Beck – Wow (Lyric Video)

Beck – Wow (Lyric Video)

New single “Wow” available now:
Listen on Spotify:
Direction by Jimmy Turrell
Art Direction by Jimmy Turrell & Braulio Amado
Animation (+Additional art) by Antonio Vincentini

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(C) 2016 Fonograf Records Under Exclusive License To Capitol Records, LLC

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20 Responses

  1. Owen Berry says:

    Wouldn’t assume an album out of it since hes been throwing out singles ever
    since Modern Guilt

  2. Elexie Munyeneh says:

    I was just about to listen to Loser

  3. carelessflounder says:

    Damn Beck gets down with those 808 beats

  4. Richard Patterson says:

    Beck can do it all. He’s still the Boss!

  5. Ewaly Neno says:

    woah there, beck is doing his rap thing again

  6. Heather D says:


  7. m0t0rcade says:

    The art reminds me of the book “Playing With Matches”.

  8. xoxorisa says:

    I love the colors in this ??

  9. 1More4TheGain says:

    made America great again

  10. Jeff Kopher says:

    Don’t forget where you came from…..WOW

  11. Jeese Kasabian says:

    It’s like…….. Idk,A combination of all the sounds of the plastic worses
    music remixed by a genius.

  12. Sebastian Hernandez says:


  13. Cotygeek says:

    Reminds me of the video for Nicotine and Gravy.

  14. Sercho says:


  15. Hector says:

    Beck please come to Mexico…

  16. N D Lords Hands says:

    thank you sir! I needed to hear something like this with all the b.s. out

  17. Hiei says:


  18. Exalted Dawn says:

    this songs gonna be popular

  19. j (Gaming) says:

    this reminds me of spongebob. Alone. alone.Álõñè.ALONE. LOL

  20. Laise Mendes says:

    amazing lyric video, must have been a hell of a job! Congrats to the
    makers, it made me happy.