obama and Biden there. He would have had Trump there but he knows Trump only says the truth of what’s on his mind.

    • Maria Callous says:

      ya, they have came alright

  6. FewRee says:

    Obama doesn’t have to act Presidential or make a mockery of being President like Trump does because Obam has class, unlike the Trump family.

  7. Kris says:

    President Obama – We miss you! Please come back!

    (I know he can’t, but I miss having a president who makes me proud to be an American. And while I’m currently a Democrat, I have been a Republican. I did, in fact, vote for Senator McCain.)

  8. Derexican says:

    This right here is why America was already great. When Trump is removed from office, we will hopefully return to the path that Obama and McCain helped to blaze. Bipartisanship is what we need, not tyranny.

    • Laticia Lockleer says:

      My condolances to Senator McCain’s family. He was a wonderful man, soldier and statesman. He stood up to this present mockery to the highest office in our land, with the truth. He cared about people, and about this country. He was a man of great honor. I salute you sir. May God embrace you!

    • marcus howard says:

      Except Obama Is still my president

    • J&G Dawg says:

      Why would you want to return to a blighted economy, where Obama brought in racism, divisiveness and actually started politicizing federal institutions like the FBI, the IRS, and the EPA. He was inept, continuously apologizing to the world about how evil and bad America was. Cities started going bankrupt, manufacturers closed in record numbers, unemployment climbed, and our economy was sliding into hell. Obama was a communist socialist tyrant who actually appointed a communist as director of the CIA and he worshipped Joseph Stalin hoping he could transform the US into a third world USSR or Venezuela. The man was dangerous, and treasonous. Glad this monster is gone.

    • Thrax says:

      Most people who hate Trump want America to burn, fact. Look at what is happening to Europe, no thank you.

    • Lucas H says:

      Remove my president from office and your looking at civil war 2. Who will win? The side with the military and the guns or the side that doesnt know their own gender.

  9. Mico Castle says:

    What a contrast with the current occupier of the White House who’s character is like a toddler and speaks like a mobster .

    • Jerry Roman says:

      You mean speaks like a criminal. To call Trump a mobster is to Sully the good name of true crime bosses.

    • marcus howard says:

      +Jerry Roman you definitely live under a rock if you think that lol. Your celebrity and chief in office right now is a literal criminal

    • She Wheels says:

      marcus howard How so? Specifics please. President Trump eliminated ISIS. Barry created it. President Trump brought unemployment for blacks to an HISTORIC low. Barry increased unemployment benefits by six months because so many people were (historically) OUT of work and lost their homes. And he did nothing for blacks. And the list goes on! So, go ahead, tell us how Bathhouse Barry was better than our current President and I’ll go get those photos of Barry visiting his family back in Kenya and the photos of him with the Saudis (who paid for his education so they could plant him in the White House as our Manchurian candidate). The video clip I think you’ll most enjoy is the one were Barry calls Michelle Michael (repeatedly)…or maybe the one where the two of them were caught on a live mic at a 4th of July celebration, making fun of Americans because we were celebrating and partying (as they said) “all because of a stupid flag.”

    • Shirley Cameron says:

      Millennials For Trump GOOD ON YOU…….HALLELUJAH…..!!!!!

    • AEfesco says:

      +She Wheels black unemployment began declining during the Obama administration you nincompoop

  10. Eliza Grogan says:

    We, in Europe, miss your wonderful President Obama. He is a gentleman & was warmly welcomed with Michelle at all times. We all wanted to adopt Obama as our own. I pray that America will, once again, elect a true gentleman to the highest office. Trump is a blight on the World. He’s golfing whilst we all admire & remember McCain just as Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

    • Andrej S says:

      Speak for urself!! We in Europe despise McCain and Obama for destroying Libya and Syria which eventually flooded us with millions of refugees and migrants!!!!! Rot in hell McCain and obama together with nusra and Isis goatfuckers!¡

    • Brent Edwards says:

      Eliza Grogan why don’t you invite him to be your leader….? Let him F up your country….so cute you find him so charming…. That’s my laugh for the day…

    • Andrew Brown says:

      please enlighten us how he destroyed america

    • Green Hornet says:

      freedom unleashed
      what are you even talking about? , are you saying that racism is against you? And why can’t a Allie talk about our President that had so much to offer to there country as help,support and a fellow citizen of the world
      but yet you asshats fly a murders flag and tattoo ss on your body in support of Nazism ……………..Racism Is always direct whether it’s on you or someone else
      So please don’t show the world that you are so inward in life because We as Americans don’t think that way
      If you want to hate someone because of a skin color hate god because he didn’t give you any..

