Becky Lynch leads a SmackDown Women’s invasion: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

Becky Lynch leads a SmackDown Women’s invasion: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

The Irish Lass Kicker brings the fight to Ronda Rousey and the entire Raw Women’s division.

#Raw #SurvivorSeries

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66 Responses

  1. ChiefBooker says:

    Damn Becky is the best thing about Raw and SmackDown combined

  2. Ahmed Haoushar says:

    Becky Lynch Bleeding added so much more excitement to the heat between her and ronda rousey for a second there i thought we were back in 2002. PG ERA has ruined WWE..

  3. acvann noyy says:

    Love that Asuka kick ruby at 2:17

  4. Rj Games says:

    Did it go black and white for anyone else

  5. BiggBadWolf _96 says:

    Been saying Becky was the most under utilized person in wwe and SHE HAS DONE NOTHING BUT SHINE BECKY! BECKY! BECKY!

  6. Jesse Pierce says:

    Please let Becky win…. Who’s getting tired of rousey winning all the time

  7. MonkeyFlop says:

    Becky Lynch is my favorite wrestler

  8. Wheres My Title says:

    Becky Lynch is badass- Everyones tough until the man comes around!

  9. Takahashi Smash says:

    Raw was kinda boring but when smackdown invaded it got interested oh no tonight on smackdown raw invades smackdown watch y’all back we gotta admit that smackdown is better then raw

  10. Thot Police says:

    3:44 Becky, I know you’re a badass, but that’s just plain evil LOL

  11. M Jones says:

    Becky is a star, I’ve never liked women’s wrestling as I’ve found it boring and cringy but Becky is something else, her booking and character is perfect and it’s making me want to watch to see what she does next.

  12. Gotta Watch'em All says:

    Stone Cold is back…
    Oops Its Becky!!

  13. LaToya TV says:

    An invasion is all I wanted leading to Survivor Series, and my favorite superstar did it. I love Becky Lynch! 😁

  14. Josh Whitaker says:

    Lynch 3:16 says I just whipped your lass

  15. Log Mct says:

    Damn, Becky Lynch carrying both Smackdown & Raw atm.

  16. Jishnu Achariya says:

    Who would you love to see win
    Becky like
    Ronda comment

  17. Jacky Jinny says:

    Becky is the Queen of the ring. Believe that!!!

  18. hellodontkillme says:

    β€œEveryone’s tough until The Man comes around! Remember that!”
    β€œThe Man is on RAW! This is my show now!”
    God everything about this segment and all that Becky does is incredible

  19. John Modest says:

    Is it just me.. or does any feel like this needs some Jim Ross commentary? Becky is what’s best for business πŸ”₯

  20. DeadPOOLParty says:


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