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33 Responses

  1. Kyle Exum says:

    1M Likes and I’ll be responding to all the comments up until that point. I hope y’all enjoyed the video!

  2. Esther Abam says:

    Kyle: you was around when Beethoven was around?
    Grandpa: exactly kyle. Me and the cave men use us some rocks😎. Whatcha know about that? Boy dont try me

  3. Hamish Brewer says:

    I feel like Kyle could make just as much money producing real songs as he does on YouTube.

  4. LAG Shreader says:

    I’m definitely gonna be singing this one in the shower

  5. Olutope Mofikoya says:

    All the dislikes are from Mozart and his alt accounts.

  6. APEX on grind says:

    All the people who disliked the video just cant get over how good the video is.

  7. Big James says:

    Friend: What kinda music you listen to
    Me: You wouldn’t like it
    Friend: Just lemme head it
    Me: *plays Bassthoven*
    Next day me and my friend: I’m like bassthoven with the bass on him!!!

  8. D Wood says:

    When will when our gen gets old and hears a throwback song p 5 coming out

  9. George Maina says:

    With his type of comedy he should be featured in movies 🤣🖥️

  10. AD MUSIC says:

    when you realise kyle reads words with music notes
    me : wait that’s illegal

  11. Akshay Karthik says:

    The grandpa was old when beethoven was born.
    The grandpa was old when the american revolution took place
    The grandpa was old when the big bang happened
    The grandpa is forever old

  12. Julian Blasing says:

    “You listening to Dababy instead of finding a wife and making me some great grand babies”

  13. Agentbasindee 107 says:

    “The study of tiktology” Imagine if there was a book like that in the future

  14. Johnny and Tommy says:

    Grandpa: did I every tell you that you are related to Obama
    Kyle: NOPE that’s enough for today 😂😂😂

  15. Pratham Bhise says:

    Beethoven: I am one of the greatest music producers of all time

    Kyle: *bout to drop this mans whole career*

  16. Pratham Bhise says:

    Anybody gonna talk bout how his mom holding up grades said BAD AF

    no just me?

  17. Jake Sa says:


    It’s on the screen so just read it lmao

  18. Puzzles and More says:

    Me thinking that the dad would not approve of tik tok
    The dad: Studying Tiktokology

  19. Chris Gamer says:

    when you realize that kyle is just roasting himself in his rap battles

  20. Triple JT says:

    Fun Fact: Did y’all know Beethoven was black?
    Real Comment: The draft rap was hilarious 😂

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