Behind the Sketch: Diner Lobster with John Mulaney and Colin Jost – SNL

Behind the Sketch: Diner Lobster with John Mulaney and Colin Jost – SNL

Writers John Mulaney and Colin Jost share the origins of Diner Lobster.

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53 Responses

  1. Julia Martin says:

    loving these behind the scenes looks!!!

  2. Julia Martin says:

    why are the writers of SNL so freakin amazing ahh

  3. Oliver Sonmez says:

    You should do a sketch where the prize is officially being Pete Davidson’s SNL BFF! ???

  4. Claudia says:

    LOL “if this video was not 17 minutes than they made cu-“

  5. MrTravisHD says:

    Diner Lobster is the pinnacle of the current SNL casts performance and writing. Whenever someone makes a comment about “the current cast not being the same, man!” I refer them to Diner Lobster.

    • D Gillies says:

      I have been watching SNL since day #1, when I was about 13 years old. The current show and cast is as great as its ever been, keep up the great work!

  6. Terrence Harris-Hughes says:

    Oh I get it like when actors do a scene and perform it, it’s called a sketch

  7. Mariam Contractor says:

    I love how Kenan looks directly at the camera when he says “Clawsette” as if he’s trying to telepath “LAUGH EVERYONE LAUGH” to the audience.

  8. Lisa Craze says:

    One of the best SNL sketches of ALL TIME (and I started watching SNL with episode 1 many, many years ago.) Thanks for having the courage to revive the idea last year. –the other standout for me recently was the Weezer bit featuring Matt Damon & Leslie Jones.

  9. Murad Diab says:

    I don’t give a shit that this happened on tv. I still think John should win a tony award.

  10. Sachi Perez says:

    “Order the veal instead.” – PETA

  11. wal-E says:

    So P.E.T.A. gave them an award lol! Thats dumb cuz either
    A) they didn’t see the whole sketch
    B) they don’t care about baby cows (Calves)
    After all he did end up ordering the veal and they all happily went marching away to kill it

    BTW that sketch is so funny cuz I love le miz

  12. jerry turner says:

    One of my all time favorite bits. When it was over, I actually applauded.

  13. Mark Goldstein says:

    Since I saw it, diner lobster has been my favorite snl sketch of all time

  14. Cynthia Graham says:

    Totally love watching John Mulaney! ?
    So damn funny

  15. jujulovebean65 says:

    Lobster Dinner will go down as one of the best sketch in SNL history.

  16. Speedy Gonzales says:

    Love Diner Lobster. Next could be an homage to Hamilton, but say a president Harrison – he died from pneumonia days later. Shortest musical ever.

  17. DrBraxy Gilkey says:

    The Diner Lobster sketch remains one of my all time favorites on SNL. I watch it frequently. Keenan is amazing as is everyone!

    One thing: the fact that PETA gave them an award is weird. The last line in the sketch is something like, “okay, I’ll have the veal instead” which is still an animal. That organization sucks (don’t get me started! Lol).

  18. Nick Funk says:

    Release the 17-minute version you cowards

  19. lance turley says:

    I love the sketch, but I wish they didn’t let Pete play the customer. Nothing against Pete, I just think having him breaking character through the whole sketch is really distracting.

  20. I drink too much tea says:

    *John Mulaney and Colin Jost? What more could I want??*

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