BBC News blooper

BBC News blooper

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19 Responses

  1. Winstan says:

    Nigel Farage for PM!

  2. eL3ctric says:

    This is the greatest thing ever

  3. s0818629 says:

    SO many Daddy Issues in the comments! The man’s on live… Oh no! but he should hugged the kids right then and there and told them they will be together forever cuz that’s what kids need every 5 mins. Frikkin babies

  4. Kev Freeman says:

    could have gone viral as a cute dad… but instead he has gone for the ‘cold psychopath’ option. what the hell is wrong with this mf swatting his child away like a fly. god damn. his wife scurrying around on the ground like a badger too wtf

  5. nodinitiative says:

    To those saying why didn’t he just picked up his child? Maybe this was a rushed-thing and he actually didn’t have his pants on.

    Don’t forget, this was in his own study room. I would not be surprised if he only had put on his boxers.

  6. Murray Herts says:

    Why didn’t he pick up his little girl and put her on his lap and continue, like a nice kind dad, not palm her in the face. Poor children

  7. Bartłomiej Tomczyk says:

    He probably didn’t have pants, this is why he react like that 😀

  8. Anthony Whyte says:

    As a stay at home Dad I know that face well, the oh shit I’m using to computer for something important and forgot to lock the door face.

  9. Sam Henke says:

    haha love the closing of the door at thee end. the wife deserves an award for such entertainment.

  10. Yoann F. says:

    He could have handeld this a lot better. He should just have knee punch the kid in the face and said “MOTHAFUCKA IM GONNA KILL YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH”, threw the kid outside on the woman, and then jump to finish them on the ground.

  11. Berta Lovejoy says:

    Yet another reason why males should never look after children or have them! In the video, you see this barbaric ‘father’ swatting away his baby boy, which shows how abuse he really is when he’s not live on air. Later you see a colored female slave quickly barging in his room (knowing she’s going to get beaten and raped later). How is that this kind of behavior is allowed in a modern society of South Korea? Guess what, South Korea is already knee-deep into the Patriarchy and misogynistic ideas – just look at how they impeached their First Female President for just being a woman!

    I hope this guy gets what he deserves and that is 25 years in prison!

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter of Equality, Peace, and Love.

  12. DannyDatWho says:

    best part is how the wife slides in to the room like Kramer then runs into the door on the way out. Cute fam though.

  13. Tallatuff says:

    The baby in the baby-walker barging into the room oh my god

  14. Reshma Issac says:

    For God’s sake…he just gently pushed the child back. What is wrong with you guys?

  15. Rolen Jeon says:

    It amazes me how uneducated people can be and have no sense of shame to leave such racist comments! I’m just gonna copy and paste the comment I left on the clip posted officially by BBC. If you try to listen to the news and realise the significance of the content you can easily assume that 1) the Professor is trying to oppress his laughter and remain focused 2) he cannot be a psycho, he gently pushed the baby girl away and yet you can see how undisturbed she was by remaining next to her dad 3) the mum, who is aware of the great importance of the news and also the seriousness of this interview, must have felt the need to take the children out of the scene so the news can be continued without further interruption, hence her action. You can see how flustered she is in the video and was in a rush to take the children out asap. If this ever looked like incompetent parenthood BBC would not have posted this part of the interview.

  16. S Rhee says:

    To me as a Korean, the way the woman flied in and took her babies out doesn’t seem racist but just respecting the man’s job. By the way the girl is calling the woman mom so I guess they are a family. And the kids marched in so happily that I can’t smell any hint of domestic problems but a loving family.

  17. Sam Brown says:

    lmao his wife closed the door like she just survived a terror attack

  18. ArchimedesTheEducatedOwl says:

    People in the comments need to get a grip. Its obviously a big deal to be live on BBC and be a correspondent and having your kids and wife charge into the room unannounced while live will throw you off your game, its isn’t a natural situation so calling him a bad guy over how he reacted (which wasn’t even bad) is very dumb. Plus if he had acted all lovey dovey it would have only been half as hilarious as it now is that he took it all serious. The video is fantastic and i have watched it multiple times. It just gets better and better, The first girl rocks in like she owns the world, closely followed by what appears to be a miniature Dalek. I also imagine the mum whose one job was to keep the kids quiet during the big interview had obviously turned her back for a second to answer the phone or something, her heart must have dropped when she turned around and seen both children were no longer there and the dads office door wide open. Just brilliant

  19. random name says:

    in his mind “this will be on the internet”

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