BBC worker spotted watching inappropriate video

BBC worker spotted watching inappropriate video

BBC worker spotted watching inappropriate video BBC worker spotted watching inappropriate video
Viewers tuning into the BBC’s News at Ten got an eyeful when a woman exposed her naked breasts on a computer screen – just yards behind presenter Sophie Raworth.
A BBC worker, who was wearing headphones and slumped in his chair, was spotted watching the woman remove her bra in the raunchy movie scene.
Ms Raworth, 49, was presenting a live piece on the England cricket team’s victory over South Africa, but eagle-eyed viewers noticed the screen over her shoulder.
Around 3.8million viewers watched the show and one person tweeted: ‘@BBCNews why is there a porn video playing behind one of your news anchors during a report?’

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20 Responses

  1. John Kaz says:

    he is watching wolf of wall street….

  2. Kevin Crawford says:

    Haha, dumbass

  3. Joe Malach says:

    Why in the world is this trending?

  4. Bob Play says:

    I know it’s just the Wolf of Wallstreet… But who the fuck watches movies at work?

  5. Ciaran Lad98 says:


  6. Pi Codrington Fernandez says:

    This newsreader is my sisters godmother

  7. Kristiyan Vachev says:

    What’s the video called I need to know for my
    School project

  8. Ayla Aylin says:

    OML 😂😂😂😂 BBC is shit anyway

  9. Thank Your Lucky Stars MSP says:

    Is it just me who thinks that it looks REALLY fake. I mean that’s easy to edit that in

  10. Beaver Juice says:

    That’s why its called “bbc” 😂😂

  11. Gimic King says:

    Fucking liar. Why is this on Trending. Why did you people watch this when the video clearly has nothing within it. YouTube is cheap.

  12. Hugues Quintard says:

    What’s so inappropriate?? A pair of boobies??

  13. Linkirto says:

    WTF XD

  14. LAUGHTER IS LIFE says:


  15. ConfusedTaco Taco says:

    Savage level 103.7% bruh

  16. VOA - Kronix says:

    Could you say it was a BBC video?

  17. Luis Castillo says:

    BBC = British Bastard Content

  18. Xavier Prime says:


  19. Jordan Rivera says:


  20. Adetoh MyToe says:

    Kinda stupid how some people are so desperate to stir up drama that they look for any minor thing to blow out of proportion like jfc stop trying to get people fired and just get on your lives.

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