Bell Biv DeVoe – Run

Bell Biv DeVoe – Run

Get ‘RUN’ –

Directed by: Lionel C. Martin
Edited by: Tennyson Turner
Producer: Lisa Molina


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20 Responses

  1. Lynn LoveNE Doty says:

    Can’t stop watching, need to be working lol!

  2. Vanda Dy says:

    It’s ok. Not really original if you’re using instruments from B.I.G. and
    tries to sing over it. It has that 90’s vibe but it’s not the type of song
    I would want to hear again. Poison is the type of song that I’ll be
    listening to still.

  3. TheRealSweedie says:

    The beat is just Biggie – Hypnotize bass boosted??

  4. JS Explosion says:

    first jodeci. .. now bbd. .. yes!!!!

  5. Jheri Curl Jankins says:

    I know that ain’t E Double on the boards? How can this shit not be an
    instant classic?

  6. Jayarrin1 says:

    Yooooooooo, this is cold-blooded, them boys came back with another banger
    like it was nothing!!

  7. The Mean Arena says:

    Bell Biv Devoe, now ya know, yo slick, blow!

  8. Latoya Cross says:

    They ain’t age a bit either!

  9. d1234 says:

    this is fire

  10. Mike Killagreen says:

    I love this!! making up for that terrible 2001 album. But sorry Erick
    Sermon gets no credit here. He pulled a Puffy. lol

  11. Sid says:

    copying biggies backtrack

  12. Legendary SuperSavage says:

    FINALLY REAL R&B!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thatstheguy07 says:

    Yes! Bring back that RnB!

  14. yaahyak says:

    Heavy non-radio friendly R&B. Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna etc, grab a note pad.

  15. Theophilus Jones says:

    Michael Bivins got a raw jersey lol

  16. Official_nastee says:

    90’s is back…

  17. jdj9 says:

    Ooohhh yeah…

  18. Jade Saldaña says:

    Stevie J somewhere with Master Splinter face lookin mad devious.

  19. Mark G says:

    lets see if the radio spins this track…….or if they continue playing
    the heavy rotation garbage they been playin.

  20. Kenny Reid says:

    Poison! They’re Back :)