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HI SISTERS! As a makeup artist, you guys see me do my own makeup ALL the time, but I rarely ever get to get glammed by other artists. For today’s video, I went to SEPHORA to get a full makeover! I’ve seen so many horror stories, but also great makeup, come out of Sephora, so I was super excited for this challenge and to see the finished look. Stay tuned for more makeovers coming soon from other stores… Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!


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Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod

Michael Rusakov

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20 Responses

  1. James Charles says:

    Hi guys! Hope you’re all enjoying today’s new video!! Don’t forget to THUMBS UP! Apparently another youtuber by the name Rachel Brennan did a similar video a few months back! Check out her video and show her some love. <3

  2. Amanda Houston texas says:

    Am i the only one that thinks james charles looks like tim curry

  3. Kaitlyn Zalud says:

    She did an amazing job and she was just like sure I’ll do it and didn’t even try to talk u into something else

  4. Eileen says:

    you’re literally talking so fast that saliva is building up on the corners of your mouth

  5. Zoé says:

    ok but where’s the beauty guru tho ?

  6. cyn sulli says:

    Why do you always have to talk so fast??!! I can’t view your videos in their entirety because of it!!!

  7. Roe Swan says:

    I thought he said give it a thumbs up if ur satan

  8. Geraldine xxx says:

    you were talking too fast all the video 😡

  9. Iva Diva says:

    He is so pretty

  10. natalie sanchez says:

    That white stuff on his lips is all i watched tbh 💀

  11. Jomo Dowers says:

    Hunny…slow down! Breathing actually isn’t illegal on YouTube, it’s okay!👌

  12. Marian Alvarado says:

    Girl bye!!All the “flaws” you pointed out are personal preferences, not actual mistakes. As a professional makeup artist myself I can tell you I was taught to do makeup way different than influencers do. Mostly because I was taught how to do corrective makeup, and how to do makeup differently according to face structure, eye structure etc. Which is not exactly how beauty influencers base how to do their makeup. And also, you could have said if you didnt like something… I love when my clients are communicative.

  13. Elizabeth {Satan’s daughter} says:

    That is so nice of you to stop and take pictures with your fans! I wish I was there ;3; lol love you James!

  14. Juliette Bonita Navarro says:

    The fact that james just said he hates his nose …. I SERIOUSLY AM JEALOUS OF HIS NOSE. …

  15. Kiana Mcmillan says:

    Also, you talk so fast that you have spit collecting on the sides of your mouth… since we’re pointing out personally preferences. I PERSONALLY DONT WANT TO SEE THAT

  16. Karoline W. Olsen says:

    who else puts the speed to 0.75 here? lmao so fast, love you tho James <3

  17. Lil c says:

    Why does the thumbnail make it look like the sephora girl did a horrible job when really she did amazing!! If you look at the thumbnail james looks really bad as if he made it seem like the girl did bad……clickbait.

  18. DonkeyKongPow says:

    I think she deserved more than a 7/10…c’mon man

  19. Lindsay K says:

    I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes in the whole intro 😂

  20. Vivian Jackson says:

    It was so weird seeing him without makeup then with it back in forth it was playing with my eyes man

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