Battle Royale: Young Turks vs Alex Jones and Roger Stone

Battle Royale: Young Turks vs Alex Jones and Roger Stone

It got real on media row at the RNC

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20 Responses

  1. Lucho Portuano says:

    Anna is so gettho

  2. Karl Liebknecht says:

    Alex Jones is the worse piece of subhuman garbage I’ve ever seen. He’s a
    little more than an overly caffeinated conman who spends half of his show
    selling snake oil and the other half pulling a tantrum.
    I was a regular listener of the show from 2007 to 2011, until the sales
    pitch became dominant, along with an increasing shift towards religious far
    right positions.

  3. 48mastadon says:

    It was a false flag that was set up by the lizard people.

  4. Damien Anonymous says:

    Ana got triggered lmao! The Young Turds are a cancer and anti white, fuck
    the The Young Turds!

  5. fknqnoize says:


  6. dnlxx5 says:

    Hahahahahahaha Alex Jones is a little bitch

  7. Mikel Truss says:

    Alex got real quiet when Cenk flipped. Loool

  8. son of C1/9 Marines Carpenter says:

    HAHAHAHAHA the young turds trying to be tough

  9. Vyse Legendaire says:

    Barely amused. Alex Jones looks downright coquettish compared to that
    wildebeast, Cenk you need a therapist.

  10. blowin O's all day says:


  11. Colton _ (fullCOLTON) says:

    Both Cenk and Alex Jones are jokes. This is like two 5 year olds with downs
    going at it, and I love every second of it.

    That one guy that spit in Alex’s face is the biggest bitch though, fuck him.

    The girl in the red dress can sit on my face also. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Daniel Studzinski says:

    the emperor just lost his clothes… LOL

  13. Dont Worry About it says:

    so the wwe ppv is this Sunday right

  14. yankeegrey2810 says:

    Why don’t these two morons just kiss already? Because it’s obvious neither
    of them have the balls to throw down.

  15. Zyzz Brah says:

    Alex jones fucking retard, his fans are bunch of cocksuckers

  16. spllitz says:

    he should of punched that bitch in the red

  17. TheObamaFile says:

    Young Turk? No. Young jerk.

  18. Xane Jan says:

    it is not complete Bill is missing

  19. Stompie Joe says:

    the lizard ppl are in charge? lmao….Aj does think that. “wash day,
    nothing clean”

  20. Maverick D. says:

    Fuck Alex Jones.