Barcelona 5-1 Lyon (5-1 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona 5-1 Lyon (5-1 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona and Leo Messi turned on the style to book their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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101 Responses

  1. Quick Concepts says:

    Honestly as a Barca fan I was scared that they would choke and lose this not sad with the result though very surprised

    • No Name says:

      +Sir SwearsAlot that shows how dumb you are. How would i know that barça played bad for 20 mins from a 4:42 minute vid? Right after the 2-1 goal they had a really bad time transisioning from defence to offence and gave some bad giveaways to lyon, until they just started bombarding with counters. Anyone who watched the game would know that, so either watch and pay attention to the games or stop being such a fucking fanboy, you give us all a bad wrap

    • Jay says:

      *Messi beats up on a French team 20 points behind P$G and fighting for CL contention (next year), while GODnaldo beat up on a TOP 5 team in Europe with one of the top 3 defenses of the last 7 years (while down 2-0)!! Still, Leo was magically, and we are all fortunate to see these two!!*

    • Sir SwearsAlot says:

      +woficnwoap ohyeayea Hes talking about the champions league… this IS the champions league you fuck

    • No Name says:

      +Jay juve, barça, liverpool, city and tottenham are all doing better than atleti, who are underplaying this season.

    • No Name says:

      +Jay you dont have to spam this in every fucking thread, we’ll all disagree with you.

  2. Random Videos says:

    Messi and Ronaldo better face in quarterfinal

  3. JTY says:

    4 English clubs, and one Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch each

    Can the Premier League clubs end the reign of Spanish football in CL?
    This is the craziest season of recent years!!

  4. Patrick Brown says:

    Need Barca vs City so bad.

  5. Hype School Beast says:

    I’m pretty sure everybody called it

  6. Sanjith Vijay says:

    Quarters going to be very exciting ??

  7. John D Gates says:

    *Messi this year*
    Top scorer and assist in la liga
    Top scorer and assist in champions league
    62 goals in 61 games

  8. shaunbir klair says:

    I genuinely almost threw up after Lyon scored

    • Gnarlord says:

      TheeDevilWearsPrada agreed, but obviously home advantage is a real thing. Barca played well, obviously outsmarted Lyon although I would of thought Lyon would of given them a better run for their money in this second leg.

    • Piggy!!! says:

      +Brandon Slavescu you’re the definition of a fairweather fan who probably can’t play Sad!

    • Thomas Preston says:

      You should go see a doctor about that I don’t think that’s normal

    • Daniel Lau says:

      @shaunbir klair lol

    • Richard Grace says:

      +Gnarlord they were also offsides like 4 damn time with the side judge right there and the flag stayed down and the penalty shot should have never happened because it wasn’t a penalty… either they need to actually use the video review that they have or they just need to get rid of it

  9. Caleb Engelsman says:

    Messi has got to be the most unique player I’ve seen. Panenka, Solo Goal, and two assists all while roaming around wherever he pleases

    • zwebackshyper says:

      there’s a reason he’s the goat

    • Alejandro Rocha says:

      Metro Boomin yeah thats all i can say because I’m not wasting my time on a troll who thinks so highly of his opinion

    • Last Archangel says:

      +Metro Boomin b. silva, gundogan, david silva, fernandihno, walker, ederson, laporte, sterling, sane, aguero, reserve??? stfu u triggered shit what has barca and lyon done to u?

    • BUZZTROLL Inc. says:

      Metro Boomin – Messi – Top Scorer in the History of El Clasico (I guess Madrid is also a spanish farmer’s team).

      Dumb ass… lol

  10. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Ronaldo and Messi showed up!!!! Goats

  11. Rasheed Rashid Al-Nimr Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab Siz says:

    I’ll take the two goals and two assists from the GOATWhat a play maker, what an awesome player

    • Danny Zamorano says:

      Jboy 1K facts

    • Cralo says:

      +El Guapo Grande- Burrito Just another jealous, salty hater hahahahahahaha. People like you make Messi even better, because you are so mad that he’s amazing and the only thing you can do is to be a pathetic keyboard warrior. Get a life taco hahahaha.

    • Alan Santoyo says:

      El Guapo Grande- Burrito .

    • El vato del barrio says:

      +El Guapo Grande- Burrito still Barcelona would’ve won 4-1 so who cares if it was a penalty or not
      Let me guess, Kimpembe’s handball was not a penalty to you

    • Zlatan is ZOD says:

      El Guapo Grande- Burrito but we beat inter Milan and Tottenham

  12. Jermaine Fosu says:

    Sensational. That pass to pique. Many would’ve passed to Suarez but Messi has a 3rd eye for these situations. Absolutely genius.

  13. 21 Gayy says:

    Imagine if all premier league teams got a foreign team each for quarter finals

  14. Ian the Goat says:

    Well played from Barca and Suarez too. Messi man he’s from a different planet. GOAT ?

    • Jr Morales says:

      CR7 is the GOAT.

    • Nhat Vu says:

      Whatever people call Messi, cr7 and his fans will copy and call cr7 that.

      People called Messi “alien”, cr7 fans and Messi haters started calling cr7 alien.
      People called Messi “GOAT”, cr7 started growing a goatee and cr7 fans started calling cr7 goat.
      People called Messi “the best in history”, cr7 had to go on media and called himself the best in history, and his fans followed and praised him to make him look better than Messi.

      When will you cr7 fans stop being jealous? Be yourself, don’t be a wannabe.
      Yeah, I know some famous footballers had sided with cr7 and call him that. But still, Messi was always the one who was praised and given those names first. Cr7 just wants to be like Messi. I’m not saying that cr7 is bad. He is an excellent player, but Messi is just better.
      Cr7 > Messi is an opinion.
      Messi > cr7 is a fact.

    • SavingGotham says:

      Lmao this comment….

    • Madhav Pai says:

      +Nhat Vu Messi > CR7 is a fanboi wishful thinking, son. Messi can’t perform under pressure like CR7.

    • Edgar Raya says:

      Ian the Goat gtfo of here cr7 is a fucking monster/alien not from this word

  15. MitchyMitch10 says:

    lmao the people who say lyon is garbage are the same people who judge players real life abilities on FIFA game stats

  16. TheShiftBar says:

    Lopes getting injured really hurt Lyon. He saved them a lot last game

  17. Mark Ali says:

    At 4:10 all you see is alba then boom Messi is there too

  18. Sir SwearsAlot says:

    This Barcelona is dangerous! If they keep playing like this they will win the trophy

  19. Ye Chan Lee says:

    Leo Messi Is The G.O.A.T.!??

  20. Fifa 19 PlayGamer says:

    Imagine how awkward a Barcelona vs Ajax quarter-final would be.

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