  11. The R.E.S.T Centre says:

    I’m Canadian, but I have missed this educated man giving speeches. He speaks so eloquently.

  12. M Soda says:

    He was a true gentleman the way he stood up for Obama when the woman made a racist comment telling her Obama was a proud American like himself. Sadly that level of class is something lacking in today’s politicians.

    • ICE H2O says:

      BlaxMaryJane, why are you here? Hayseeds like you need to be on the Fox News Website. They will accept all your bigoted comments with pleasure. Ass wipe!

    • Kevin Rose says:

      Yeah he was a true gentleman the way he grabbed that mic away from that stupid old lady. Then it was really cute how he lectured her about how dumb she was. Sadly, if he had any class, he could have used a little more empathy to calm the old woman’s fears.

    • darryl runnels says:


    • Maria Callous says:

      McCain died a long time ago…poor man died a terrible death.

    • M Soda says:

      Maria Callous
      My mother passed away from the same brain cancer

  13. Laura Wagner says:

    Mr.Obama always a gentlemen, true man and lider

  14. wayshower13 says:

    I sooo miss Barack Obama and his humor and gentle nature.

  15. Nancy Glasscock-Brooks says:

    I miss having a President with integrity, dignity and class. President Obama speaks with such elequence.

  16. Rob says:

    That’s what a president sounds like.

  17. Durban Brooklyn says:

    What an extraordinary man Eugolizing another extraordinary man…Respect!

  18. vertabrate1 says:

    this is what a leader look like trump!

  19. mario mejia says:

    Obama is and will always be the most amazing person ever, he needs to comeback……charismatic, intelligent, eloquent, respectful…..and more

    • mark price says:

      I love the way he tilts his head back when he speaks,like he’s looking down on you. Like he’s from a higher place,more aristocratic than the rest of us. I especially loved him smacking down Megan McCain for being petty and small at a funeral.

    • 65 TossPowerTrap says:

      He was the worst president only and politicized the DoJ. Nice try with the coup on the president elect, though.

    • Geo Geo says:

      +Shawn Rodriguez You could’ve put a high schooler in ss president in 2008 and the country would’ve moved up. The economy and the stock market hit a low 6000 number. You really think the stock market of the most powerful country in the world would’ve dropped to 0?? No freaking way! Obama does not get credit for that. Obama put alot if regulations in place that was preventing the middle class to grow and high taxes. Yes Obama said that t by e jobs the United States lost over seed are not coming back. How can any president say that to his citizens? Obama is a luciferian demonic globalist who is on YouTube mocking the bible. He hated the military and Law enforcement. I will no longer be brainwashed by the government propaganda on MSNBC and CNN. My eyes are open. My blinders are off and now this is a revolution.
      Democrats the party of the KKK. Democrats the founders of racism. The party of slavery! Democrats are still slaving people with high taxes and government dependency. Democrats just love burning the American flag! Latinos for president Trump 2020! Que viva! Out of San Francisco! I got my Trump 2020 shirt this week

    • Geo Geo says:

      +dm6187 You only know what cnn and MSNBC teaches you. I bet you don’t even know what’s going on with the Russia Trump investigation. Dont see what cnn is saying about it. Go see what’s going on in Congress about the investigation of Russia. Everyone who started the Russian investigation has been fired for corruption and more is coming out. It turn out to be a fraud of investigation paid by the DNC.

    • Geo Geo says:

      +marcus howard Does any Republican work at CNN ? If so give me two names!

  20. Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster says:

    barack Obama is a great speaker very intelligent, he spoke very well for John McCain amen

    • Geo Geo says:

      Obama is a traitor to the United States and he will see prison cell before president Trumps leave’s the White House in 6 Years.. I regret voting for him. Democrats are just using people for votes. BLM and global warming is a scam. Say no to slavery and communism.

    • Adam Muklewicz says:

      Lol. Obama the stuttering idiot. The most stupid president with an IQ of a monkey. That puppet president is not a good speaker , he knows how to read well . But I’ll bet you anything if I were to ask that banana how much is 7 ×8 he wouldn’t know. Place of birth Kenya , that he knows well.

    • Lara Lee says:

      He was a sweet talking Swamp Rat.

    • Eddie Sengola says:

      Sorry, If he was intelligent, he could have known how to bring jobs to the USA as Trump is doing. His good speeches can’t help much when you are jobless.

      Sad to say he was a Globalist.

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