Beauty and the Beast – Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast – Movie Review

Disney is on a quest to bring their animated classics to life in live action. How does their recent endeavor hold up? Here’s my review of “Beauty and the Beast”!

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20 Responses

  1. Justin Pace says:

    Jeremy for President 2020

  2. Keir Smith says:

    review moonlight!

  3. Superbunny says:

    where is the logan spoiler review?

  4. Snehdeep Singh says:

    How about they stop milking their franchises and make something new?

  5. Puddin !!! says:

    Disney should do an Aladdin Live Action Movie with Dev Patel!!

  6. bigvirgotube says:

    Never liked Beauty and the, if Disney is gonna do a live-action Mulan….

  7. mukhar ghosh says:

    I cried…that was soul touching…Hugh Jackman was awesome as the….
    oh wait! I’m at the wrong place…#JACKMANisLOGAN!

  8. Lesley Harrys says:

    Ironic, how Lefou is the first openly gay Disey character, yet Gaston, alpha male pur sang, is played by someone that is actually gay

  9. Aaron Hernandez says:

    Aladdin would be awesome to see, but no one can replace Robin Williams.

  10. Marijn van de velde says:

    If they do Aladdin they should full cgi the genie and copy the voice from Robin Williams

  11. Sgt.Grinner says:

    I find it hilarious that there’s going to be a “live action” Lion King. There’s no people in it, so all that we’re getting are CGI animals
    running around SOMETIMES real places.

  12. Jomander says:

    My problem with these live action adaptations is that what is the point of me watching it if the animated version seems to be objectively better in many cases and the adaptation does not add much new into story? The one thing I love about animation is that it ages fairly well so movies like the animated Beauty and the Beast still look good and will continue to look good for years to come so why would I want to choose that over another version of the same movie which will show its age as times goes on?
    If people are excited for this movie though that is great. I have been personally excited for many good and bad adaptations. I am only asking this as a non-fan of many of these Disney movies what is the point of me going out of my way to see these when I could watch the original animated version for cheaper and prefer it animated anyway?

  13. Marteen Projects says:

    I need a Mulan movie

  14. Atur Dud says:

    Jeremy and Chris always freaking upload at the same time. WTF

  15. 1065chris says:

    I’d be more open to this movie if I didn’t despise Watson.

  16. LittleGojira says:

    They will never make a live action aladdin because of you know, arabs and muslims.

  17. Brad Wright says:

    In the original Beauty and the Beast, in the opening song we see LeFou did have a moment where he was eyeing up the three blonde bimbos who follow Gaston around. So yeah he wasn’t gay in the animated version

  18. Ryan Alvarez says:

    if they put a gay character in Aladdin will they throw him off a building or drowned him in a cage

  19. Darth Zado says:

    so they made LeFou gay? typical sjw pc modern disney garbage.

  20. Red Panda says:

    Lefou wanted to BE Gaston, not be INSIDE him. He idolized him, its a thing, it happens. But ya gotta push that SJW thing. Wanted to see this with my mom but she won’t go because of this. Thanks for taking away a chance at having a good memory with my aging mother Disney.

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