Beanie Sigel “I’m Coming” (Meek Mill Diss) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

Beanie Sigel “I’m Coming” (Meek Mill Diss) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

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20 Responses

  1. Chicklan says:

    Damn wasn’t expecting this right when I wake up

  2. Takeoff Huncho says:

    Why he sound like he trying to lure meek to the woods with some candy

  3. WWeRockFan1001 says:


  4. siddbreezy says:

    Wait, wasn’t he just on Meeks diss track a week ago?

  5. Yung Freddie LOYF says:

    Why So Many Niggas Dissing Meek Mill??This Nigga Gone Beef With The Whole

  6. O.G AF says:

    DJ Akademiks rushing to report this ?
    I’m finna drop a Meek diss, get an A+ on my Clout Card ??? “Beanie Sigel
    dies, runs out of breath during diss track” ???

  7. obey player says:

    wtf is this ??????gtfo lmfaooo

  8. Designz R Us says:

    if you wear dresses and women jeans you cant relate

  9. Calvin Smith (Deisel Make Beats) says:

    nigga sound like he finna bust a mean nut in that intro ?

  10. TheRealArmando 400 says:

    Meek probably in the crib punching the air like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Boyz in
    the Hood

  11. Divine Dollars says:

    This shit is hard even if Beans sounds like darth vader

  12. Chris Dodges says:

    “Catch you at the CLEARPORT, extra cartridge ain’t no JETS DEPART, only
    death DEPARTING, TETERBORO with the barrell, exercise the plan/PLANE,
    understand, You aint never too FLY to LAND”????

  13. Charisma313 says:

    Niggas talking bout this shit weak got me questioning y’all niggas

  14. James Smith says:

    this nigga recorded this in a public library

  15. Barry Hill says:

    How you going to get dissed by a nigga you had on your diss song last

  16. tracksgalore says:

    Meek Mill the first rapper in history to have a rapper he had on a diss
    song one week diss him on a diss song the next week

  17. P Nash says:

    Yall 90’s And 00’s Kids Don’t Kno Nothin Bout Real Rap.

  18. Jesse Luciano says:

    he is still goin in for having ONE FUCKIN LUNG

  19. La Flame says:

    Should’ve named it “I’m Cumming” cause that’s what this nigga sounds like
    what he about to do

  20. Queen A says:

    Wow. This generation is destroying hip hop. Bunch of morons. Beans will
    always be cold.