Behind Kylie Jenner’s Glittering Met Gala Look | Vogue

Behind Kylie Jenner’s Glittering Met Gala Look | Vogue

Kylie Jenner’s look involved four months of back and forth, several sketches, and a lot of lavender ostrich feathers.

Director: Lucas Flores Piran
B-Camera: Nico Kuhn
Camera Assistant: Alex Cohen
Sound: Turner Curran
Editor: Theo Rosenthal

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Behind Kylie Jenner’s Glittering Met Gala Look | Vogue

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82 Responses

  1. Laylla Willow says:

    I love watching creative process of dresses and makeup. But I will never understand why would anyone camp infront of a hotel to scream when their celeb person comes out.

  2. Princess Sophie Punzalan says:

    the people attending Met Gala seems like the Capitol peeps in Hunger Games

  3. Chloe Marlow says:

    Imagine attending something as prestigious as the Met Gala, but then complaining that you couldn’t go to prom

  4. erica says:

    this is a level of rich i’ll never understand

  5. Lisa Sami says:

    “I’ll get one of them” as if they’re objects…

  6. Lil meow meow i thought he's dead Ma bad says:

    You know what’s more harder and stressing

    Final Exams while fasting

  7. Mariyam Resh says:

    Kylie: I’m not wearing the tallest shoe’s
    Kendall: it’s ohkay everyone knows that I’m the tallest as f***?

  8. Deeksha Shetty says:

    *She is overrated to some God level….which is not needed*

    • muranga simms says:

      Jennifer R. When you do find out plz let me no, I get tht they are business women more power to them??
      but it’s the obsession part ppl have I just don’t get??‍♀️thts all soz for rambling???‍♀️

    • Yaya K says:

      They all are and yet you are here. Sigh priorities

    • sorry did i offend u? says:

      I’m not a fan of her in the slightest but why watch her then? You’re making her more overrated.. Sooo??

    • Georgia Rose says:

      Kaymays ma why’d you reply so many times?

  9. Ayati Bhatnagar says:

    I need *”Harry Styles getting ready for Met Gala”* ASAP

  10. Can't get a new name says:

    Honestly loved her look but why ostrich feathers….this just made me hate the dress now. No hate on her tho

  11. Jo b. says:

    Kylie looks so weird to me because of all her surgery

  12. Mc says:

    She protecc
    She attacc
    but most importantly
    Everyone knows she’s tall as fucc

  13. sultana allaham says:

    R.I.P To the poor ostrich feathers in this video

    • Alex Nuñez says:

      Nathan Mawhinney nobody asked you tf

    • blegh says:

      +J. Chacon ugh to the people who think that its better to make excessive amounts of plastic products that will poision the earth for hundreds of years than using real feathers, its your choice to not wear feathers personally but yoy have no right to shame people who chose to since your causing as much damage if not more to the planet

    • gianella rubio says:

      2:12 “They will turn into an explosion of OSTRICH FEATHERS”

    • Nathan Mawhinney says:

      Alex Nuñez please don’t get triggered in the comments of yt. Real sad

  14. Laura Crean says:

    “I’m going to need one of them.” :(((( poor dressmakers

    • Elevated Mind says:

      Those dressmakers make a good living I’m sure they’re not poor? *laughs n sarcasm*

    • Supreme KING says:

      But they get paid a LOT to do all these stuff so yeah. Not really feeling sorry for them,its their job to make everything look perfect.

    • Marshmallows_4_Me says:

      They were a group of people which would be one of them if she said these or those then yes shed be referring to them as objects sooo

  15. Ricardo Fernandes says:

    I wish this could be the reason I’m stressed all the time

  16. Putri Ariani says:

    i don’t know if this just me, but kendall feels more arrogant than kylie

  17. Telly says:

    I don’t mind being the cleaner there I wanna sweep the floor I may find some Swarovski on the floor

  18. agardieni says:

    It’s scary that she can’t move her face, like at all

  19. Vejna G says:

    She looks so old because of all that unnecesarily plastic surgery and make up, and those dresses are not Camp, more for like cabaret theme.

    • Babisha Tomlinson says:

      I think her face looks weird for real whatever she’s done to it is just not cute

    • Josie Vizcaino says:

      Lauryn Hendry defending her on every comment about her lmao dickrider

    • Ar S says:

      yeah i didn’t see anything camp

    • 雪 宝宝 says:

      Cs Seguin plastic surgery is under the knife LOL,fillers are not. It’s cosmetic but not plastic surgery. hence why they’re called NON SURGICAL nose job non surgical ETC.

  20. Soyed Shojon says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the ostrich ?

    kendall: “i have anxiety”
    kylie: “…should i wear the tallest shoes?

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