Becky Lynch slaps Triple H: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 5, 2019

Becky Lynch slaps Triple H: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 5, 2019

When The Game questions whether Becky Lynch is afraid of Ronda Rousey, The Man slaps him in the face.


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76 Responses

  1. MarkFaust says:

    Young girls who are easily brainwashed see this and think it’s perfectly fine to hit a guy because the guy can’t/won’t hit back. This Woman Empowerment movement is getting out of hand.

    • Mahmoud Ibrahim says:

      I’m a guy and if a girl slapped me one time,i’m gonna slap her 2 times and maybe gonna cause her bloody injuries

    • Yournytemare14 says:

      +Joanna R Well when wars happen, who goes out to fight to defend the country, oh thats right the men. Who gets tortured during these wars, oh thats right MEN. Men are and will always be stronger than women

    • *gsts* says:

      So many radical Leftists here 🙁

    • Joanna R says:

      +Yournytemare14 um, women fight as well. Women get tortured too be it in war or at home. In fact, there have been cases where women were raped by their colleagues when they were stationed abroad. Please stop acting like males are the only people on this planet. If you’re going to have an argument, argue with facts not emotions. Thanks.

  2. THE LION KING says:

    *Who else wanted Triple H to hit pedigree to Becky?*

  3. Z- Type says:

    Triple H almost made it a full month as a face.

  4. Emerson Fente says:

    Damn, what Triple H said about Becky. I didn’t even thought of that. Well done H, did an amazing job.

    Thanks for the 47 likes every one, may you all have a good year!?

    • James Mccoy says:


    • K. Masamune says:

      That’s why he’s called ‘The Cerebral Assassin’…

    • MorbidCrow666 says:

      Seems a bit stupid tbh, I mean why pick Ronda to fight if she was scared to face her?

    • Lewis Price says:

      She would have picked asuka if she didn’t want to face rousey.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Like HHH said, to appear as a martyr who was willing to fight and doctor’s wouldnt allow it. Looking any deeper into it to find holes is just killing the immersion for yourself. Plus, we all know becky isnt actually looking for a way out (even in kayfabe) its just a psychological tactic HHH used on the audience and becky herself

  5. Mashaka Gwesa says:

    triple h just spares Becky Lynch’s pedigree.

  6. Mittu Vinod says:

    ???she didn’t had words to defend herself so she slapped him…..Triple H said the truth!! Just accept it

  7. Joe Gazvazul says:

    I agree with Triple H 100%

  8. Nathan Mester says:

    Lmao they’re still pushing her?

  9. Suyash Sharma says:

    The slap wasn’t necessary. You could have Becky cutting a response promo for good

  10. Ecky Boy says:

    I only want to see Ronda against Becky main event wrestlemania do not add Charlotte to it wwe

  11. Stomper 1990 says:

    And Becky Lynch is really scared of Ronda rouse lol

  12. Arib Wasim says:

    That segment could have been more awesome if triple-h would have hit a pedigree on becky!!!!

  13. Ruthless Aggression Master says:

    So Stephanie and Triple H are bad because they want becky to see the doctor? , Daniel Bryan is bad because he cares about nature ? , Becky Lynch is good because she’s a rebel? , good became bad and bad became good

    • KalvinEllis says:

      +Jeremy Ebert The story still doesn’t make sense, are we supposed to forget that Rousey and the McMahons don’t exactly get along? Why would they want to embarrass Becky for Ronda’s sake when Ronda has broken Stephanie’s arm twice and was throwing Triple H around like a ragdoll at last year’s WM. How is Ronda supposed to be the “chosen one” and Becky the “underdog” here when Becky has done everything from making John Cena look like a fool, win the Rumble on one leg and beat up two McMahons in two consecutive nights all in the span of a month. How am I supposed to buy into this notion that the system wants Becky to fail when she’s had this monster push for all those months now. That’s not like Daniel Bryan, he was never pushed this strong even at his most over time, if anything it’s slowly starting to resemble the whole Reigns thing when he was the chosen one presented as the underdog that defied the odds no matter what.

    • Arre Con El Desmadre says:

      Women became men and Men became women

    • JimiJames 64 says:

      No. They’re rounding out her character traits by giving her insecurities and trust issues. Which wasn’t really needed. Get her back trash talking on the mic. Goddammit Vince.

    • warren ward says:

      Its a by-product of being “smart” to wrestling being scripted. Everyone knows Becky isnt hurt. And its very easy to boo triple h and Stephanie for antagonizing the most over person in the business.

      And Daniel Bryan is being a stereotypical evangelical vegan telling everyone that doesnt prescribe to his way of thinking that they’re the biggest scum on the planet. Its the equivalent of a Christian telling a gay man hes going to burn and suffer for all eternity in hell because he’s gay. He has to be the literal most annoying person on the roster to get booed because everyone loves him. And he was intelligent enough to use an aspect of his personal life, being a vegan, and dialed it up to 11. Hes being the most believable heel he can be.

    • vmeand unicornfromgaw says:

      WWE LOGIC!

  14. Dragon Emperor says:

    WWE – the only place where you get paid for disrespecting authority!

  15. Tracy Uyi says:

    First time, triple H speaking d raw truth

  16. Paul Rees says:

    Has Charlotte had more work done? She looks different.

  17. asrao316 says:

    Please done be try to be a wannabe Stone Cold. There can be only one Austin316

    • Legion Vision says:

      asrao316 Austin 3:16 said Becky is a fake me.
      I could of imagine Steve saying something like that or better.

  18. Raghav Sahni says:

    Feminism ??

  19. Matthias Rambally says:

    Charlotte please don’t be part of the wrestlemania main event

    • PG’s Kool Aid says:

      +conor woods I hate the direction wwe has gone in they have so much talent to produce better shows most of obviously associate wwe best times being the Attitude Era but I would love to see a Attitude Era 2.0 or even call it the Brand Wars between all brands including wwe because let’s be honest Nxt is Wwe best show now but nothing will ever replace Ecw that really killed wwe the downfall of Ecw personally my favourite wrestler on all rosters is Samoa Joe his mic skills wrestling is just phenomenal for a big man he deserves better like many others I agree with you completely sir with everything you said

    • duke upadhyaya says:

      +PG’s Kool Aid yes, wwe has so many talented wrestlers and many interesting matches can be made. Still Vince and his team is relying on wwe legends and still Brock Lesnar is champion and still nia jax is shown more than sd women’s champion ?

    • Reece Clive says:

      Think you’re forgetting that Charlotte is the nature boys daughter so

  20. Matthew Linderman says:

    I love how triple h told Charlotte to leave ?

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