Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on October 19th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*:

Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.

Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you’ll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps – and modes – and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.

*Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details

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Music composed by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe (based on original Battlefield theme by Joel Ericksson).

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90 Responses

  1. Oza Ramadhan says:

    Is this an alternate universe of world war 2?

    • Noah Simon says:

      DICE adamantly believes that WWII looked like this.

      Jackfrags interviewed Daniel Berlin

      Jackfrags: If you could describe Battlefield V in three words, what would they be?

      Battlefield V Reveal

      Everyone shouting with glee:

    • Brian Atkins says:

      mifphilip There’s a difference between putting the player in a real life scenario and having them be able to change who wins vs changing the very nature of the battle and war.

    • James {-} says:

      Yes. It’s different WW2

    • Bryce Walker says:

      Gerhart Schlunz
      Yup and not a single one of those women were infantrymen….

  2. storkorpen says:

    WW2 – Re-imagined by Michael Bay at age 15

    • BoarhideGaming says:

      But that’s what Battlefield has always been since 1942, the action and silliness isn’t the problem.
      The loot boxes that we’ll get despite them saying otherwise, the tacked on battle Royale cash grab that no one asked for, the fact that customization went so overboard you can’t tell friend from foe anymore because everybody‘s running around with different headgear, camos, those are the problems

    • Hege says:

      Haha Michael Bay jokes are funny

    • Frodo Baggins says:

      When has battlefield ever not looked like a Michael Bay movie?

  3. 22 mambo says:

    “Game plays best on Xbox One”

    *Shows PC gameplay*

  4. Petr Novák says:

    I made a response to a comment recently, about how the fact that there are women is not the worst offence against realism, not by a longshot…. But as I see the comment section, its really weird the fixation againt the “female” part of this… I am bothered far more by how the soliders look like military-themed clowns, by the Katana guy, by the mecha-hand… And I still only saw one woman in the trailer… That seems like by FAR the least serious offender, because it could happen in some places at some point. But the overall imagery? NOPES!

  5. James Esteron says:

    Of course women fought in WWII.
    And they got backup from Bullyhunters.

  6. asimb0mb says:

    To the people who are now suddenly happy with BF5 because of less focus on women and stuff in this trailer: it’s still the same game. So you’re still gonna see women with prosthetic arms running around and shooting you. Seems to me you truly are sexists.

    • Johnny Boy says:

      Will I though? LOL the story has yet to be released. I don’t give two shits if I see females in the multiplayer. As long as they don’t plague the campaign. Get off your high horse.

    • derontchi says:

      I don’t see anyone making this argument.

    • Paladin says:

      My only problem is a women on the cover of a WW2 game, that makes no sense at all and is kinda disrespectful honestly but in the multiplayer whatever and I feel like they will try to keep the campaign realistic for ppl who care about it

    • manaev_m1 says:

      R6_Lukyfowler you know colored men fought too right

    • gimmetheacoountplix says:

      haha exactly it is still the same game one week later. A bunch of hypocrites that turn their “opinion” by a few minutes gametrailer…

  7. T. T says:


    H I V

  8. ТНЕ - BEAR says:

    Я за правдоподобность, историчность, и все ужасы войны чтоб за душу брало, а не за толерантность и смягчение. Еще баба какая-то и негры, вообще пздц .

    • Hunter says:

      ТНЕ – BEAR ты хочешь сказать, что бабам и неграм нельзя было воевать? Бред какой то

    • Микола Српски says:

      Нигерам точно нельзя было. Их и за людей-то не считали.

    • Doki Doki Dokkeabi says:

      I don’t speak communist

    • Sakuya Izayoi says:

      Nicholas X., а если бы они не пошли по дорожки толерастии, то их бы посадили на бутылку феминистки, геи и анти-расисты

  9. Johnesz9112 says:

    Nope…still garbage.

  10. Jim Kostias says:

    Still #notmybatteflied

  11. Shōgun says:

    So the Germans have females on the frontlines too.

    Lmao. Why are you pushing this so hard? Stop trying to re-write history.

  12. DeadLikeMeJ says:

    All EA and/or DICE need to do is call it an Alternative history and not WWII ! why is it so hard for them ? so yeah lots of people will disappointed for no real proper ‘Saving private Ryan’ game coming true … but hack at least it won’t be ridiculous and insulting. Front line women just for the sack of equality in period of time where all military casualties were mostly men.
    #NotmyBattlefield (still a huge dislike) #Alternativehistory #Waitingfordinosaursinbattlefield

    • DeadLikeMeJ says:

      @sean kirrrane They advertise the game as the most immersive WW II game … if the main advertisement campaign headlines counter what one official tweeted out on his own accord – then the statement he makes doesn’t matter !

      A movie and a game is a sort of entertainment, some liberty must be taken , but only some, too much and its no longer the thing you subscribe to recreate. So yeah while Saving private Ryan had bullets piercing through water and killing people and some other small inconsistencies with reality – in the major part it did much better job of keeping a good balance between being an entertainment form and being true to the source.

      Battlefield has no cross with reality – at this point you might as well portray the Nazis as the good guys

    • DeadLikeMeJ says:

      @Fosso soldier casualties * you are right I meant to write mostly men … so now that I edited it STFU you inbred that doesn’t know to use proper language.

    • DeadLikeMeJ says:

      @tsstevens well if you call the 5 men D-Day invasion of Medal of honour as a proper game experience :). As for Company of heroes, it did the job quite well I agree but its an RTS and I didn’t count it in as its a different genre.

    • F4ME VORTEX123 says:

      DeadLikeMeJ “our take on the greatest conflict known to man” sounds like a confirmation of a somewhat morphed look at ww2 buddy

  13. Jack Isn't Daniel's says:

    No prosthetic arm = #ThatsMyBattlefield

  14. jackH262 says:

    Still not sold on getting it…

  15. Alex Dontneed says:

    at 0: 40 the woman soldiers at the Wehrmacht, there was no such in reality, politically correct idiots

  16. Daz the Lich says:


  17. Moderator Zabawy says:

    >historical accuracy
    >this trailer

  18. Morin Paul says:

    who want buy BO4 now ?

  19. IAmFreshTv says:

    I wish they bring Battlefield bad company 3 not the boring world war

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